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Birth chart calculator 📊
Moon phase with moon calendar 🌝
Receive Ai tarot recommendations 🔮
Learn Tarot : Ai Tarot Practice 🃏
Tracking for card draw & journal 📝
Gain deeper insights with Life path 🌌
Daily Horoscope today 🌟
Daily Numerology predictions 🔢
Ai Astrology forecasts ♈
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Expression Tarot Card Reading App DESCRIPTION

Expression tarot card reading free, your trusted tarot self-help tool for self-reflection, personal growth and spiritual guidance! Empower yourself with daily tarot insights on health, career, finance, love and relationship. Expression tarot reading offers daily tarot, card deck, card spreads, interpretations and tarot card readings free. Get daily tarot, daily horoscope, Moon calendar, Numerology calculator, Ai Astrology & daily affirmations free.

Key Features 🚀

Tarot Readings 🔮
* 1M+ Tarot card readings completed
* Deal with your health, job, money, relationship
* Tracking for card draw and journaling
* Gain deeper insights with tarot life path
* Yes or No tarot reading. Ask any questions

Moon Calendar and Lunar wisdom 🌖
* Explore Lunar wellness for your well-being
* Swipe phases of moon with moon calendar

Tarot & Horoscope 🪬
* Discover daily tarot and horoscope today
* Get daily horoscope for your cosmic destiny
* Use zodiac signs as decision-making tool

Tarot Numerology Calculator 🔢
* Unlock power of tarot and numerology in daily life
* Start day with precise numerology calculator
* Access numerology and ai astrology forecasts

Daily Affirmations Free 💸
* Begin day with positive daily affirmations
* Start manifesting dreams with affirmations

Personalised Tarot 🎴
* Personalised Ai tarot recommendations
* Learn tarot with Ai tarot practice
* Learn tarot with Tarot library card meanings
* Custom tarot and horoscope avatar

Personalised For-You ✨
* Your birth chart to find life purpose
* Premium tarot shop and accessories
* Rewards and notification for spiritual habits
* Your feedback based trusted tarot app

Connect With Yourself! 🧘♀️
Let’s skyrocket your tarot journey with expression tarot card reading spiritual app. The more consistently you draw tarot card and journal with precise feeling tags, the deeper your connection with the cards becomes, fostering informed decision-making. Ai tarot app life path insights offers reflection progress, tarot card meanings, highlights and trends of your tarot life path.

Well-being 💪
Live in harmony with the phases of moon, daily tips on spiritual, ritual and best practices of moon cycle calendar. Tap the moon calendar for new moon, zodiac signs, zodiac chart and astrology forecasts. Lunar wisdom enhances mental health, well-being & connect you to the natural world.

Choices 🤔
Our birthdate and numbers influence our daily life including health, career decisions, financials, couples dating, love game and couples relationship. Start your day with accurate numerology calculator, a number readings on life path number, angle number, destiny number and love number.

Predictions 🔮
Swipe to know your horoscopes daily horoscope, future predictions, zodiac compatibility, love compatibility, dating compatibility, finance and career advice with our fortune teller personalised horoscopes daily horoscope.

Motivation 💫
Let expression tarot reading unlock your potential with positive daily affirmations free and daily quotes.

Astro Tarot For-You 🌌
Get birth date based birth month flower, tarot birth card, birth chart, Chinese zodiacs and Astrology birth chart. Unlock healing, dating matchmaking, free meditation and potential life events.

Trusted Tarot For Everyone 🌟
Learn tarot with tarot library crafted by expression tarot readers. Share trusted tarot card or snap or snapper card into Instagram or in social media. Buy premium deck of cards online with expression tarot shopping app.

Join Us Today 🤝
Download tarot card reading free! Experience new way of daily tarot card draw & journal entries with best tarot app. Expression is coming up with palm reading. Expression tarot card reading or psychic reading is simple to use & easy to navigate best tarot app for your self-discovery, personal development & spiritual app.

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Instagram: expression_tarot
[email protected]

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Expression tarot card reading, trusted tarot, horoscope, numerology & astrology
Expression tarot card reading free, your trusted tarot self-help tool for self-reflection, personal growth and spiritual guidance! Empower yourself with daily tarot insights on health, career, finance, love and relationship. Expression tarot reading offers daily tarot, card deck, card spreads, interpretations and tarot card readings free. Get daily tarot, daily horoscope, Moon calendar, Numerology calculator, Ai Astrology & daily affirmations free.Key Features 🚀Tarot Readings 🔮* 1M+ Tarot card readings completed* Deal with your health, job, money, relationship* Tracking for card draw and journaling* Gain deeper insights with tarot life path* Yes or No tarot reading. Ask any questionsMoon Calendar and Lunar wisdom 🌖* Explore Lunar wellness for your well-being* Swipe phases of moon with moon calendarTarot & Horoscope 🪬* Discover daily tarot and horoscope today* Get daily horoscope for your cosmic destiny* Use zodiac signs as decision-making toolTarot Numerology Calculator 🔢* Unlock power of tarot and numerology in daily life* Start day with precise numerology calculator* Access numerology and ai astrology forecastsDaily Affirmations Free 💸* Begin day with positive daily affirmations* Start manifesting dreams with affirmationsPersonalised Tarot 🎴* Personalised Ai..

