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Pokémon Masters EX Game SCREENSHOT

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Pokémon Masters EX Game DESCRIPTION

The Trainer Lodge has come to Pokémon Masters EX! Invite Trainers as guests and interact with them! You can deepen your bonds to get special photos and stories!

Dark stories unfold in the villain arc, featuring Team Rocket and other villainous organizations! Stay tuned for new chapters!

Trainers appear wearing outfits exclusive to Pokémon Masters EX! Enjoy original stories connected to those outfits, too!

Hatch Eggs to get new Pokémon! Add hatched Pokémon to your team, and battle your way to the top!

Assemble Trainers and Pokémon to take on battles! Create a team all your own, and aim for victory!

Champions, Elite Four members, and Gym Leaders from the past have come together! Team up with Trainers and their Pokémon, and go on adventures!

・We recommend a device with at least 2GB of RAM.
・We do not guarantee functionality on all devices listed above.
・There may be cases where the app does not function properly due to your device’s capabilities, specifications, or particular conditions for using apps.
・It may take time to become compatible with the latest OS.

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👑 Immerse yourself in a world of adventure that still has many undiscovered continents, along with many fierce areas exclusive for whose strength to battle with each other and assert your glory with the unmatchable army of monsters. Can you bypass a strong guardian waiting for the worthy one to find ancient treasures? Can you bring glory for your battle team by reigning at the top of the fierce Colosseum? Can you teach the lesson for the arrogant guys dare to challenge you in Real-time Tournament?Do you like Pocket Beast, Digital Monster or Monster Card Game? Do you like the beast that you chase and face in Hunter Journey? We provide you a chance to reign this kind of Beasts. Find it, live with it, level up & evolve it to their true potential.💎 All can be prove & earn by your mind in a new epic Match 3 Hybrid Puzzle-RPG. 💎🔥 Top 6 Reasons To Download Monsters & Puzzles 🔥1. A mixture of puzzles and retro JRPG turn-based gameplay! Conquer formidable challenges with your overmind in match-3 combos and..
Fast monster battles! Collect, train and evolve monsters to become a legend!
Are you ready to become the best master? Monster Masters is a multiplayer game in real time where you can collect, train and evolve dozens of monsters. Create your strategy and get ready for battle!PLEASE NOTE! Monster Masters is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.A network connection is required.FEATURES● Duel players from around the world in real-time● Earn Boxes to unlock rewards, collect powerful new monsters and summon them to the arena!● Defeat opponent’s monsters to win Fame and become a legend● Collect and evolve dozens of monsters, make them learn new moves and summon them to the arena!● Create your ultimate monster team to defeat your opponents● Progress through multiple Leagues and become a hero!● Challenge your friends to a private duel--> TWITTER:> INSTAGRAM:> FACEBOOK:> DISCORD:> WEBSITE:> SUPPORT: [email protected]
2v2 Challenge Incoming
Rayark's first step into an esports title!Soul of Eden is a PvP competitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games. The unique spread system, the exciting four-minute games, every single match is a different challenge! Choose your destined one among the four major factions and challenge contestants from all across the world!#Choose your factionThe tech-savvy Republic, the unpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and the savage Beasts. Four factions, four completely different styles for players to choose. The Factions' stories intertwine with one another. Which Faction will you lead to glory?#Build your deckOver 100 unique cards, with a deck flexibility of 30 cards. Unleash your strategic potential and create your own tactics.#Showcase your controlsThe unique spread deploy system leads to endless formations in battle. The skills of the legendary heroes can turn the tide of battle all by themselves! On the ever-changing battlefield, your controls and decisions will be the key to achieve victory!
