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Degen Defi Wallet App DESCRIPTION

This wallet makes a read only connection via an API to the blockchain to retrieve data for a persons wallet for those that are in some of the interested DeFi Projects. These projects include Drip, Fortune Hunters, MAM, Dex Finance, Tomb Finance and Animal Farm.

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Read-Only Crypto wallet for tracking some Degen DeFi projects
This wallet makes a read only connection via an API to the blockchain to retrieve data for a persons wallet for those that are in some of the interested DeFi Projects. These projects include Drip, Fortune Hunters, MAM, Dex Finance, Tomb Finance and Animal Farm.

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Great product . Very useful


Frickin sick! I can't believe the level of awesome that this is. Dope!


great product for someone looking for a simple way to see their wallet without login


Great great app


Awesome 👍💯 App~!!!


Awesome app


Great way to see you crypto projects and assets! Super clean and simple


Great app for degens


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Great wallet tool. Very accurate and easy to use. Everything works smoothly and looks great!