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Conico is a mobile real-time video surveillance software used with Cloud IP Camera. Through this client, you can view your home, shops, offices and other places at any time in real-time video and video history, also receive immediate alert to the place of abnormal information alarm, and take safety precautions at the first time.
Main function:
·Support mobile real-time video surveillance;
·Real Time HD video viewing;
·Remote PTZ control, operate on the camera direction rotation through the touch screen;
·Support remote intelligent video recording, video real-time notification and playback;
·Support real-time intercom, video electronic amplification and other functions;
·Real time alarm and information push. When the environment is detected, the client will
receive the alert information immediately;




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Stopped receiving notifications no matter what I did. Notifications could've stopped an invasion. Litigation pending.....


Took a little bit to figure out how it works cuz I'm not a technical person. I have no issues I can check from distances over 40 miles away remote. I don't know any features it has but it does what I wanted to do for cheap money.


The picture quality is great. Unfortunately whenever I try to record video the app crashes completely.


It's making it hard to exit the app control for Android tablet. Once it open the hardest part begins how to close it? All Android controls are covered by the app! Nice picture and I'm having problems with the camera as well!


Looking at the horrible reviews after purchasing but before receiving this product , I was almost mad at myself for not checking before my purchase. Not many happy customers from what I read. BUT... this camera AND the app work great! I'm very pleased and feel much more safe with it here! Thank you!


I have not had any problems with this camera or any problems with the app works flawlessly the tracking system is awesome the sound system and not so much but I don't want it to manually track anyways I use it to keep an eye on my cats and my outsides it has not let me down it has 128 GB card inside of it recordings are perfect yes it takes a while to download recording but I guess that's the feature works great at night works great during the day again I haven't had any problems, will update.


Cameras image are of decent quality,prices was reasonable. There is no support for tech issues.There is no clear direction or info provided to saving or retrieving footage from SD card🤷.So basically you are able to WATCH your home but that seems to be it no real benefit


This is my third time writing a review because they always get removed because of the petty Chinese company running this garbage. The audio on this camera does not work. Live recording does not work. This camera is garbage do not buy it. And I will keep posting my honest review every time you delete it.


Used to work great. Do not buy cameras from this company, just send them back if you already have them. Something wrong with their servers now cannot connect to the cameras any longer. I now have a bunch of eye candy fake cameras attached to the outside of my house. This is redicilous fix your service or refund my money!!!!


If you live in an area that has no storms and a house that is brand new these are great. Unfortunately, I don't. Every storm if there is a power flicker, the cameras hard restart so I have to climb up and set them back up connecting to the internet and app and everything. When these issues aren't happening, we love these cameras and app. But Tornado season in Oklahoma makes me want to torch this app and cameras.


These cameras are horrible. Lost power for a while and they couldn't reconnect at all with router. Cloud server only up half the time and website itself seems to be hit or miss. When attempting to reconfigure network (only option when camera won't reconnect),it wants you to take casing off with screwdriver and hit the reset button after warning you not to press the button too many times. Then, it states that it CAN find my router but it can't connect to their server. Human detection never works


Used to work fine. Stopped working about 2 days ago. Devices are connected to internet, but app will stop playback and ask you to reconnect device multiple times. Connection to their server must be damaged because load times are painfully long. Also, any changes to your account or password won't take effect. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times now, and same results.


There's no way to connect to an external cloud service, you have to use theirs which you are required to pay for. However, even though you've paid for the service the app is so glitchy you can't download any of your videos. And they do delete your videos off the cloud after they've been there for about a week. I contacted customer service over a week ago to be told that 'it's probably my internet connection that's causing the issue.' Nevermind I tried on multiple networks with the same issue.


Will not send me any notifications for human detection and sound/talk feature no longer works. Sounds are garbled. Camera functions well most of the time when I manually check it but will freeze up from time to time. But the app, and user-friendly features aren't good. I had 2 deliveries today with no notifications. I can stand right in front of it and not get a notification. Useless unless I open the app to check it myself.


App crashing after update today 🚨🚨🚨 View live feed. Manually choose to record video. App crashes after about 2 seconds. Worked fine before update that was installed today. Restarted phones, reinstalled app, cleared caches... nothing helps. Please fix asap!


Downloading off of cloud storage does not work. App is very buggy and slow when switching from one day's recordings to the next and one video to the next.


The App has a horrible UI. It looks like it was made by a group of 3rd graders. You can't select multiple videos to delete or download which is a must. Controls are inconsistent. I don't understand how any person would own a business or product and put no effort into providing a good user experience. It's shameful really.


I installed the app to my cell and tablet but not able to do it to my laptop. The pair of cameras are not too bad, good image! however the sound is no good when I try to talk through my phone; I am able to heard all, very well, where the camera is, but if I try to communicate it's very bad, too much static, I think I have to figure out how to correct the issue. Not too bad pair for the price and just a click installation


Horrible!! I installed the app, created an account but when I go to add the camera it gives me page not found error. Making the app AND the camera useless!!!!!! Fix the issue and I will happily change my review.


I have tried to purchase storage for my videos 2 times and the payment goes through but does not give me access to any storage. There is no point on having cameras in my home if I can look back on footage.