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Breed and train monsters of all elements and rarities! Build your fighting force and face the ultimate challenge: Battles against other Monster Masters! Discover the universe of Monster Legends and the story of its inhabitants. Start by building a city for your monsters, fill it with habitats, and breed new species! Then, collect monsters and choose your strategy in action-packed battles.Unique Monsters Await- Collect over 900 monsters: There are new monsters every week!- Breed monsters of different elements and rarities to create cool new species.- Obtain incredible monsters of all types in the game's limited-time events.RPG Progression & Strategy- Level up your monsters for the battles ahead and rank them up in the Monster Lab.- Boost your monsters' powers with Runes, Relics, Beasts, and Talents to gain advantages in battle.- Set your strategy combining attackers, tanks, and control monsters.Real-Time Multiplayer Battles- Challenge other Monster Masters in real-time Live Duels.- Battle in the Multiplayer Mode for trophies, rewards, and a chance to reach the top Leagues.- Fight your way through the Era Saga Dungeons to unveil the story of Monster Legends.Your..
Summon your own Digimons and lead them to save the digital world together!
Digimon is a card game with diverse gameplay and cool design, focusing on PVE battles. You can summon digital beasts online, unique skills, and realistic combat to make your blood surge, but also by playing copies to get props to let digital beasts evolve to the ultimate form, you want to come together to form their own powerful digital beast team to explore the digital world?Let's go see what the digital world looks like!The first experience of entering the digital world: just enter the digital world you will be affected by the visual impact of 3D modeling, enjoy the handsome appearance of 100+ digital beasts and cool special effects, the transformation of the map scene so that the battle will not be boring, do not worry that you do not know how to play, we will have a guide for beginners!Tense battle: first we enter the main line of travel, put on the headset into the immersive combat experience! What? Do you want a variety of game experiences? Don't worry, we've got them all! In addition to the main line,..
Cut through the darkness and proudly bloom! The story with the sword girls "Miyaken" opens now-- Bishoujo swordplay action RPG "Tenka Hyakuken -Zan-"
Official game app of the anime! Wipe out all Titans in this real-time strategy!
◇◆◇Game Features◇◆◇■ Strategically deploy your troops in real-time to battle the Titans■ Over 50 Characters each with their own unique attacks and abilities■ Assemble the ultimate team and fight to survive■ Re-live the first season of Attack On Titan■ Stunning original art and voice performances■ Experience original stories not found in the anime or manga◇◆◇Story◇◆◇In a world where Titans control everything, humanity lives surrounded by 50-meter Walls. Protected from the Titans' wrath, humanity has found safety, at the cost of its freedom.A 10-year-old boy named Eren Jaeger dreams of one day seeing the outside world. His fellow villagers have given up trying to go beyond the Walls, content with the peace within. Dissatisfied with their complacency, Eren compares humanity's situation to cattle living in a pen.Everything changes, however, when the Colossal Titan appears and overcomes the Walls. It is then that Eren's dreams, and the peace humanity had enjoyed begin to crumble◇◆◇Characters◇◆◇■ Eren Jaeger (Voiced by Yuki Kaji)A boy who dreams of the world beyond the Walls, he entered the Cadet Corps in the hope of one day joining the..
