- Fixed crashes;
- Added new achievements;

- Added survival game mode;

Rabbit Hole Game SCREENSHOT

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Rabbit Hole Game DESCRIPTION

These rabbits attacking your garden! Protect it! Save it from the fluffy criminals!

Rabbit Hole” – game, where you need hit rabbits when they lean out of the hole.

How to play:
ൠ Hit fast, fast as you can, but be careful: it is rabbit or rabbit-bomb?
ൠ Hit rabbit with buff, this help you win this war ㋛

➜ Dynamic environment
➜ 2 game modes
➜ 5 kinds of rabbit
➜ Simple interface
➜ More fun

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By Dmitry.

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Rabbits attacking your garden! Save it from the fluffy criminals!
These rabbits attacking your garden! Protect it! Save it from the fluffy criminals! "Rabbit Hole"game, where you need hit rabbits when they lean out of the hole.How to play:ൠ Hit fast, fast as you can, but be careful: it is rabbit or rabbit-bomb?ൠ Hit rabbit with buff, this help you win this war ㋛Features:➜ Dynamic environment➜ 2 game modes➜ 5 kinds of rabbit➜ Simple interface➜ More funSend your questions and suggestions to email [email protected] Dmitry.

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