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Lucky Game is a Sudoku game for fun. As long as you slide your finger easily, fill each animal in each row, column and grid without repetition, you can complete the level, and at the same time improve our sharpness and memory. Fresh and cute scenes, stylish and interesting sound effects, rich and varied level challenges and props. Get rid of the boringness of traditional Sudoku puzzle solving, and you can get immersd in pleasant and challenging animal puzzles. Refreshing new gameplay, easy to start with, and challenging, suitable for all ages! Cute little animals are waiting for you to challenge! Come and start to play!

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Not bad but not good. This game is nice but when I reach the level 26 and I'll going to level 27 every level part in level 27 is limited, sometimes 6-7 part level everyday. It's really hard to get out in level 27 because of this. I think it will gonna take 1 week before I get out in this one level, every level has many part level I think 20-30 part level in every level. In this game u need to level up so you can get the full amount of your money. If I'm not mistaken u need to reach level 85.


The best money-making platform and is proven to pay, I like money games to give extraordinary sensations, this is one of the best applications available, it is very suitable for young people or even the old ones, there is no limit to getting points, the higher the level level on the account, the greater the frequency of receiving prizes, applications that provide rewards are always consistent, never disappoint, are maintained for smooth operation.


I like amazing games ~ 2 0 3 6 2 3 ~ just by playing simple games you can get special prizes, some of my friends do their assignments regularly and in the end they can withdraw funds every day without any restrictions, for the advantages they have available in the game, namely there are many side tasks that can be done so that it speeds up the search for coins, to increase the level of the game just by playing, arranging pictures in empty boxes...


at first it's fun because you can level up easily but once you reach level 26 the time is only 30 sec and if you put the character's in the wrong position it will minus to 10 sec, yes you can earn a high amount but you can only withraw the full money once you reach level 85-100 which is so imposible because of the time limit and for every level getting harder, i reached level 4 for 24 times I've played and i have earned 500+but can't withdraw the full because you haven't reached level 85-100


I'll give it 3 stars first because it's actually nice to play, it's just a little difficult to play at times. I'll just give an honest review here. In the 4 days I played it, I reached level 26 meaning I can withdraw 1.5% of my points. But the only unexpected thing here is that when you get there, there is a limit to your playing level. When you reach level 26 everyday there is a limit of 5 game levels which means you will wait again the next day before you can play again.


Hi I would pretty much appreciate it if the levels can get a little easy? My mind is not that fast to figure out the right head to put. I can't keep up with the timer. It has been 3 days and I still can't get out of the last stage of level 4. Checking in is all I can manage. Please, just up the timer to a minimum of 1 minute, that would pretty much be appreciated. Because as soon as I'm almost finish, it'll say timer's up.


Very enjoyable and addictive game to play; Graphics are AWESOME! Moves along quickly and rewards are seemingly plentiful, allowing one to advance in the game without requiring purchase (while you can purchase). It appears as though should one decide to purchase, the costs is low. I have to watch every nickle and dime, so game purchases are NOT an option for me. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the game thus far.


I don't think anyone could rate this bad in any form because it's simple and straight forward as could be. Answer a few questions (literally a few, not 10 and 20 other questions), get some coin These small rewards do add up over time. One thing I like the most is that the rewards don't expire immediately. You have the option to use your earnings for other payments or save them for late, a huge plus when it comes to rewards platforms.


the game is very authentic where you can really earn money, however the levels are too difficult due to its lack of time limit, moreover after you have reached level 26 (your account) they have set a limit to 5 levels (level game) which can lead to lesser earning time to time, there should have none limits in playing since the game is already difficult.


Solving suduko puzzles is the best foundation to this game. Though it has time and you need to do it fast, this helps you improve your way of thinking through fast decisions, not only fast but also right decisions. It's hard when you're a starter but it takes time till you get the right technique on how to play the game. (With the right technique, 30 sec is enough to finish the game. Just my thoughts.) Happy playing 🥳


Amazing good game || 2 0 3 6 2 3 || I like games that are very challenging, applications that make most people think about compiling the right images in a timely manner, I don't think it's too difficult if it becomes a habit, especially if you have experienced playing almost the same application before, please condition the ads, not too much advertisements that appear, will later interfere with the comfort of playing the game.


It is a very good app but when you reach level 26, you can only play limited levels. I recommend that add levels or remove the limited levels because its so hard to level up if it have a limited levels per day. I don't want to withdraw because I have to be level 85 to withdraw all of it, I also recommend to lower the level when we can withdraw the cash. Its legit money earning app all you need is patience, speed and intelligence


It is very good at the start but after sometime it gets really hard to level up, something you will just have to guess where to put the animals because it only shows 3-4 so you will have to use the hints and when you run out of hints you can only continue to level up the next day,but it's legit so I give it 5 stars


Excellent App [ 2 0 3 6 2 3 ] can always provide entertainment when you are happy or sad, for the game assignments given are so challenging, I am very interested in continuing to play for a long time, because I never get bored even though I have played it many times, I can always provides a sensation and experience that is different from other games, there are also prizes that can be obtained in the form of coins which can later be exchanged for digital money, play and make money on internet.


it is legitimate, it is fun, it is easy, but what annoys me now is the 'limit'. i've played only i think 5 levels and it says 'the number of challenges has been used up, try again tommorow', and what doesn't make sense is after i play it today, i've only played 5 levels again and it says i have to come back tommorow. i hope you'll allow us to play more levels in a day.


I like playing games that can provide a different experience that is incredibly cool. At first, I was just playing games as usual, but after seeing some friends earn money in a simple way, it turned out that they were playing the lucky game application. I was also interested in participating in prize events. , and finally I was able to get 15$ in a day, it was really fun especially being able to play with my closest friends or relatives


Excellent game { 2 0 3 6 2 3 } has finally found real application in rewarding users, yesterday just managed to withdraw funds for the first time in just 1 hour it was an immediate success, tasks for games are easy to complete, there are several additional menus in the game, so it's easier to collect points, don't forget to try legit applications that are proven to pay, good luck always


It's good but please remove the limit. The game is already hard because of the 30 seconds timer each level and there's way too many ads to watch, so why do you still need to put a limit to the game? I quit this game because of that and I think many players will also quit once they reached level 26.


It's very good at the start but after some time it gets really hard to level up, something you will just have to guess where to put the animals because it only shows 3-4 so you will have to use the hints and when you run out of hints you can only continue to level up the next day, but it's legit so I give it 4stars


I gave 2 star right now because the game they give is very difficult when your level is going up and the puzzle is very hard,and also the minutes they give isn't enough to think where to put the characters into the box,for me this game is very hard I swear....hope the minutes it fix,isn't enough for me player getting pressure