First Touhou Project! Official smartphone rhythm game "Toho Danmaku Kagra" Gensokyo is born as many as the number of players.
▼ "Dunkag" is recommended for such people・ I'm looking for "Touhou" "sound game"・ Difficulty of music games for smartphones is too difficult, too easy・ I like to look at cute Hako Niwa・ I like to read "story"・ I like "beautiful" "barrage"・ I want to see illustrations of popular Touhou paintersThe story of "Gensokyo" that began with the collapseGensokyo-A place where youkai, demons, and spirits gather. The journey to find out the truth of the incident that the Gensokyo has collapsed begins!"PleaseCould you please restore this vacant Gensokyo? With your own hands."■ Hit that song and confront the boss !! Rhythm action part・ A large collection of popular Touhou arranged songs !!∟Bad Apple !! feat. Nomico (Alstroemeria Records)∟ Cirno's Perfect Sansu Class (IOSYS)∟Meisei Rocket (Kishida Kyodan & THE Meisei Rockets)∟Moon in the wind in Murakumo (Imperial satellite)Many other recordings!・ Simple operation of 3 types of notes-The auto and skip functions make it easy for people who are not good at rhythm games to play!・ Touhou Project original respect barrage production・ The original song of the Touhou Project is also implemented !!■..
※プレイ開始前に約1.8GBの追加ダウンロードが必要です。Wi-Fi環境をお奨めします。 ※お客様のデータ保全のため、ゲーム開始時にはアカウント連携が必要です。
「終わらない終末がはじまる」終末までの七日間を永遠に繰り返すマルチエンディングRPG◆選択で分岐するマルチエンディング展開!100万字を超えるシナリオ群は、プレイヤーの選択により分岐を行い七日後に必ずエンディングが訪れる!プレイしたシナリオの結果は全て記録され、プレイ実績として、エンディング結果を保存!◆シナリオを彩るキャラクター!豪華声優陣がキャラクターに命を吹き込む!個性豊かなキャラクター達が続々登場!各キャラクターとの個別エピソードを攻略して、アルバムCGをコンプリートしよう!キャラクターの身に纏う衣装は、染色と模様を変更可能!自分だけの衣装に染め上げよう!◆個性的なスキルでアクションバトル!各キャラクターの所有するオリジナル神器は、多彩なスキルを発動可能!最大3人のキャラクターを組み合わせて戦おう!キャラクターと敵には属性相性あり!有利な属性のキャラクターを出陣させて、バトルステージを攻略しよう!◆シナリオある日突如として現れた異界と通じる穴、黒門『ブラックゲート』黒門からは未知のモンスターが現れ、人々はその生活を脅かされていた。『神器』と呼ばれる専用の武器を扱う『神器使い』たち、そして、神器使いの強化、治療、覚醒といった類まれなサポート能力を持つ『指揮使い』は、境界線都市を守るため、日々戦いを繰り広げていた。数多くの神器使いたちと巡り合い、掛け替えのない仲間たちと協力しながら、やがて知ることになる。今直面しているモンスターの脅威以上に、得体の知れぬ暗雲がこの街に押し寄せている事を・・・公式アカウント▼公式サイトはこちら▼公式Twitterはこちら■お問い合わせご不明な点がございましたら、[email protected]までお問い合わせいただければ幸いです。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。■その他[推奨端末]Android4.4以上(RAM2.0GB以上)※一部端末を除きますダウンロードに時間がかかる場合がございます。Wi-Fi環境でのダウンロードをお奨めします。
【祝・4周年ありがとうございます!】 戦場を駆け抜け大将軍を目指せ! 大人気アニメ『キングダム』が贈る 超戦略的シミュレーションRPG
◇◆◇ストーリー◇◆◇時は紀元前、古代中国大陸には覇権を争って戦った七つの国々があった燕・斉・楚・趙・韓・魏そして大陸を制した秦である長きに渡って続く戦乱の世は綺羅星の如く数々の英傑たちを産み落とした◇◆◇キングダム-英雄の系譜- 内容◇◆◇【アニメの名シーンが満載】キングダムファン必見!王弟との戦い、対魏攻防戦などアニメに沿ったシナリオ展開会話シーンも再現!【臨場感のある戦場】戦略が勝負を左右する戦場マップ計略、援軍、挟撃武力と知力を駆使して戦を勝利に導け!【最強部隊をつくれ】戦場で倒した武将の説得や武将登用で隊を強化信、政、王騎、楊端和、李牧、蒙武時代を代表する英傑たちを配下に!【目指せ、中国統一】他国を攻めて領土を拡大全国のプレイヤーと戦い戦略的に中国統一を目指せ!【】自分の領地で施設を開発積極的に施設を開発して戦を有利に進めよう!春秋・戦国時代を生き抜く武将となり武勲をあげて大将軍を目指せ!!◇◆◇キングダム-英雄の系譜-キャラクター◇◆◇■信(CV:森田成一)本作の主人公秦国王"エイ政"と出会い政の剣となった少年戦場で武功を上げて天下の大将軍を目指す■政(CV:福山潤)秦国の大王弟が反乱を起こし、逃亡した際に信と出会う丞相の呂不韋相手に政争を繰り広げつつ中国統一を目指す■河了貂(CV:釘宮理恵)山民族の末えい身寄りがなく一人で生きてきた信と出会い、「軍師」になることを目指す■キョウカイ(CV:日笠陽子)飛信隊副将伝説の暗殺集団「蚩尤」の一族姉の復讐のため里をすて仇を探している■李牧(CV:森川智之)趙国三大天の一人に数えられる軍略家緻密な策を張り巡らし敵を打ち滅ぼす(c) 原泰久・集英社/NHK・NEP・ぴえろ(c) DeNA Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. /Developed by AXELMARK【サービス提供者】株式会社ディー・エヌ・エー 【対応機種】Android4以上 対応メモリ512MB以上 推奨※このアプリを利用するためには、Mobage(モバゲー)への会員登録およびログインが必要となります。
Roguraiku RPG which "Wonder dungeon" team gives. Pull out the favorite character with "Retaki" Gacha of "First Time Limited" Take me to the dungeon!
