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POCKET Fighter [English Game DESCRIPTION

Power Of Chosen Knights Eternal Tournament! POCKET!

Language Ver. English/Korean
(言語を追加する予定 / Langues à ajouter / Idiomas a agregar / Sprachen, die hinzugefügt werden sollen / Idiomas a serem adicionados / Lingue da aggiungere)

■ POCKET Fighter
There’s a rumor that they’re looking for the strongest in a competition called POCKET!
Prepare for intense battles to prove your strength in the legendary POCKET tournament!
Train your knights to conquer opponents and rise to the top of POCKET!

■ Fostering the powerhouses of POCKET!
Train slowly and build up your combat power!
If you gain experience day by day, you can close the gap.

■ You and I call you the same name? There’s only one thing for real!
Prove your strength and earn the title of the ultimate warrior in the world!
Fight and win and get a title for the real strong and show your existence!

■ Crew formed to become the dominant force!
Build your own reputation and form a crew!
Recruit high-profile contestants. This is a shortcut to power!

■ One unpredictable shot!
There is no absolute strongman. Please avoid it and return the attack!
You can turn the tables with choices and predictions!

■ The different stories hidden in the POCKET
There is a hidden story of each of the POCKET and the strong.
If you’re curious about the details, please refer to the official community!!

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これは本当にあった珍回答を答える新感覚クイズアプリです!正しい答えではなく、あえて珍回答をしてください。子供たちの柔軟な発想にアナタはついていけますか!?■遊び方①問題を読む②どんな珍回答だったのかを考える③選択肢を選んで空欄を埋める④正解すると次の問題に進む■BGM/SE・DOVA-SYNDROME 様・効果音ラボ 様■動画配信者の方へ使用許可の確認は不要です。動画内での紹介等はご自由にどうぞ!
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Power Of Chosen Knights Eternal Tournament! POCKET!Language Ver. English/Korean(言語を追加する予定 / Langues à ajouter / Idiomas a agregar / Sprachen, die hinzugefügt werden sollen / Idiomas a serem adicionados / Lingue da aggiungere)■ POCKET FighterThere's a rumor that they're looking for the strongest in a competition called POCKET!Prepare for intense battles to prove your strength in the legendary POCKET tournament!Train your knights to conquer opponents and rise to the top of POCKET!■ Fostering the powerhouses of POCKET!Train slowly and build up your combat power!If you gain experience day by day, you can close the gap.■ You and I call you the same name? There's only one thing for real!Prove your strength and earn the title of the ultimate warrior in the world!Fight and win and get a title for the real strong and show your existence!■ Crew formed to become the dominant force!Build your own reputation and form a crew!Recruit high-profile contestants. This is a shortcut to power!■ One unpredictable shot!There is no absolute strongman. Please avoid it and return the attack!You can turn the tables with choices and predictions!■ The..

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