- Fresh Challenges Await: Dive into a brand-new set of cryptograms that will put your word skills to the test!
- Improved Performance: We've fine-tuned the game for even smoother and more responsive gameplay.
- Bug fixes

Cryptogram Letters and Numbers Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Cryptogram Letters and Numbers(截图1)【图】Cryptogram Letters and Numbers(截图2)【图】Cryptogram Letters and Numbers(截图3)

Cryptogram Letters and Numbers Game DESCRIPTION

Cryptogram: Number & Word Puzzles — Decode, Deduce, Conquer!

Get ready for a cerebral challenge — this is Cryptogram! Dive into a world where decoding meets conquest and discover logic games, word puzzles, crosswords, and so much more to ignite your mind and test your deduction skills.

This isn’t any brain workout. Instead, it’s a challenging game where you’ll decipher secret codes using symbols and letters, play puzzles and unlock new levels that will keep on testing you. Are you up to the challenges? Let’s see what other exciting features are waiting for you.

– Intrigue, mystery and fascinating quotes to unravel
– Endless challenges, including word scrambles and logic puzzles
– Gameplay that makes brain workouts fun, never boring

Download Cryptogram now and embark on a journey to decode, deduce, and conquer!

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Cryptogram Letters and Numbers Game DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



I love(d) this game. However, it started running extremely slow and experienced excessively long delays during game play. When I tried to contact the admins via the app, the message area kept on unpopulating so I couldn't even send a message for help. The 1st and only time I did message them, the response was in Russian though the language selected in the app was clearly English. I'm done with, will be uninstalling right about... Now!


I paid for the ad free version, since I really enjoy the game, but the ads were making me lose focus. I would've preferred longer ads between levels instead of them interrupting. That said I would have bought the game either way. One incredible annoying thing though. The app stops your other audio. I've tried Spotify, YouTube music, Patreon +4-5 other audio players, and it keeps happening. I really hope the developers will look into this and fix the issue.


SO MANY ADS, like I understand why they're there, but seriously. The game is 80% ads and 20% actual gameplay. I love the concept of the game, but I can't even emphasize how many times I have misclicked and lost lives. Sometimes the random letters it gives you are not NEARLY enough for you to solve the quote, and because of those two factors guess what I have to do if I want to keep playing? Watch more ads. This game wasn't made so much for people to play, rather for the developers to make money.


Buggy as the Florida Everglades. The ads are almost non-stop, and about 3 in 5 crash the game. I put it in airplane mode, which seemed to help. However, the touch screen response slowed drastically. The basics of the game are great. It's simple code breaking, and the quotes are pretty good. Would have been 4 stars, but the constant crashing makes it all but useless.


Love the puzzles, but there are way too many ads imo. You get 3 mistakes per puzzle before you have to either restart it or continue it, and you either have to "lose a life" (which you only get 5 of a day) or you have to watch a minute long ad. If you want a hint, minute long ad. Middle of the puzzle you get an "ad break" with, you guessed it, another ad before you can continue. Start a new puzzle and get another ad. I feel like I've watched more ads than played the game at this point


The game or app , to be honest is good it's helps us to broaden our mind . Helpful, though the application itself has some flaws . It needs more optimization, the phone gets extremely hot after only 10 minutes, plus lagging, some time the app crushes, as for ads I suggest it's good . But if could remove the ads from level completion it would be better. But please focus on the optimization.


It's one thing to have ads in between each cryptogram. Its something totally different when there's ads interrupting every cryptogram you play. Extremely too many ads . Do not waste your time with this game. I've been interrupted 5 or 6 times on every cryptogram. That's not fun and definitely not funny. Do not waste your time downloading this game. On top of all the interruptions with ads you get kicked out and have to go back to finish the cryptogram you started. Don't download.


It is really fun at first with the quotes because they are from famous songs, movie, or just people. But then I ran into a MAJOR problem. Alot of times when either an ad pops up randomly, or I tap an ad to revive it will crash and bring me to the loading screen restarting all the work I did. And with the daily word quote thing it's a paragraph long so I get really far, but then it crashes. On one puzzle it has done this 3+ times within 30 minutes. PLEASE fix this, and then it will be way better.