~DeNA×スパイク・チュンソフト~”不思議のダンジョン”チームがおくるスマートフォンで遊べる本格ダンジョン探索型RPG※2019年1月28日以降、新機能追加や不具合修正などのアップデート予定はございません。=ゲームの特徴===============■ランダム生成ダンジョン同じダンジョンは存在しない!マップをはじめ、アイテムやモンスターの配置も毎回違う。入る度に変化するダンジョンで繰り返し楽しめる。突如として発生する”モンスターハウス”にも注意!■ターン制バトルじっくりと考えられる戦略的なバトル!プレイヤーとモンスターが交互に行動。モンスターの行動を予測して次の一手を考えよう!■満腹度システムリソース管理が勝利の決め手!プレイヤーには満腹度があり、ゼロになると体力が減少。アイテムをうまく活用しながらダンジョンを攻略しよう!■シリアスなバトル倒れたらアイテム没収!全滅するとダンジョンで獲得したアイテムは全て没収。緊張感のあるダンジョン探索を楽しもう!■救助システム全滅してしまったら”救助申請”で全国のユーザーに助けを求めよう!救助が成功すると倒れた場所からコンティニュー可能!友達を誘って、フレンド登録で更に救助を活用しよう!=育成===================■キャラクターの成長キャラクターは経験値でレベルがあがっていく。全てのキャラクターが最高レアリティ(星6)まで進化可能!お気に入りのキャラクターを成長させよう!■パーティ編成・探索班:中衛マップ開示など、ダンジョン攻略に便利なスキルができる。・魔能班:後衛広範囲の敵に効果のあるスキルを使う事ができる。・戦闘班:前衛攻撃力が高く、少数の敵に対して高威力を出す事ができる。・屍人:前衛敵をゾンビ化させるなどの特殊能力を使う事ができる。など、キャラクターには特徴の異なる様々なクラスが存在。さらにダンジョン攻略に有利な属性も存在。自分なりのパーティ設定でダンジョンに挑戦!■クラフトシステムダンジョン内では様々な素材を手に入れることができる。ダンジョンから持ち帰った素材で強力な装備をクラフトしよう!=操作===================■スマートフォンに最適化された操作性タップで移動も戦闘も!通学、通勤中などの移動時間でも片手でらくらく操作。■オート機能も充実マニュアル、セミオート、フルオートなど自分好みに詳細設定が可能なAIと連動したオート機能を実装。戦略に合わせて、遊び方を自由に選択できる。=ストーリー================ある日、前触れなく訪れた平和な日常の終わり。偶然にも不思議な力を手に入れた少年は、仲間と共に、世界を弄ぶ何者かとの戦いに身を投じていく。そして、究極のサバイバル状態の中、少年たちは「生きる」ことの意味を知る。=キャラクター===============■天霧葵(CV:古川 慎)混乱の中で行方不明となった妹を探しながら、仲間たちと東京復興のために奔走する17歳の少年。■下妻桃(CV:早見 沙織)おっとりとしており、普段は争いを好まない性格だが、人を助けるためなら、毅然とした態度で行動を起こす。葵の同級生。■ヒヨ(CV:上坂 すみれ)スマホに融合して生まれた謎の存在。人語を解するため、意思の疎通が可能。性別不明だが、男勝りな口調が特徴。=その他==================▼お問い合わせご不明な点がございましたらDeNAゲームサポート事務局[email protected]までお問い合わせいただければ幸いです。どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。[推奨端末]■Android 4.4.4以上/RAM2G以上ダウンロードに時間がかかる場合がございます。Wi-Fi環境でのダウンロードをお奨めします。
Go live, stream, broadcast and video chat with new friends in live streaming
Introducing Pococha, the ultimate live streaming app that brings you the best live experience. Join our big community on Pococha and be part of the excitement as you go live, connect with friends, and share your unforgettable moments. Pococha is the go-to platform for all your live streaming needs, whether you're a casual streamer or a big live enthusiast. With Pococha, going live has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface and advanced broadcasting features make it a breeze to start your own live stream. Connect with your audience in real-time and engage with them through chat, creating a sense of community that sets Pococha apart. Our platform is built to accommodate a big community of streamers and viewers, fostering connections and friendships that extend beyond the screen. As part of our commitment to providing the best live experience, Pococha offers a variety of features that enhance your streaming sessions. Our top-notch broadcasting technology ensures high-quality video and audio streams, allowing you to captivate your audience with stunning visuals and crystal-clear sound. The Pococha camera is optimized for streaming, so you..
Official / successive FF series is a large set! Together with more than 170 characters in character Let's experience the excitement of your favorite FF
僕たちは知っている。すべての物語を……これは、懐かしくも新しいファイナルファンタジー偉大なる「物語の記憶」を巡る冒険が、今はじまる◇◆◇ゲーム紹介◇◆◇◆あの名シーンがフルリメイクされたドットで蘇る「炭鉱都市ナルシェ」「ミッドガル」「ザナルカンド」想い出の数々をFFRKオリジナルのドット映像としてフルリメイク「レコードダンジョン」で、夢中になったあの【物語の記憶】を呼び覚まそう◆FFキャラクター総登場セシル、クラウド、ティーダ、ノクティス、世界を救った主人公ーギルガメッシュ、サイファー、クジャ、葛藤と戦ってきた好敵手たちー個性豊かなキャラクターが200人以上登場「主人公」「ボス」「暁の戦士」「歴代シド」など、好みに応じて歴代FFのキャラクターから自由なパーティ編成を楽しもう◆原作ストーリーをバトルで追体験戦闘はシリーズお馴染みのアクティブタイムバトル「凶斬り」「爆裂拳」「メテオ」「バハムート」必殺技、アビリティ、召喚獣を駆使して、【戦いの記憶】を取り戻そう◆歴代BGMがここに集結FFの記憶を呼び起こす数々の名曲を収録新たに生まれ変わったFFRKオリジナルアレンジも多数登場します「音楽室」では、いつでも【音の記憶】に触れることが可能お気に入りの曲を設定し、FF世界を堪能しよう◇◆◇ストーリー◇◆◇【Episode1】魔法と芸術の調和により詠歌を誇るとある王国この国には代々語り継がれるひとつの言い伝えがあった偉大なる物語の「記憶」それこそが秩序と安定をもたらす王国は世界の安寧を守るべく、偉大なる「記憶」を「絵画」に封印したしかし、突如として「絵画」に封印された記憶が失われ世界に異変が起こる……【Episode2】異変から世界を守るべく偉大な【戦いの記憶】を追憶し、取り戻してきたデシ調査のなかで、未知の魔力を発する謎の絵画「崩壊画」を発見するそこに封じられていたのは、従来の絵画のような【戦いの記憶】ではなく、英雄たちの生き様が刻まれた偉大なる【物語の記憶】そのものだった……◇◆◇キャラクター◇◆◇野村哲也氏 描き下ろしのオリジナルキャラクター◆デシ師であるDr.モグの指示のもと、偉大な物語の「記憶」を取り戻すために戦う少年謎の少女ウララとともに、新たな追憶の戦いへと身を投じる◆ウララ「魔石の間」でデシたちに保護された少女過去の記憶を失っているが、不思議な力を持っている保護された当初は感情の起伏が少なかったが、デシたちと日々を過ごすうち、徐々に変化を見せ始める◆シャドウスミス「魔石の間」の事件でデシたちに協力した魔法省の高官さまざまな魔法と豊富な知識で、省内でも信奉者が多いデシやウララをサポートし、時に意味深な助言を与えることもある ■ご意見・ご要望・不具合のご報告はこちら■
The number of subscribers exceeded 50 million! Mobage everyone are playing (Mobage). Game of the topic also play in the all-you-can-CM!
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Pokémon Masters EX Game DOWNLOAD

