【图】귀검 : 조선 방치형 키우기(截图1)【图】귀검 : 조선 방치형 키우기(截图2)【图】귀검 : 조선 방치형 키우기(截图3)


The Joseon Dynasty, where monsters and humans coexist,

The legendary Heavenly Demon Sword was hidden in Joseon by monsters.
The rumor spread that the person who drew the Heavenly Demon God Sword would be possessed by the Heavenly Demon and gain absolute power.

Accordingly, a group of demonic cults flocked to Joseon to revive the Heavenly Demon using the Heavenly Demon God Sword.
As the power of the monsters who possessed the Heavenly Demon Sword grew stronger, a situation arose that was difficult for the government military alone to deal with.

The king of Joseon decided that he could no longer sit by and watch, so he secretly gathered together masters, including assassins and prisoners, and formed a secret organization, the Gwihyeoldan, with the purpose of exterminating monsters.
Through the outstanding performance of the noble blood group, they exterminated monsters and brought peace to Joseon.
However, as the status of the noble blood group increased, the king secretly planned to disband the noble blood group without anyone knowing.
The leader of the noble blood group, noticing this, leads his men and takes refuge in the mountains.
There, he joined forces with the Hwalbindang, which was active independently, and set the goal of founding a new Joseon, and set out in search of the Heavenly Demon Sword.

The Demonic Cult tries to find the Heavenly Demon God Sword and bring back the Heavenly Demon, and the government forces try to seal the Heavenly Demon God Sword to prevent this.
The noble blood group, betrayed by the king, seeks to establish a new country by gaining strength with the Heavenly Demon Sword.

A war between forces over the Heavenly Demon God Sword! A confrontation unfolds that will determine the fate of Joseon.

◈ Official Lounge ◈


■ Raising an attractive Joseon martial arts neglect type! Become the strongest in Joseon’s eight provinces!
Choose and train the forces you want: government forces, noble blood troupes, and demonic cults!
Stylish sword fighting action based on swords!
An infinite idle RPG that automatically kills monsters just by leaving it alone!
Automatic hunting continuously for 24 hours even offline!

■ Colorful graphics that are pleasing to the eyes!
Unique skill effects for each attribute on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!
Over 20 powerful martial arts, including Sunbo, Tathagata Shinjang, and Hwanbaldo!
The thrill of hack and slash as you sweep away the oncoming monsters!
Demonization mode where you absorb ghost spirits and become explosively stronger!

■ Today’s enemy is tomorrow’s ally! Yokai, you become my companion!
When you defeat a monster’s den, you will obtain a guardian spirit that can fight with you!
Raise more than 20 attractive traditional Korean monsters, including nine-tailed foxes, two-tailed foxes, and the Grim Reaper!
Each guardian spirit has two unique skills!
As you level up your guardian spirit, your unique skills also grow!

■ A variety of content to enjoy!
A battle of the monster kings where you challenge the giant monster king and measure your strength!
A golden pig safe with tons of gold coins pouring out of it!
From a third-rate warrior to the state of life and death! A promotion challenge to become a transcendent being!
Collect and strengthen numerous items including 24 types of swords, 360 types of armor, and 36 types of relics!

————————————————– ——————————
◈ App access permission request information ◈
[Optional access rights]
Camera: Used to attach an image when writing a post through the in-game community function.
Internal storage: Used to attach images when writing a post through the community function within the game.

◈ Information on supported specifications ◈
Resolution: Supports all devices including Galaxy Fold 5
RAM: 3GB or more
Capacity: 300MB or more free space
OS: Android 13 or higher recommended
————————————————– ——————————
Terms of Use:
Developer contact: [email protected] | TEL:+82-70-4134-8986
#1206, 186, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Business registration number: 220-88-01770
Mail order business report number: 2011-Seoul Geumcheon-0005 (Geumcheon-gu Office)

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