Big content update!
- New machines!
- New customization options and much more!

Idle Boutique Game SCREENSHOT

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Idle Boutique Game DESCRIPTION

Can you manage a fabric factory? Add new fabric machines, upgrade your machines to create stunning patterns and add tailors to make clothes from fabrics! Your customers are waiting for you to purchase wonderfully designed clothes!

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Idle Boutique Game DOWNLOAD

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My game reset with the new update. I have to start all over again, but its is impossible to start when it's not allowing me to hire a worker to start playing. I have 2 machines, cashier, tailor. But it won't let me hire staff to carry the fabric.


Started off as five star. Easy to upgrade machines, add workers, upgrade cashiers, etc. With the new update, I can still get new machines, cashiers, etc but cannot get workers. Shows max but I do not have any workers in new update. Only get money after exiting a while and reopening but still cannot buy workers. Have to watch videos to upgrade due to no workers and difficulty to get money and customers cannot purchase clothing. If all these issues can be fixed, I will consider raising the rating.


Unplayable. Literally. Can't play the game. As in, I was at max workers from the start (zero, 0, none). Wouldn't let me get workers nor money to actually buy anything. It demanded I watched several ads while I was troubleshooting though


Would be really fun if it went beyond the one store. It's completed and nothing to do. Soooo, I'll be deleting it.


Needs some serious balancing: another cashier and/or more upgrades, rarely are dresses purchased, lower upgrade costs


I upgraded everything uo to max level. However, I cannot figure out how to move to next level or if there is another level.


It's nothing left to do after you upgrade everything and that makes the super boring. I'm deleting it because it's nothing to do but great concept just try to give more options


Unfinished. There is no where to go and nothing more to do once you max everything, I was able to do it in less than 12 hrs. This is an ad revenue game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.


One level. Boring. Could be a cute game but really just a few hours wasted.


Game is limited to just the 1 store. Can be 100% capped out in a few hours. Other reviews complain about ads, I didn't have a single ad pop up at all. Even seen something about speed-up's...I didn't have access to that, soo...not sure if there is more to the game really. Game at this time is not really worth the download, unless you wanna have a game to preoccupy your time for a few hours for the day. Wish there was more to the game.


Yeah...once you upgrade everything that's it nothing more. You can't go to a new store or anything. Plus there are so many ads it's not even funny.


I have all 4 machines. All stations upgraded but there's nothing left to do. No way to upgrade anymore can't purchase new location or anything. Only pants, shirts, and dresses with 2 cashiers. Took less than 24 hour to do the whole day. Which sucks bc it could have been great I'd it gets changed I'll gladly change this review.


After I finished all the upgrades, that was it. There were no options for anything. I couldn't go to another place and start over, it was just the one place and even that was flawed. The cashier's were fully upgraded and still slow while no matter what the guest were always mad. There is a lot you need to improve on this game


Upgrades don't do anything. Everything completely upgraded and it doesn't have other levels, glitchy, money collection problems


second update: there's no other levels once you upgrade everything. update: I have access to the HR area to upgrade workers. try uninstall and reinstall. might be a glitch. it seems like it could be a fun little game, however there's no way to upgrade porter to deliver to other tailors, or how much he can carry, or option to get another porter, only producing pants. You updated the game a few days ago and didn't notice prior reviews on this stuff.




It's very obvious that this is just an ad farm. There's no real upgrades for your workers to carry more then 2 items at a time. Not like it matters, can't really play this "game" with out ads every 30 seconds


This game is ok. There aren't any other upgrades? New machines or anything? Seems pointless to make a game that doesn't offer more


i like this game but I have the machines at the max it will go but the machines are still extremely slow can we speed them up please and it would be awesome if each tailer station could choose what pattern you want I think I am uninstalling since no one reads our comments


Being able to speed up input and output, bit not speed up material transfer between the two makes the upgrades pointless. Critically flawed design.