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CMO Dawateislami India App DESCRIPTION

CMO(Cumulative Management and Operations) Dawateislami India is an Application for Managing Cumulative Management and Operational Work of Organization Dawateislami India.

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A digital companion to boost your Good Deeds (Neki)
Features Highlights:Feed Page : Keep your self updated with Islamic Knowledge on daily basis through Quranic Aayat, Translation, Tafseer (Interpretation of Quranic Aayat), Hadees, Islamic Quotes and many moreNeik Aamal : An excellent way to do self assessment on daily basisWeekly Booklet : Get your knowledge enhanced by read 1 book per weekEsaale Sawab : Charitable deeds for your deceased relative in abundance.Services : multiple services options at one place.All in one (Power pack) application : Neki TimeBe Pious, Live Pious
Ijara Department of Dawateislami Hind
This application contains some data entry options for Ijara department of Dawateislami Hind. Access is restricted to registered users only.
CMO Dawateislami India is an app for Internal Users of Dawateislami India
CMO(Cumulative Management and Operations) Dawateislami India is an Application for Managing Cumulative Management and Operational Work of Organization Dawateislami India.
Jamiatul Madina India Application is Developed to Manage Data of Students.
Jamiatul Madina has been started with an aim to produce effective Islamic Scholars who would guide Ummah to live a pious life according to Sunnah and Shariah. There are 100+ Jamiatul Madina, with quality infrastructure and facilities, across India where around 7,500 students are learning Knowledge of Shari’ah

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Very nice this app and beatiful


Good application but not is the best


Ya application fantastic hai sir is mai network airtel par kar. Da tooo


Very Nice app so proud of dawateislami india


Please try to improve it, it opens very late This has been a problem for a long time, why has it not improved?


Excellent comprehensive app


It's very good application


There is a bug in the application. When daily task is enabled, we cannot submit daily attendance after Sunday. It says "Daily task incomplete of the previous day" even though there's no daily task on Sunday. Please fix the bug.


Add fingerprints login in mobile raseed for fast login


Recenlty i purchased an iphone now im facing alot of problems to download this CMO . Can someone please help me ?


The receipt is not able to be generated, the server is very slow, please fix it as soon as possible.


Very slow not opening


It's not working well many issues are there🙄


This app is not opening well it's like a lazy guy.... The person who coded this app is not well being professioned... Because of app is not working anything ... I have tried many times too open Jamia tul Madina but it's not opening I have waited for 10 minutes but link is not open so I want to say that try to improve your app... By the way app is very easy to use but not working well...⚠️


Excellent job easy-to-use


Goog but some time is vary slow


Beutifull app and very easy


ESS is not working, you must improve performance, otherwise great app


ماشااللہ very useful app all in one it's very imagine Thank You Dawate Islami 😍😍


awesome features...... but in mobile app is not working properly
Thank you for downloading and reviewing App what issues you are facing please send descriptive email on email id provided below in developer contact