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Honestly a really fun game, you don't have to pay to win, gameplay is smooth and easy, story is fun as well, just a great game overall and haven't had problems with crashes like everyone else. So yes, I would recommend if you like Pokémon :]


To be honest the game is very fun and I'm glad that they finally added Adaman into this game because he's my favorite character. But when you first start playing the battle mechanics can be a bit confusing. Other than that I recommend this game.


Great pokemon experience for a mobile game. I spent a little bit of money, although it isn't necessary. It has different difficulty levels to keep the grind fun. Beautiful pokemon styled graphics and addictive. I'm not a huge fan of certain items in game and evolution shards etc...I feel like that's the little tedious things to tempt you into spending irl money... so I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5... but no ads relatively simple mechanics, fun, and pretty.


I've wanted to play this for a long time but it was only available on iOS, now that I got the chance to play I've already finished the story in 3 days and I'm gonna keep playing for however long till I can get my favorite characters. I don't like spending money through in-game transactions but so far the app doesn't seem to force you to buying anything. Just extra quality of life materials but nothing too drastic. The gotcha game aspect is present but if you simply like the game you won't notice


The game accomplishes its intended purpose of putting the spotlight on the trainers of the Pokemon franchise, and has a good amount of depth in building teams to tackle battles, as well as strong options for F2P players to take advantage of. It has serious performance issues on certain device/OS combos, though, and is almost unplayable on a pixel 6a with Android 13 from my current experience.


