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Connect loved one easily
-Easy setup with remote & personalized support
-Easy share by email, app & cloud dynamitic update
-Easy sociability with notification ,feedback & “like”
Alexa build-in with Smart Screen UI
-Use Alexa to Control your Album
-Enjoy screen base Alexa service for music, security, cooking, weather, shopping
-Make your home smarter by Alexa
Senior care locally & remotely
-Routine medication reminder
-Reminder family member notification, checkout & report
-Urgent call / Help from Alexa

Peace of mind usage

-Moment relive & recommend everyday

-Dynamic update without manuel sharing
-AI display with pairing, collage and highlight.
-Enjoy painting artwork outside photo
Eco-friendly design
-Touch-controlled IPS LCD display

-Smart sensors for auto dim and sleep
-Stabled dual band wifi connection
-Great chamber speaker
-Dual stand mode with clean ID

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DescriptionThis App is for the Carrera RC Quadrocopter #370503018 & #370503019www.carrera-rc.comFunctions:* Display real-time streaming on your mobile device.* It supports 720p* Display real-time streaming on your mobile device in split screen mode for use with 3D/ FPV Googles (included in #370503019)* The video data is transmitted via 2,4GHz Wifi protokoll.* Take pictures and record Videos from the quadrocopter camera's live stream.* You can also save the files directly to your pictures/video folders and access themwithout using the app.For the latest version of the operating instructions and information on replacement and spare parts availableplease visit in the service area.WARNING !Please obtain all information on the current regulations as they apply in your country to usingthe flying model you have just acquired. You may be committing an offence if you fail to observe the legal regulationsapplicable in your country!WARNING ! NEVER OPERATE a QUADROCOPTER with 3D GOOGLES ALONE!Please make sure, that a 2nd person is next to you when operating in the 3D split screen Mode with your 3D Googles on your head.The 2nd Person is for supervision of the postion..
无论你是一个专业的艺术家,还是只是想用你的照片获得乐趣,我们的应用程序都有你需要的一切。我们的应用程序利用AI技术,生成各种风格的令人惊叹的艺术作品。但这仅仅是个开始。你还可以使用这些生成的艺术品来创建拼贴画,并使用广泛的工具和功能来编辑你的图像。无论你是想给你的照片添加文字,去除背景,还是简单地一次显示多个结果,我们的应用程序都能满足你。但这还不是全部。我们的应用程序还包括一个独特的卡通头像功能。只需上传一张自己的照片,让我们的系统生成无数具有不同风格模板的卡通图像。这是一个有趣和简单的方式来创建个性化的卡通头像,你可以用于社交媒体或其他目的。我们应用程序的核心是人工智能技术,为我们的艺术生成器和卡通头像功能提供动力。我们的团队花了无数时间来开发和微调算法,以确保生成的艺术品和头像具有最高质量。让我们深入了解我们应用程序的一些关键功能。AI艺术生成器:我们的应用程序的人工智能技术可以根据所选择的风格生成各种风格的艺术品,包括摄影、油画、J-漫画、现实主义动漫、哑光绘画、矢量艺术、平面漫画、概念艺术、插图、科幻等等。只需轻点几下,你就可以创造出一个独特的杰作,然后你可以将生成的艺术品保存到你的设备上,在社交媒体上分享,或在我们的拼贴画制作器中使用它。拼贴画制作:我们应用程序的拼贴画制作器功能允许你添加你生成的艺术品或选择照片来创建一个美丽的拼贴画。我们应用程序的编辑工具允许你调整每个元素的大小、位置和方向,确保你的拼贴画看起来就是你想要的样子。除了这些关键功能,拼贴画制作器还包括一个文本编辑器,多结果显示,以及从你的照片中删除背景的能力。所有这些功能的设计都考虑到了用户,以提供一个直观和无缝的体验。卡通照片编辑器:我们的应用程序的卡通头像功能是创建个性化卡通头像的一种有趣而简单的方式。只需上传一张自己的照片,就让我们的系统生成无数个不同风格模板的卡通图片。你可以从各种卡通风格中选择,这是一个有趣和简单的方式来创建个性化的卡通头像,你可以用于社交媒体或其他目的。我们了解用户隐私的重要性,并采取了非常谨慎的措施,以确保我们的应用程序是安全的,可以放心使用。我们承诺遵守App Store的所有相关规则和条例,并实施了严格的数据保护措施以保障用户信息。今天就下载我们的应用程序,开始创作吧
Made with your love pic with our valentinephoto - love collage & frame app.
Turn your love favorite photos set into a beautiful valentine photo collage frame.ValentinePhoto : Love Photo Collage & Valentine Frame is a photo collage & Frame app that will turn your photos or picture into a masterpiece. Create your own unique photo collage, decorate it with photo collage frames or photo frame, try photo effects and share it with your beloved or friends. Add a special caption to photoit will show them your care and will make them smile.Photo Collage Frames & Photo Frame: like Single and double ValentinePhoto frames & Two frame, three frame & four frame Collage to decorate with your love photos and stickers.
Convert you photo to 3D Mirror or Give Twin Effects to your Photos!
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Setup and control Cozyla Album
Connect loved one easily-Easy setup with remote & personalized support-Easy share by email, app & cloud dynamitic update-Easy sociability with notification ,feedback & “like”Alexa build-in with Smart Screen UI-Use Alexa to Control your Album-Enjoy screen base Alexa service for music, security, cooking, weather, shopping-Make your home smarter by AlexaSenior care locally & remotely-Routine medication reminder-Reminder family member notification, checkout & report-Urgent call / Help from Alexa Peace of mind usage-Moment relive & recommend everyday-Dynamic update without manuel sharing-AI display with pairing, collage and highlight.-Enjoy painting artwork outside photo Eco-friendly design-Touch-controlled IPS LCD display-Smart sensors for auto dim and sleep-Stabled dual band wifi connection-Great chamber speaker-Dual stand mode with clean ID

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Very nicely packaged simple setup. Pictures look good. I don't like the UI of the app and I don't like the UI of the frame. Very hard to navigate and some of the messages are not straightforward. Like the app says Google photos is not supported but when I talk to tech support they said it's not supported in the app. It's important in the frame, yeah duh why would I want to look at my Google photos album through is a app when I could just use Google photos? The warning error should be clearer


Not compatible with all phones. I took hours and 3 different devices to get it to download.


cool application ,It's easy to share photos


Do not buy. Can't use forgot password feature. You'll spend days getting album setup and then get locked out. Support indicates reset password feature not available. Frames have buggy firmware. Good image quality. Horrible software.


We've had this frame for less than a year and it freezes up constantly I unplug it and reset it, garbage


I had to give this app a star in order to post this review. This app connects to my phone, but not the internet. It stinks. I now have a frame that I can't get pictures on it.


To hard to figure out!!!


The app wouldn't activate my frame. it would take 5 minutes to match the pairing code and then it would not pull up the Wi-Fi information so I wound up setting it up on my Mac laptop. second issue is if, you delete a photo album. the photo album does not get deleted from the app or the frame. only the photos do. correction, not even the photos get removed from the album or frame


Just downloaded


Nice app and frame, but keeps disconnecting from the server. Have to unplug/ replug to reconnect. Repeat in 24hr. Replace frame, still same issue, contacted support., they are very helpful and replied quickly after initial response. The frame still not working properly but I am super happy with support trying to help.


Very nice


latest update is good


Terrible device


The app only displays one album at a time which the user has to change manually. Very non-user friendly


setup pretty easy