- 'Pinning' home feed filters is possible by long pressing them now
- New 'Unroll as article' experiment
- Updated iconography
- Fixes for 'jumping timeline'
- Fixes for mute and block regressions in feed
- Tons of other stability changes.

trunks for Mastodon App SCREENSHOT

【图】trunks for Mastodon(截图1)【图】trunks for Mastodon(截图2)【图】trunks for Mastodon(截图3)

trunks for Mastodon App DESCRIPTION

A cross platform Mastodon client available on numerous platforms with rich features.

– Multi account
– Push notifications
– Follow hashtags
– Edit posts
– Threaded replies
– Unroll threads
– Dark mode
– Media aspect ratio options
– Instance browse
and more!

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A feature rich Mastodon client
A cross platform Mastodon client available on numerous platforms with rich features.- Multi account- Push notifications- Follow hashtags- Edit posts- Threaded replies- Unroll threads- Dark mode- Media aspect ratio options- Instance browseand more!

trunks for Mastodon App DOWNLOAD

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tapping a link and back button back to the app loses my feed position; seems to terminate often, also losing feed position. I'm rapidly losing patience for scrolling through a day of toots over and over...


After a few tries and an update was able to log into the app. I believe there was an issue with displaying the MFA prompt. The app is well layed out and has all of the latest features of the web UI. There is one thing keeping me from giving it more stars currently: if I choose to only see original posts and not boosts and replies I'd like that preference to be saved if I close and re-open the app.
This is likely an issue with your instance as the app doesn't take in your credentials (you actually log in on your server). Can you provide some more details on what server you're trying to log into?


Tried to sign in. 3/3 failed with just a grey screen. Uninstalled and moving on.


good UI, but I don't like how the "media" tab looks. it's better as a gallery instead of scroll, would be great to be able to customize that. custom emojis appear blurry sometimes. the "hide" button on CWed posts doesn't work if you have "always expand posts with content warnings" on. once clicking on a gif and opening it, it can't be closed without closing the app. gifs have players like videos. doesn't ask before boosting posts even though I have this set in my preferences.


This is the best Mastodon app I've found for tablet. Clean interface and the ability to actually fill your screen space with toots is extremely welcome. The way it handles some things like thread display is a little wonky, and I'd love to see the addition of something like the Mastodon web version's column view where you can display multiple tags with filters in each column (as opposed to the follow feature that puts tags in your main timeline), but overall a smooth and great experience.


This is probably the best Mastodon client in terms of UI. The interface is beautiful and intuitive. The only reason I'm dropping a star is because even on a high-end device, scrolling the timeline is very stuttery. If this can be addressed, Trunks will replace Tusky for me.


The best app for mastodon I've used so far!


I've just installed it today and tried it briefly so this is not an in depth rating but initial impression. So far it's looking very good. The layout is very nicely done. I love that it picks up on my wallpaper and themes the app accordingly. All Devs should support this, its a really great feature of Android. I like that I can increase the font because my eyes are not what they used to be. I like that you can tap the "home" to scroll to the top 👍. Overall very polished and nice to use.


So far so good! Looking forward to seeing how it grows!
Thank you for the feedback! Glad you are enjoying it!


Nice, looking forward to more dev features. A lot like Megalodon in approach (a good thing imo). One tech problem: on my mi10pro push notifications don't work, button won't enable, so not getting any notifications at all, which is a deal breaker atm for using.
Hey Pen, sorry to hear you're having issues. Please reach out to me on and let me know if I can help you figure out what's going on! Thank you for your review.


Best Mastodon app I've used, I prefer it even over Tusky and Fedilab. Love being able to pin servers and hashtags. Overall very nice UI. Minor nitpicks: UI scrolling and effects seem nonstandard to Android and are a little distracting. Also it would be nice if tapping a user's server brought you to the server. Lastly, a new and better logo/icon would be nice, but I'm sure that's coming eventually.
Hi Peter, we can definitely look into that functionality - and yes, the icon needs some love (that's on the way!). Appreciate your review!


Now my Mastodon app of choice - good work!
Thank you so much Stefan!