Earn diamonds for Fire easily and quickly. Choose the amount of diamonds, answer general questions, and enter your nickname to claim your rewards. Don’t wait any longer, get your diamonds now!


To shake, To increase, There will be harvested. Cannot turn backs, Voc-cines.
Welcome to my culture laboratory. Let's discover more than 200 kinds of "Wac-cin" by using the incubator. The experiment procedure is easy.The schale is chosen, the nutrient is poured, and "Wac-cin seed" is arranged. It grows up, the spore flies, and "Wac-cin" proliferates. You must shake the incubator so that a lot of spores may fly. Please shake it slowly so as not to damage "Wac-cin". ■Game IntroductionTwo years from delivery of early spin-off application program "Voc-cine Spheres" ・・・The long-awaited breeding game "Wac-cin" is finally completed.■Basic Play1)."Wac-cin seed" used for culture is chosen up to five. 2).The size of the schale is chosen, and it sets it in the incubator. 3).The kind of the nutrient is chosen, and it pours into the schale. 4)."Wac-cin seed" is set in the schale that the nutrient entered. 5).The culture experiment begins pushing the start button of the incubator. 6).To promote proliferation, let's shake the incubator. 7).A lot of points collect when "Wac-cin" is gathered. 8).Kept "Wac-cin seed" can be acquired by ending the culture experiment. 9).Culture ends if the end button of the..
Dress up as a raised prince and start the road to promotion!
真宫斗小游戏《熹妃试衣间》震撼上线!全新呈现步步惊心的宫斗生活,换装PK、邂逅蓝颜、培养皇子、冷宫系统、后宫生存,精彩玩法为你呈现不一样的宫廷生活。【趣味PK 快速升位】在后宫中,位份是最重要的!你会不断遇到种种挑衅,装饰好自己,用最美丽的装扮来一次精彩回击!势力值增加,步步升级,才能解锁更多权益~【皇子养成 趣味无限】生娃养娃,趣味无限,还能提高自己的势力值;玩家还可以掠夺别人的皇子,有概率获得高属性皇子,资质更高~【冷宫系统 权利无限】提升自己的位份,不仅有权利惩戒犯人,还能在冷宫中大赦天下,快来解救自己的好姐妹吧!【趣味答题 后宫生存攻略】在后宫中,到底该如何处事?后宫生存攻略中,教你全新的后宫生存技巧,让你脱颖而出~
The Caramelo dog wants to find some snacks! Help him find them.
🦮 WELCOME TO SWEET CARAMELOPuppy Caramelo wants your help to get some super tasty treats. Can you unlock all the sweets for this good boy?🦴 IT'S TIME FOR FUNCaramelo is dying to find his favorite treats and only you will be able to find them all for him. Keep reading to find out how!⚾ HOW TO PLAYFind a way to place the same colored candies side by side. Combining several together you create a super snack, which causes an explosion of flavors ~Caramelo liked this 🐶💰 PLAY AND EARN REAL MONEYChoose how you want to withdraw: playing or indicating! Check out the secrets to get a lot of points in Sweet Caramelo:1️⃣ Play and complete levels to accumulate points2️⃣ Sign up (+35 points);3️⃣ Use a referral code from a friend (+40 points);4️⃣ Participate in sponsor promotions and offers (+2 to +15 points).You can also receive REAL CASH for every 10 valid referrals you bring into the game with your code. For an indication to be valid it must:1️⃣ Use your code correctly;2️⃣ Register;3️⃣ Play up to level 10.The more coins..
FreeCell King, a classic and popular card-game with new funny elements!
If you like playing interesting puzzle card games, FreeCell King is the best choice for you!FreeCell King is designed specially for Android! Now you can play FreeCell King in anywhere you want, such as subway, plane or basement!How to play❓:-Create four stacks of 13 cards, one per suit. Each stack must be created from ace to king.-FeeCell only use one deck of 52 cards, all face-up and arranged into 8 groups.-Build the four stacks by using these 8 groups💥:The upper-left corner is four free cells, which is used to temporarily store cards while playingThe upper-right corner is the four stacks, which is used store required cards to win.Features🌟:♠️Auto-save game in play♥️Feature to Undo moves♣️Feature to use Hints♦️Available Anytime♠️Unlimited revocation and prompts♥️Classic solitaire gameplay♣️Timer and Moves counter♦️Single player card gameNow download the FreeCell King for free and train your brain while having fun!😊
But he's just one man!!
You versus hundreds of bad guys? But you're just one man!Tap right when the opponent is on your right. Tap left when the opponent is on your left. Tap the wrong side or tap too slow and it might just be Game Over!How long can you stay standing?How long can you keep trying?OneMan is a high intensity beat'em up game with hyper-casual ease-of-play. It's the ultimate time-killer!
Create your chibi in Pocket Chibi, the ultimate anime dress up Chibi Maker game!
