Add the ability to modify the device name on the settings page.

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TBD-smartshunt is a versatile and easy-to-use 500 amp battery monitor.Connect to the TBD-smartshunt device via Bluetooth, you can read out all monitored battery parameters-such as charging status, remaining time, historical information, etc.

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Show detailed data and function settings for TBD-smartshunt devices
TBD-smartshunt is a versatile and easy-to-use 500 amp battery monitor.Connect to the TBD-smartshunt device via Bluetooth, you can read out all monitored battery parameters-such as charging status, remaining time, historical information, etc.

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UPDATE: The latest update has solved the problem back to 5 stars! PREVIOUS: This app was fine until the update and now, it has made my shunt completely useless. Thanks for breaking it and creating an expensive paperweight.


The most recent update now works without issue on Android 14


Fixed - Not working on Android 14 / Pixel 8 pro


Won't open after update


*broken* bought this on good faith and good reveiws for automotive solar project. well after a month on solar in driveway the app doesn't see shunt anymore. it was working great until tonight shunt doesn't show in app. the vehicle never left the driveway. no connection, no nothing, rebooted shunt, still nothing, shows in android bluetooth but not in app. stay away until they fix bug. should have bought name brand as this is my only solar diag device -.- hmm figure out reflash board 2 victron


Please make a widget so we can activley monitor on an android head unit!




It wont pair with my bluetooth. It says an incorrect PIN but no where does it ask for a PIN.


Shunt works but seems to show phantom draws of 1500 watts but works well after a reset


works fine battery choice still can not be selected


Won't let you use the device without allowing the company to spy on you