I love this game but the input lag ruins it and makes it so I get so frustrated I won't play for a long time. When inputting letters, it takes so long to go in that sometimes I'll hit it again and then end up using one of my lives. Or I'll hit it and think it's lagging so I hit the next letter and it turns out I didn't hit the first letter. At least 90% of my mistakes in the game are a result of the lag. So irritating I may uninstall!


Really enjoy it, but it crashes SO MUCH on my Samsung A20. Crashes every other level. Tried clearing cache and reinstalled, tried restarting my phone. Still crashes. If not for the crashing issues I'd buy the option for no ads, but it's not worth it to me while it runs so poorly. Forgot to add that the lag after each button press is severe and can cause you to lose a game if you don't wait until the lag is done just to put in the next letter


This game is exactly what I want from these types of puzzles. My only complaint is a serious input lag when entering letters which often leads to failing a level if you don't wait the time for the letter to populate. Hopefully this bug will be worked on! Another update: this input lag is almost a game breaker. Please fix this input lag, it is killing your game!


It had been great. Ads are annoying but not as frequent as a lot of other games. Then I got to around level 102 and its repeating sayings I've already done. Don't know if it didn't save my level properly so I'm just repeating levels I had previously done, or if it's actually just the same sayings repeating from other levels. Either way, it's disappointing as it removes the challenge


I love the game. It is always more interesting than the last. There are only one or two ads for each game, and you gain coins from watching them, which can be used to buy more games by choice. There is also a free game each day. There are events that are played, and a chest of coins is rewarded. I also like how free hints are gained every day and more by watching ads. But the game is always lagging when typing the letters,which is frustrating 😒 please fix this bug.


The game used to be fun, won coins with the option to buy different puzzles, symbols, music notes, etc. I had to reinstall it because it froze and wouldn't unfreeze, bad idea I lost everything and had to start at level 1 again. Now I am on level 269, and it's like that option is totally gone. I keep waiting for it to be back, I keep checking for updates. You also need an option that we can save our progress.


Interesting but size of letters are a great strain on the eyes especially if there is a whole exasperating paragraph of almost a hundred words to decipher so had to delete app. It has quite a number of long ads which can appear suddenly in the middle of a game. Some quotes were repeated again at the beginning. Hint buttons are also distractingly above the keyboard when they should be below. Thank you very much anyway for your app. Hope it improves.


The game is good and has good levels. The only annoying thing is the ads. I understand ads are required to run the game for free, but ads after every level is irritating! Also, some of the ads are in 3-4 parts, and some are even longer than 30 seconds... That's just pathetic! Decreased the stars, and deleting the game because of the ads. Ad before and after every level, plus 3-4 ads in between. This is too much now!


What's Good? It's visually clean and the quotes are pleasing and memorable – The 1-2 involuntary ads per puzzle only last 5s before you can dismiss them – A contact form is built into the game // The Bad! It doesn't include a way to revisit the quotes we've unlocked – We play by categories, but aren't informed which one is currently active – There is a needless delay when submitting character entries – There is no background music or sound effects – Support doesn't respond to the contact form


Since the last major update, the ability to earn coins has been completely removed unless you spend money or watch an ad. We used to earn coins by completing puzzles, and even then it was a terribly small amount, but at least there was some progress. Now, you have to spend money or watch an ad for 200 coins, when most puzzle packs cost 2k or more. Uninstalled.


I love this game, i really do. I love it in fact so much i bought the ad free upgrade. However, there are two things that are preventing me from giving it 5 stars: 1. It drains the battery like nothing else I've seen before. It also heats up my phone (Samsung Note 10lite) and makes its unbearable to hold. 2. It pauses my music whenever i open it, even though there is no audio in it and there is no way to change that. if these two points are addressed I would happily give it 5 stars


It was fun at first, I liked the challenge of shapes and symbols instead of just numbers for clues. But recently the ads have getting tedious and annoying. It's fine if you can simply tab them away but more often than not they cause the game to close and it has to reload all over again, also changing the clues. Some ads you can't even get rid of and are forced to watch the thing. I also don't like the ads before playing a puzzle. I'm sorry, but I'm deleting the game.