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Craftsman: Building Craft Game DESCRIPTION

You are a craftsman, your task is to design houses, castles and build them.
You can do it alone or with your friends’ help.
Please experience our game:
– Stunning graphics and realistic sound.
– Simple, easy to play.
– Many game modes.
– Very much like the real world.
– A lot of interesting things

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You are a craftsman, your task is to design houses, castles and build them
You are a craftsman, your task is to design houses, castles and build them.You can do it alone or with your friends' help.Please experience our game:- Stunning graphics and realistic sound.- Simple, easy to play.- Many game modes.- Very much like the real world.- A lot of interesting things

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I love this game so much,,I really can't afford the real Minecraft but then I found this game, it's really like Minecraft! Although there's a lot of ads..but it doesn't bother me that much,it only takes 10-20seconds ads after that I can continue playing! I wish there was more updates.


This game is so good!!!but there is a problem the zombies have a head that is flying the animals changed and it shows a lot of ads like then I tried to build a house it showed an ad every minute so pls fix it


The game was pretty fun but after the update it's more like Minecraft but it also has many glitches like the middle of the bed in game is invisible and the I can't see anything in zombie without the head . The full body disseapears without the head and it's so irritating.


I love this game very much, not to mention the textures of the game! I'm only rating it 4 stars because of the ads... Im fine with it but even when I'm playing offline there's this webpage that pops up whenever i open chests, settings, etc. and it can get supper annoying really. For now I'm not gonna play until the lovely developers finally fix this problems! But i hope the next update is better! Please fix the offline adds, and that would be better for us players!


I like this! , it's free and pretty good! I used to play this with my friend, so this game gives me nostalgic vibes, but still, only 3 stars for me, because their are WAY to much adds, so can't even play without getting 1 or more adds, yes it's a good maincraft dupe, but I suggest removing a little bit of the adds so atleast the players can actually play without getting distracted!


Encountered a Bug on my way to play survival, CURRENTLY ZOMBIES resources are deleted, mostly it only shown the zombies head, sometimes the zombies back head and sides, and then eyes and then head and sides, it only shows its head, its gonna be hard to play survival this way of having this problem in the game right?


this game is definitely deserving of 5 stars its so similar to minecraft it even has the same glitches and everything meaning they used the exact same coding you can also use custom made skins very useful but the one major problem is the ads its not that much but the amount of times i was in a bad situation and a ad came on was just too much i would be in lava and then a ad would come on making me lose everything


I like the game with building skills & making a house with the witch & animals. It looks like Minecraft when I come to play with multiplying, server's & friends. But there's to many ads & The server's do not work when alot of ads that always come every 10 seconds when I can't even have fun when I'm enjoying myself, when to many ads wasn't interrupting & lagging our Day. lesson or remove the annoying ads from gameplay and Please update & fix the game Now TYSM


I love the game, but there's too many ads, but that's alright since I could just turn off my wifi on my phone and play freely. But one thing that isn't really okay is that the zombies in this game are seemingly invisible except I could only see a hat or head of them, which is half, so I hope the developers see this problem and fix it because I KEEP ON DYING CAUSE OF IT!!! but a lovely game.


You know what? Whenever I even try to play this, it just shows me ads. Like every second, ADS ADS ADS. This game has made me lose it, definetly the worst of them all, because like... Even if I turn off the wifi it shows me something like, Android showing me a turn on the wifi or something, and if I dont it keeps doing the same thing, like “Turn on the wifi.” Blah blah blah, I hate this game.


In my opinion it's the best game aside adds if we have to play multiplayer so we should connect to the same network but it causes appear tons of adds make a feature like making server to play with friends whenever we want and also add feature to play in the same mobile which is giving hotspot (wifi) if we have to play without adds thanks it's a very similar to the Minecraft just some need of new version of Minecraft features like new mobile controls and make servers thanks you craftsman love...


The game is like Minecraft but the textures are different. I like the game because they add some new biomes and new buildings from the world. But the problem is the texture of the zombie, the upper body only is visible and it's hard for me to see in the dark so I have to high up my brightness. It killed me multiple times because I can't see them properly. The other one is the bed. Sometimes the texture of the bed is chop, like a half bed. So please bring the old textures🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️


This game is so MUCH FUN!! And this game is very helpful especially on the people who can't afford Minecraft but this game is free, but there are few changes of this game like the textures of the jobs the textures of the armors and items, but it's still FUN, download Craftsman so you can Play, build, and mine! Make yourself the free world you want 🌸💐


I could have made it 5 star but heres the reason why i did not make it 5 star 1st reason:Villager texture and others are now ugly 2nd reason:it just clicks by itself like if im not building it will put blocks on its own i hate it😤 3rd reason the bed zombie is glithing to this was the best game before but now you made it different please fix and make all textures normal again and fix the lag and multiplayer and also please add texture packs back


This game is just like Minecraft, the only down sides is that it needs more updates and it has adds. I hate the adds the most, it pops up like every 5 minutes, it's so annoying. You're probably telling me that I should just turn off my WiFi. Yes I have tried it, but it just goes to the playstore instead of adds, it's very annoying! I always play with my siblings, which means that I need WiFi to do so, and when I create a server and I get adds they all disconnect, make the adds appear less pls.


Great game! This game is awesome, and it is even better now with the new items! But there are a lot of cons and that's why the 2 stars! There too much adds and it lags my phone or tablet a lot! I notice that when I uninstall it, my phone or tablet starts working normally again! That is a bad sign for the creators of the game to do something about it, but it seems that even if they get bad reviews,they don't care and the game gets worst, I can't wait to see this game crash for them to do somethin


It's really fun game mainly bc it's free but one thing I hate it bc it has so many ads every 2 minutes (especially when your are the owner of the server) like how am I going to enjoy that?!if you are fighting with a zombie or smth else,then you got ads,you have -0% to survive.If you fix this problem I'm going to give u 4 star.If I am satisfied,5 star.I really hope you fix this problem bc I really really love this game.


Its a great rippoff of minecraft but why do the wolfs change when you tame them? Like the wolf was white and i was liking the name "Snow" untill when i tamed it it change into brown.And its so hard to control if your phone is high graphics like:when you turn your screen it turns so fast like flash(sorry for saying "flash")and when its low graphics you just in my seed i cant break anything and Floating sheep? Why man? And when your just building something the game makes you break a block


This game has ads that pop up every 30 seconds or less. I have a son with Autism who enjoys your game, just not the ads, because he doesn't understand why it happens and gets upset. There is no ad free version to pay for, which is incredibly stupid... Make a pay for ad free version so ppl can enjoy your game and you can be paid for your work... There is no reason to have an ad every 30 seconds on a kids' game...


I do love the game, either tho, the multiplayer mode is good but the ads are crazy... Whenever you just finished building like a famous house or like say your still working on it. The game just cuts you off from your work and makes you watch ads. It's really annoying. Even our screen can be frozen and our camera is. This game would be way more better without ads. It's so annoying. We even need game texture packs...downloadable mods built with the game..