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Simple text file notepad App DESCRIPTION

Simple text file notepad is the simplest notepad that you can use immediately without setting.
With Simple text file notepad, You can easily share text or text files with email or other apps.
You can share text files in other apps and import them into Simple text file notepad.
You can see the contents of the note in the widget.
Easy access to text files at any time with the import/export function.

* Storage permission is required to read and write text files. *

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Easily create, preview and share text files with Simple text file notepad!
Simple text file notepad is the simplest notepad that you can use immediately without setting.With Simple text file notepad, You can easily share text or text files with email or other apps.You can share text files in other apps and import them into Simple text file notepad.You can see the contents of the note in the widget.Easy access to text files at any time with the import/export function. * Storage permission is required to read and write text files

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No word search inside a document, useless for me


So far so good but to avoid accidental deletion it would be a good idea to be able to choose to make a file read only as in Linux permissions 0400.


This program stinks as one of my entries just dissappeared and sometimes I even came up with duplicate entries which I had to determine which was the most up to date entry.


All you ever need in a text editor. It uses the built-in keyboard with microphone taking notes as you speak this is great thanks.
I am glad that you have been using this app well. Thank you.


Excellent Notes app
We apologize for the inconvenience. The bug has been fixed now.


It is good text file.Everybody download it ,you got a lot of benefits


Copies in formatting, not just the text. So useless.
After saving the text, you can share the text without formatting. If it does not solve the problem, please contact [email protected].