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If you’re trying to make sense of suspected symptoms, or you’ve already been diagnosed with endometriosis — you’re in the right place. Helping you get to a diagnosis faster, FrendoApp is your community, social network, health tracker and insight tool, all in one app.

With FrendoApp, you’re never far away from guidance and practical advice, including dealing with your symptoms, improving them and of course, maintaining your wellbeing.

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It seems so nice. But when I try to track anything it has many options I want but at the end of tracking doesn't connect the info. So nothing go's through even if I tried multiple times. Uninstalled and re-installed because it was worth trying again because period trackers are nice but don't have the endometriosis symptoms. What am I doing wrong? I'm frustrated. I just want to track things properly.
Hello! Thank you for giving us this info. We are trying to understand the exact issue so we can help - when you say it doesn't connect the info in particular, let's clarify. What should happen is, the tracked info should save & give you a summary in your Profile of pain/symptoms etc. Please do get in touch with us to help


Beautiful app, and the very detailed symptom tracking is extremely helpful!
Thank you so much - we love that you find it so helpful!


I love this app but I can't read the symptoms page since the options cover the symptoms 😭
So happy to hear you love the app! We have done an update and are about to do another so please do make sure to have the latest version. But we will keep checking to see if this issue arises. Thank you so much for the feedback


Good tracking app. It would be a 5 star but I get internal server errors alot when trying to save entries, which is annoying.
Eek we would LOVE 5 stars but 4 is just amazing thank you! Thanks so much for letting us know and the great feedback. Can you please make sure to do an update and if you are still having any issues do get in touch on


This app is amazing. I have only had it installed for a couple of days but I love it already. I can record so many things. It's the best endometriosis/period tracker I have ever tried
So happy you love the app and you feel you can record so many things! Thank you so much. Hope it continues to help you :-)


Just some feedback on a few things: The setup questionnaire doesn't have an option to indicate you've already been diagnosed with Endo and just want to track your symptoms. The questionnaire asks you some useful questions, but at the end, tells you that 'based on your results, you might have endometriosis, consult your GP'. Been there done that. Theres also some overlapping text, as well as no option to select more than one symptom of bleeding type (clotting + heavy bleed, for example).


This app is not suitable for those who do not bleed (there is just one slide box on one of the questions to say you don't bleed but then no continuity with that and no adaptations within the app for non-bleeders to use and follow) also not suitable for those with severe/complex endo, eg no options to insert specific pain under right ribs & no typing spaces either. This app does not accurately portray the true complexities of endo. Please make accessible to all endo patients.
Hi, Thank you. Let me help clarify here. There is an definitely an option to select period/not. There is also an option to add additional pain areas/types in free form. As a stage 4 endo sufferer myself I am so aware of the complexity of the disease & designed the tracker so it is the most extensive out there. We hope you will take another look.


Not enough gi symptons available for tracking.


Really useful app with great articles links and a tracker function. Should be shared widely.


Good idea and nearly good design. The text runs over eachother making things hard to read. Guessing a lot and it's quite glitchy when adding symptoms etc. Not sure if it's because they haven't made it fully accessible for non-iphone users but it does make it hard to use


Really useful tool with great content for anyone learning about this condition.


Helpful app for tracking symptoms and lots of useful information


Can't even see all the writing properly on the app.
Thanks for taking the time to review. Please update your app to the latest version and let us know on if you are still having this issue. Really hope you are now enjoying the app since the update!


Good that you won't sell our data!


Really helpful for anyone with Endo and anyone living with someone with Endo to help them understand


Really amazing app.


Dontuse thissite


Hi John, we'd love to understand a little more why you gave us 1 star. Please do get in touch with us on Thank you!


I tried to create an account and it says my email is invalid. I tried with two different email addresses and it says the same thing. I have double checked I have entered the information correctly but it just doesn't work.
Hi Jemma, so sorry to hear this! Please can you check there are no spaces in the text box before or after your email address? I see you were on an old version of the app, please do an update and do get in touch with us on if we can help in any way at all. Thanks so much for taking the time to send feedback