Take advantage of this exceptional chance to elevate your tie-dye skills with the Smoke Dye Spectacle.

Enter the bonus level to find yourself in a captivating realm of colorful hues and whirling smoke.

This is your opportunity to master tie-dye techniques!


【图】Tie Dye(截图1)【图】Tie Dye(截图2)【图】Tie Dye(截图3)


Live the hottest fashion summer trend with Tie Dye summer clothes and beach accessories! Experience the thrill of being a dye hard enthusiast as you create vibrant tie dye summer clothes and beach accessories.

T-shirts, bikinis, beach bags… you name it! Show off your creative DIY art skills while customizing the Tie Dye clothes to your liking. With color pop and happy color dyes at your disposal, design clothes to create stunning outfits that reflect your individual style and personality. It’s time for an exhilarating outfit makeover!

Get requests from clients and paint clothes to your desire. Being creative isn’t hard: first tie, then dye! Let the vibrant colors mix and paint their way onto your creations, ensuring each piece is a true representation of your artistic vision.

Join the trendsetters and become a master of tie dye fashion. Get ready to dive deep into the world of dye hard fashion, where you can mix and paint with the confidence of a hair dye pro. Incorporate the whimsy of slime art and jelly dye effect into your creations. Embrace the magic of color pop and happy color design as you create an unforgettable outfit makeover for each client.

Let the summer fun begin! Unleash your DIY art skills and let the paint do the work!

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Welcome to our new simulation pottery game, where you can satisfy customers by sculpting amazing 3D models with clay dough! Our game is super satisfying and relaxing, making it the perfect way to release your stress with the dough of clay. Whether you're a professional artist or a DIY enthusiast, our game offers simple mechanics and tools that make sculpting, reface and restyle easy and fun. Using our 3D model maker and face maker tools, you can create customized avatars that truly reflect your style and personality. As you sculpt people's heads (and their pets too!), make sure to use the kinetic movements to get the perfect result, close enough to the photo. The depth and customization in this pottery game are unmatched, allowing you to express your artistic expression just like in figurine art. With our amazing 3D graphics, you can bring your clay craft models to life and create a truly immersive experience.As you sculpt and paint, you'll appreciate the ability to create a work of art that truly showcases your creativity. Whether you're interested in 3D modeling..
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The cutman's boxing clinic is full! After big fights, some boxers desperately need makeovers for their broken faces. Use ice and tools to clean up the boxers’ faces and get them back in the boxing ring. Fix broken noses, swollen eyes, bruised lips, and more, it’s up to you to make the boxers’ faces beautiful again. Add makeup when you need it. Then get back in the game. Throw punches at faces, get your face punched, and wrestle the craziest boxing stars around. Punch, kick, punch, you win! Show the world of wrestling what you’re made of. Cutman's Boxing isn’t like other boxing games, here you become the ultimate boxing star! Ready to show us your moves? Download Cutman's Boxing and start punching and wrestling today!To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy Policy:
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Compete with rival stars, enjoy the horse riding tales with stars stable horses.
In the enchanting world of My Horse Stories, get ready to experience the thrill of the racetrack as you strive to become a champion among rival stars. This immersive game takes you on a captivating journey through captivating horse riding tales, where the bonds you forge with your magnificent stars stable horses will be key to your success.You were looking forward to chilling this summer in NYCbut your plans have changed. Against your will, you’re sent to middle-of-nowhere-Kentucky, to spend the summer with your grandma on a stars stable horses farm.As you embrace the role of a city girl turned country gal, you find yourself in the picturesque countryside of Kentucky, far from the bustling streets of NYC. Though initially reluctant, you soon realize that this summer adventure holds untold potential. The horse farm becomes your heaven, and with each passing day, you grow closer to your loyal companion – a graceful horse with whom you'll weave your own unique horse riding tale.But it's not all about intense races and fierce rival stars. In the tranquil moments between training, you'll..
Yo, dune surfer stickman dude! Draw, slide and surf your way out of the dunes.
It’s a ballit’s a stickman… it’s a dune surfer!Go from ball, to stickman, to ball, to stickman as you draw, surf and slide your way out of the dunes, dune surfer stickman dude!You’re just a poor stickman dune surfer, lost in the colorful, yet lethal dunes. Draw, surf and slide to get out. When you’re in the air, you’re a ball, when you surf, you’re a stickman. Who cares what you are… just make sure you don’t crash! Watch out for rolling stones, darts, sharks, alligators, and more (do NOT crash into them!) as you surf, slide draw out of the dunes to safety. Touching white obstacles will kill your poor stickman soul instantly. Other colored obstacles? Touch them and see. (Worst casedeath.)Dune speed bumps will protect you, stickman. But only so much. As you draw, surf and slide, draw perfect lines that will save you from sinking into the infinite depths of the dune despair.Good luck, dune surfer stickman ball… you’ll need it."To opt out of CrazyLabs sales of personal information as a California resident, please visit our Privacy..


Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



The app it's self is ok. Kind of fun. The ads connected to this app are ABSOLUTELY disgusting!! One that just came on while sitting with my 7 yr old was advertising another app that you can see people naked through a lense! How it works, I'm unsure, but my kid was so confused and bothered seeing all these creepy ads! It's getting deleted, and I would advise using this app. I wouldn't even give it one star, but I had to leave a review.


this game is the best it improves your creativity so much I give it a FIVE STARS! 🌟 🤩


It's good, I learned how to Tie-dye because of this game. But actually. They force us to watch ADS. Example: "Oh if you want this, if you want that, you need to watch an AD. Oh, if the AD kicks you out and sends you into the app store/play store, haha, you WON'T get the reward☺" It's annoying.


this is the best game in the world you can just play all day and all night right now it's night after me but I'm so much loving this game I gave you a 5-star review because I really like this game and yeah a good game I like it you can even make your own type of clothes if you can't do it at home so thank you so much for coming I love this you made it so fun so cool and you made it even fun for kids thank you for this game from a girl to the game


it's really good just I wish that there were less ads at the bottom bc I always accidently press them


This is a really fun game the only downside is that their is a few adds which is a little annoying.


The game is very fine but the only problem is that it has many errors and advertisment.. The game is very fine but but you like the other games it has many errors and like it kids me out of the games in times and it has very ads.


3 stars because the way they are giving us level by level ads and some small babies are playing this game and their eyes has to wear specks oh my god, I even can't believe small small babies are playing and their eyes oh noooo. So pls delete this game plssss. 🙏🙏


I love this game, only thing is ,like the other review said, there should be more colours for the paint because there's only the sets of blue and purple. Other than that, download this game!


it is nice I just think that the back round voices could laugh when you do something funny like when you cover it with poo at the end.


I love it because you can make like a own design you just don't have to make look up on a design that you can do but instead you can like you can give it to your own style


ADS ADS ADS ADS!!!! Can't even complete ONE garment without an ad interrupting! NO THANKS!! Geesh!




I rated this game 5 stars because it is amazing. There's nothing bad to say about this game. When you turn off your mobile data or wifi, it becomes an offline game. It's the most fun game I have ever played.


This game is fun overall. However, there's 2 problems, and that explains the 2 stars less. The first problem is that you get to happily play for 30 seconds until there's an ad! I've tried putting aeroplane mode on, it makes less ads but there's still a few. And the second reason is that it can be inappropriate. My 3 year old was playing a game and the ad for the game popped up and she came up to me saying "Mummy, look at this. Its weewee and poopoo stains". Overall though, it's reccomended!


I really like the concept of this game. Not too many ads, pretty good customization, settings are good. But when you finish a round of tie dying something it...flashes and glitches. I have a screenplay of it if the dev's want an email sent, but I'm an epileptic, and the flashes really strain my eyes and give me a bad headache. Could you fix the bug please??


I first played the iOS version and loved it. I decided to install it on my android when I saw hydrodipping had been added, but it's so laggy. When I let go, the color goes everywhere. The iOS version was much better so if you could fix that, I don't think I would have any issues, aside from ads of course. Otherwise, I really like this game and playing with designs, I just need the colors to pour properly.


A really enjoyable game but EXTREMELY glitchy. The background, characters and animations glitch a lot for my game. The colour options are great! Application of the colours/the targeting for it can be a bit hard to grasp at first. Upon opening the app, immediate bombardment with ads after the first or second customer. Smooth sailing after that. Can't use the add option to get more content. My game even crashed at points. But, despite these few things, I thoroughly enjoy the game. It's relaxing.


I've been really addicted to this app since I downloaded it. Ads aren't a problem to me, yes there is a lot but people forget that's how developers make their money. The controls are super easy, love the different colors to choose from. The dying itself is so fun as well, watching the colors mix and playing with designs is relaxing. Only thing I wish there were more, I already maxed out ny upgrades and now I don't have anything to do with my coins. Could use more clothing options. Love this game


I absolutely LOVE this game!! It is so much fun and it really exercises your creative skills! The only problem I have with this game is when I'm trying to get a new item like some new rubber bands or a new tie dye bottle, it always says the ad is not available which is really weird. There are a lot of ads but I just turn on airplane mode and then there aren't any annoying ads!! I highly recommend to anyone and everyone 😁