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While I agree this app can be fun, it's in no way a good representation of tarot, astrology or numerology. You're paying to read basic info you can find on the internet. If you truly want to learn beginner stuff, don't pay money only to see... Basically nothing useful except vague interpretations of your "birthday". You can use this app, sure, it's fun, but don't take it too seriously. It's just like any money hungry spiritual app... I'm not reinstalling it. :)
We regret that the app fell short of your expectations. Our aim was to provide users with genuine tarot and lunar insights through intricate algorithms, interactive and user-friendly interfaces. Your feedback is invaluable as we constantly enhance content and features on tarot, astrology, numerology for a better experience. Thank you for sharing.


Expressions is a really fun and exciting new kind of app experience...I will definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys readings
We are pleased that you enjoyed the Expression Tarot app and found something new apart from other. If you have any feedback or suggestion on this expression tarot card reading, you could write to us at [email protected] We loved to hear from you for recommending our Expression Tarot App to tarot lovers!💖🔮 Have a wonderful day!


it's a good app, but after every single update (which happens very frequently), the only feature I ever use stops working. people are only downloading this for the daily draw. maybe make sure that part works first? EDIT: my point still stands. "updates" only count when they actually work. I'm tired of how buggy this is, every week I have to update and every week the app breaks with each update.
Thanks for your honest feedback! Yes, we are continuously enhancing our app for better user experience, interface, and performance along with new features. Yes, we're almost ending our development phase for this season and releasing final version in next 2 days or even before. We're request you to continue your tarot journey with expression.


Expression tarot is highly recommended for those on a journey of self-improvement & cosmic wisdom. 🌌🙌
Thank you for the high recommendation! 🌟 We're honored to be part of your journey of self-improvement and cosmic wisdom. If there's anything specific you'd like to explore or enhance in your journey, feel free to let us know at [email protected] 🦄


I like the idea of having a detailed description of the different types of meanings behind my birth information. Will possibly be choosing the yearly subscription.
Thank you for considering our yearly subscription! 🌟 Keep enjoying your premium plan tarot journey with us, & feel free to share suggestion of tarot card reading app to us at [email protected] 🔮✨🦄 We're thrilled to share the detailed birth information meanings with Expression. We look forward to being a part of your cosmic journey!


Was doing fine until I went ahead and purchased the year subscription now it does nothing won't load. I'm so sad and hate to waste money.
Dear Jessi, We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've faced. Our Expression Tarot team has identified & resolved the premium tarot issue promptly. We've also sent you a confirmation email. If you need any further assistance or have additional concern for Expression Tarot Card Reading, please write us at [email protected]🔮🦄


I love this App, it is colourful, informative, I decided to subscribe for the year and get full access to everything this App has to offer. Once I purchased the subscription, it said it needed an I updated it. Now it won't load anything and not letting me go on anything as nothing loads. Is this a bug since the update?
Dear Hayley Tarry, Thank you for your lovely review! We're sorry to hear about the loading issue. We've sent you a solution via email. Please check your mailbox & our team will assist you in resolving this promptly. Keep enjoying your premium plan tarot journey with us & feel free to share tarot suggestion to us at [email protected]🦄


I'm not sure how much I like the app just yet. I signed up for the 7 day free trial but all the extra features remain locked. And I'm not sure how to contact support. Hopefully I can get help with this im very curious to see what the app has to offer!
Dear Chrystal Dunne, Sorry for the inconvenience! Please email us at [email protected] for prompt assistance unlocking extra features as we have 7 days FREE TRIAL with 50% OFF on yearly plan which has all tarot premium features unlocked but we're eager to help you for exploring our expression tarot reading app fully. Happy New Year!🔮


expression tarot card reading never fails to deliver insightful and empowering tarot readings and the premium features are worth every penny! suggested for spiritual explorers. 🔮🚀
Thrilled that you're finding our expression tarot card reading app insightful and empowering! Your recommendation means a lot to us, especially for spiritual explorers seeking guidance. Explore depths of tarot more with expression tarot premium features. Any suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected] Happy tarot exploring! 🔮🚀


Whether you believe in it or not, this app ignites a spark of hope and positivity. It's a fantastic source of inspiration and motivation, creating a buoyant, positive atmosphere!
Thank you for your positive review! Love to hear that the Expression Tarot Card Reading app has been a source of hope & positivity for you and that it's inspiring and motivating, creating a positive tarot atmosphere. Your feedback encourages us to continue providing an uplifting experience. Reach us at [email protected] for suggestion


During a challenging phase, this app has been a source of hope. The daily predictions and the AI tarot feature provide accurate insights. It's remarkable how it connects with inner questions and offers guidance, boosting my confidence and patience
Thank you! It's amazing to hear how our expression tarot app has been a source of hope and guidance for you during tough times. Your feedback truly motivates us to keep improving our expression tarot card reading app . Reach out to us at [email protected] for any suggestions/queries. Keep exploring & enjoying your tarot card journey!


