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Crazy Hero Game SCREENSHOT

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Pull out pins, solve puzzles, and protect the warrior, princess, and treasure. What to do if the patrolling monsters are walking around? Try using those mechanisms and traps.

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Cracking the trap to save the princess
Pull out pins, solve puzzles, and protect the warrior, princess, and treasure. What to do if the patrolling monsters are walking around? Try using those mechanisms and traps.

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No cash to withdraw. It is just apush to play the game


So many ads


I really love this game !!!


beautiful game and entertaining


I love it 😘😘😘😘😘 thank's sa nagshare sa link.


Money ist around the world...tuh kuak panjai bebudu budu


Stupid Game And this is SCAM game don't ever install it it's a waste of time


If you want to waste your time and your health download this game this is scam and useless which waste your time at all I thought I will make money in this but it useless


Why I can't play ads?


hey there pal please want to report someone doing scammes to others he was trying to ruin ur good app reputation claming someone to help other to giv money tto download your apps but unfortunately scammed.i will give all the details


Enjoying this game even though a lots of ads


Please cut 1000 queue to Only 500 or 400 queue Please So it will be easier to withdrawal


Excellent and very sweet game🥰🥰🥰


I dont see how people can give a fake game like this 5 stars cuz when u reach the withdrawal amount u have to watch ads if not you so called qeue number is stuck in one place lol


Best game better than monopoly go


Great way to make money


I have a problem for withdrawal. Always say invalid account or name


I'll change it based on withdrawal 😉


I like the game thank you


its fake, cashout is almost impossible do not waste your time