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Stray Cat Game City Simulator Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to stray cat game city simulator. A kitty cat simulator games where you can experience the adventure and thrill of a virtual home cat lost in the city. Live cat life in harsh world full of unknown dangers and experience the stray cat escape and survival tale.

A little kitten out of curiosity left its house, wander in to the city and lost. Now this virtual pet kitten have to live a life of stray in this harsh city survival simulator. Escape the traps, find the food and play the cat and mouse game with scary rats and squirrel simulator. This never ending adventure game play will keep you excited from feeding the hungry cat, stray cat fight, animal shelter cat escape and wander to explore cyber city streets. In this cat simulator games you will join forces with other stray cats for survival from robots and dangerous animal shelter. Your stray cat sim missions includes finding your way to the island city by running on the impossible tracks.

Make sure to complete your survival escape story by guiding kitty cats and little kitten their way to the city streets. Walk on real life challenging and virtually impossible tracks! Stray cat run whenever you feel virtual robot or evil rat near you. In this stray cat game city simulator you also need to find food for hungry cat clan. Explore cyber city streets, dodge transform robots and steal food from animal shelter and dog shelter for hungry cat to make sure the survival in this cat simulator offline games for free.

Hurry up kitty cat! A little kitten is captured by the evil transform robots, follow enemy robots so you don’t get lost in the cyber city and save the virtual pet kitten from the animal shelter game cage. Cat run as fast as you can to make sure the cat escape in this cat survival game. This exciting stray cat simulator story is full of cat rescue, cat escape and hungry cat survival challenges in real life environment. Play cat and mouse games with virtual pet to complete adventures tale of squirrel simulator and rat attack with full on action pack game play.

Features Stray Cat Game City Simulator

1. Experience stray cat life adventure in cyber city
2. Wander to explore city and unleash secrets of island
3. Find the food and feed your hungry cat clan
4. Rescue little kittens from scary robots captivity
5. Guide the lost cats & fight for survival
6. Best cat simulator games with realistic cyber city environment
7. Real life animal controls and smooth game play
8. Virtual pet story game for free and no wifi needed


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