Every time I use this app, I'm astounded by its accuracy. Even though it sometimes feels too good to be true, it consistently aligns with the scenarios in my life. It's a testament to my firm belief in the universe's influence
Thanks for sharing your incredible experience with our app that resonates so deeply with you, consistently aligning with your life's scenarios. Your belief in the universe's influence & your trust in our expression tarot app mean a lot to us. Keep exploring the wonders of tarot readings. Reach out to us at [email protected]


I’m amazed by the accuracy and the fact that it's entirely free part. My heartfelt appreciation to the development team for creating such a comprehensive and precise app.
Thank you! Delighted that you find our Expression Tarot Card Reading app accurate and comprehensive. Your appreciation means a lot to us to enhance tarot card reading through app. Keep enjoying the tarot readings and feel free to share the expression app! Any suggestions? Reach us at [email protected] Happy tarot exploring!


As someone who's been exploring tarot reading for years, 🧙♀️I must say expression tarot card reading stands out for its accuracy and depth and app's tarot interpretations go beyond the surface, delving into nuanced meanings and cosmic alignments. Highly recommended for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts!😇
Thanks! It's wonderful to hear that our Expression Tarot Card Reading app resonates so well with your years of tarot exploration. Our tarot interpretations have added value to your journey, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Reach out to us at [email protected].


The design is sleek and user-friendly, making it an excellent learning tool for beginners. It covers a wide variety of spreads and includes everything I need, all easily accessible
Thank you! We're thrilled that Expression Tarot Card Reading app's sleek design & user-friendly interface have been valuable to you, especially as a learning tool for beginners. Knowing that our range of spreads and accessible features meet your needs. Feel free to explore & share the app further! Reach out to us at [email protected]


Expression Tarot Card Reading, is a simple yet immensely powerful tool for tarot enthusiasts. The readings are incredibly accurate, a testament to the well-researched and meticulously organized thoughts behind its development.
Thanks! We're thrilled that you've found the readings accurate & powerful of our expression tarot reading app. Your recognition of the thorough research & organization behind the development truly means a lot to us. We're committed to continuously enhancing the tarot experience through our app. Reach out to us at [email protected]


Simple yet very powerful tool for tarot cards. I truly would like to appreciate the person who has developed it. It contains fully accepted and accurate readings. It's made by well researched and we'll organised thoughts.
Thanks for your kind words! We're thrilled that you're finding our expression tarot app powerful & accurate. Your appreciation fuels our commitment to deliver a comprehensive & well-researched experience. Reach out to us at [email protected] Keep exploring on your tarot journey & cosmic journey with expression tarot card reading app.


This app is phenomenal! It's possibly the top free resource for learning Tarot. With extensive information, engaging quizzes, daily readings, a journal feature for notes, various spreads, and customizable decks, it's an endless trove of knowledge. The flexibility to choose decks based on preferences is a standout. For serious tarot enthusiasts, this app is life-changing! Download Expression Tarot now!
Thank you so much! It's incredibly fulfilling to hear how much you're enjoying our Expression Tarot app with our comprehensive features and tarot decks which have made such a positive impact on your tarot journey. Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us! Reach out to us at [email protected] Keep exploring the magic of tarot!


Checking this app first thing in the morning has become a ritual. It beautifully lays out my entire day, and the different sections have been incredibly informative. The app's aesthetic and functionality deserve a perfect score.
Thanks! We're thrilled to hear that our expression app has seamlessly integrated into your morning routine, helping you navigate your day with its daily cards draw. If you have any suggestions or thoughts to further improve your experience, reach out to us at [email protected] Thank you for choosing expression tarot to be part of life


I often practice tarot, and having the cards accessible at all times is a boon. The app's card placements are accurate, especially when interpreted with personal context. The more I delve into the app, the more I admire its diverse features. Exploring various spreads has been a delight, and I might incorporate some into my current practice. Even this don't have ads but if possible i personally suggest to buy premium to use more features
Thanks! It's wonderful to hear our Expression tarot app is aiding your tarot practice. We're thrilled you're exploring the diverse features & finding the card placements accurate. Your suggestion about the premium features is duly noted. Keep enjoying your tarot journey & if you have ideas, feel free to reach out at [email protected]