★ Welcome to Pocket Chibi ★The ultimate Chibi Maker app! Create your own anime styled chibi characters and dress up in your favorite fashion outfits! Choose from thousands of clothes, hairstyles, hats, weapons and much more! After designing your characters, enter the Studio and create any scene you can imagine! As a chibi creator, you can place your chibi anywhere on the screen, strike up your favorite pose, and add text bubbles with your own messages!Choose from a hundred backgrounds to create the perfect scene! For even more fun, add pets, props, and special effects to your scene to create endless story possibilities! Make epic battle scenes with any character you can imagine! Join the Chat to use your chibi avatar and talk with other players across the world! Grab your favorite clothes from the closet, and go play Pocket Chibi!«Game Features»★ Dress up your chibi with the latest anime fashion! Mix and match thousands of clothes, weapons, hats, and more! You are the ultimate creator!★ Customize your chibi! Change your hairstyle, eyes, mouth, and more!★ Create your own scenes..
コタツに集まる猫たちを、めくって見つけてコレクションしよう! 時間をおいてから訪れれば新しい猫に出会えるかも? せわしくない、のんびりゆったり推奨の猫アプリ。
2018年も始まりはや2月!2月といえばバレンタインシーズン!ファンシーで甘い雰囲気に誘われて、新しいねこ(?)たちも姿を現した。さぁ、新しいねこを探しにコタツを覗き込んでみよう!個性豊かなねこ達が、あなたを癒してくれるよ。ねこ達は、思い思いのポーズと場所で、あなたと出会うのを待っている!さあ、あなたは何匹のねこに出会うことができるかな?※期間限定で出現率が高かったねこです。通常時でも、とても低い確率で出現いたします。■遊び方1:しばらく時間をおいてからコタツをめくる。2:飛び出すネコに癒される!3:見つけたネコは「ずかん」に記録される!う~ん超お手軽(`・ω・)v今後も色々なネコや要素を追加していく予定なので、好みのネコが追加されるのを、ぜひお楽しみに!!■音素材提供・DOVA-SYNDROME・効果音ラボ 様
Friv Games - Gamebox Offline - Friv 5
Thanks to Games Score, you will no longer need to constantly download games to your smartphone. Lots of free offline games are waiting for you.With a single game thanks to the game score applicationYou will have hundreds of games. With this game box, boys games, action games, war games, brain games, car games, racing games, girl games, adventure games, skill games, friv, online games, gun gamesWe offer you games in many categories such as.We have set some of the games in the Games Score application as offline games. You can open these games when there is no wifi connection and play without getting bored. If you have internet, dozens of html5 games, mind games, girl games for girls, single player games, cooking games, and educational games for all ages are played here online and offline.There are trending games in the game box we have prepared.Weekly and daily new games will be added in the game box.Friv is provided 100% free of charge.You can have fun with Oyunlarskor.You can play 2 player games with your friend or sibling in the game..
Help Mama cat save her kittens trapped in the tree!
Bubble Shooter kitten rescue is a fun addictive casual game with hundreds of fun challenging puzzles, join others now in the best free bubble shooter game ever!Help mama cat save her kittens stuck in the tree by shooting bubbles to match colors and clear their path.Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble match 3 game. Pop, tap and tilt your way through hundreds of addictive bubble puzzles with excitement and packed with adventure!Features:- Hundreds of magic levels to complete! And more puzzles are coming soon.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master- 4 Special Boosters help you get high score.- Pop bubble with extension line.- Bubble pop with lightning bubble.How to Play bubble game:1.Tap where you want to pop bubble2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst3.Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up, and try to get 3 stars on each level.4.Pop bubbles to save kittens stuck on the tree to clear each level.5.Bubble pop when hitting a fireball bubble.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get you extra points as bonus!*Bubble Shooter is a free..
Spray The Wall
Try how it feel to paint with spray on diffrent walls in 3D room. The rule of the game is simple, manipulating with spray you have to as accurately as possible reproduce the graffiti on the walls painted with faded color. When you finish to paint you have to select 'finish' button and the game will calculate the score – how much of your painting is similar to template, and depending on it you will be qualified to the next level.In addition to the ordinary game mode there is also available 'Free Hand' mode in which you can freely choose the type of walls, and using spray paint whatever you want. In this mode you can at any time save your current project to file, and load it later, or send it to someone else (so others can load and explore your work in 3D spce). Of course at any time (int normal and 'Free Hand' mode) you can save screenshot to image file.The game has: 10 paint colors, 2 size of spray, 17 different kinds of wallsNote! The game..
Earn diamonds in Fire. Answer questions, enter your nick, and you're set!
Earn diamonds for Fire easily and quickly. Choose the amount of diamonds, answer general questions, and enter your nickname to claim your rewards. Don't wait any longer, get your diamonds now!
Play and win diamonds fire!
Answer the questions correctly, Open the chest and find random diamonds!1000 diamonds3000 diamonds5000 diamondsPlay and win diamonds!


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