Honestly its a really good game, I've played it so much its always nice to see the new stuff they add in updates. HOWEVER for some reason now everytime I try to download the new update the bar will reach like 30% and then drop back down to 0% for no reason. It literally makes the game unplayable and that sucks because I want to play this game since I really like it but I physically cannot because of this bug and is why I'm giving this game such a low rating. PLEASE FIX THIS


Game is good but from past few day it crashes between the battle. Sometimes didn't load on wifi (wifi network is good and other apps don't have any problem with network ) saying network error but it fine with mobile data . Its really irritating that the game crashes. Also please increase the price of buying extra egg incubator instead of using paid diamond


Been playing for almost 4 years, it can be fun if you pull the current character and the battle combinations from all gens is actually pretty good when building teams. But buying gems is a scam and unless you play everyday to get enough to pull the new character or character they rereleased every couple of weeks is a nightmare of you run out. Sometimes they run sales on gems that's like 14000 for 80 usd and still not get the character, so you just gave them 80 dollars for nothing.


I really like this game. Its a bit fast paced in my opinion, probably because I play it on the fastest speed, but it's really good. Some of the character models put me off because they look like they were ripped straight from their own games and they look weird when standing next to one's with models made for this game.


Gotta say this game has come along way. (Even though I'm replaying this game all because forgot to make save file when it first came out and used one of my friends devices'/gaming profile just play this since my phone was incompatible after one of the updates). It may have it's flaws and bugs on occasion, but it's still fun to play and it's interesting to see how the characters from other regions/games interact with each other. Well done Pokemon developers!😎🙌👏🔥


Fun game with frequent updates. Like many other gachas it can get grindy at end game but it's possible to be f2p and enjoy. I spend every month for the log in streak bonuses but prices made a pretty big jump in the last update so it seems I'll stop giving Dena money. It really wasn't even good value to begin with, but I liked the game enough to throw my money at them before the price hike.


As much as I like how interactive this game is, I am very disappointed of how extremely difficult it is to scout a new character in the game. Almost every time I scout for a new sync pair I end up getting one that I already have. I think it's very repetitive and unfair that there has been next to no chance of getting new characters in the game.


No PVP elements and simple gameplay, so the focus can be on building up your faves and using them. It's satisfying, and maxing them out is more than possible for free players. The characters are well-represented, and stories fun and interesting. Old Pairs are gradually getting updates to keep them up to date and they're generally good. Some content is restrictive with who you can realistically use, and the gameplay has a fair bit of RNG, but overall, it's very fun and I can recommend for fans.


This game crashed all the time for me. It would lag in battles and during interactions, sometimes even during stories. Crashing three times in a row mid battle is what made me uninstall it out of anger. I reinstall it and it refuses to link back to my Nintendo account, giving me an error saying it was unlinked. So the fact that I connected it to my account in the first place meant nothing, I guess. Extremely frustrated. Fix your game. I literally cannot play it.


Rating 2 stars because regardless of the enjoyment I got out of playing this, all my data is now gone. The game would not launch until I reinstalled it, but because I didn't see myself having to do this I never linked my Nintedo Account. After launching the game after the reinstall I found that I had lost all my data. This game connects to Google Play like most games on android, so why not back-up data through that as well? And why not make the Nintendo Account option more visable to players?


I have come back to play the game after a hiatus of 1+ years and re-downloaded the game on my new phone, and recently, the app started crashing a lot more than usual, in between battles and I have to join the app again and again. And everytime the app crashes in between a battle, I join back and have to do restart the battle from scratch


I used to play this game a lot but I got bored and deleted it. A couple days ago I re downloaded it but when it has to do the initial data download it will never finish. It gets to the last 317 mbs and will just keep restarting it when it get about half way. I have cleared the cache and re download all of it again and even re download the whole game and try again but it always does the exact same. This is a big problem I have seen many people online say they have as well.


The game is really fun the gatcha system is a little annoying at times when you really want someone so you save up to get them or even put money in to get them but you still might not get them so it's always a bit of a gamble but at least there is the failsafe where you can choose who to get if you dot get them in the first few times but yulou most likely won't get them to their strongest then


Love being able to see more of my favorite characters and battle with them. The real time combat threw me for a loop and I'm still getting used to it, but it's a fun change from turn-based combat. Hopefully more of my favorites will come to the trainer lounge soon!


I really enjoy this game. It's got great attention to detail, beautiful models, strategic gameplay and a variety of characters. The gacha is the same as usual, that even though they are pretty generous, it can be a struggle to get who you want. Especially needing a few duplicates to power them up further and access more power ups on the sync grid.