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Hockey All Stars 24 Game DESCRIPTION

Hockey All Stars returns with an avalanche of excitement! Immerse yourself in the world of fast-paced Hockey action, now with more realistic visuals and dynamic game modes. Deke, slapshot, and brawl your way to victory!

Craft your own world-class Hockey team. Customize your franchise with a jaw-dropping team jersey and logo, upgrade your arena and then hit the ice to showcase your skills and dominate the competition.

Develop your team by collecting and training players, going from raw talent to mega stars, to elevate your Hockey franchise to legendary status. Refine your strategy and shine in the heart-pounding All Stars League.

Take the thrill to the next level in Club Mode! Connect with other Hockey fans, compete globally against other clubs, and ascend the leaderboards to claim your spot at the pinnacle of Hockey greatness.

Gear up for the ultimate showdown in the expanded Playoffs Mode! Face-off against powerhouse teams such as Los Angeles, Minnesota and New York. It’ll be a wild ride. Do you have what it takes to bring home the Playoffs Trophy?

Experience the Winter Games spirit as you rally behind your favorite International team, cheering for your beloved team in every heart-stopping match.

Whether you’re wanting to build your own franchise, win the Playoffs or dominate the Winter Games – Now’s the time to download Hockey All Stars 24 and forge your own Hockey legacy.

– Build your own Hockey franchise.
– Design your team’s iconic kit and logo, reflecting your unique style.
– Witness stunning graphics and realistic player visuals like never before.
– Test your skills against Hockey All Stars worldwide.
– Face off against the biggest teams from the East, West, and Europe in thrilling Playoffs Mode.
– Immerse yourself in the Winter Games tournament.

…And much more!

This game is free-to-play but includes optional in-app purchases that may be bought with real money.


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Build your own team, dominate playoffs and embrace the Winter Games!
Hockey All Stars returns with an avalanche of excitement! Immerse yourself in the world of fast-paced Hockey action, now with more realistic visuals and dynamic game modes. Deke, slapshot, and brawl your way to victory!Craft your own world-class Hockey team. Customize your franchise with a jaw-dropping team jersey and logo, upgrade your arena and then hit the ice to showcase your skills and dominate the competition.Develop your team by collecting and training players, going from raw talent to mega stars, to elevate your Hockey franchise to legendary status. Refine your strategy and shine in the heart-pounding All Stars League.Take the thrill to the next level in Club Mode! Connect with other Hockey fans, compete globally against other clubs, and ascend the leaderboards to claim your spot at the pinnacle of Hockey greatness.Gear up for the ultimate showdown in the expanded Playoffs Mode! Face-off against powerhouse teams such as Los Angeles, Minnesota and New York. It'll be a wild ride. Do you have what it takes to bring home the Playoffs Trophy?Experience the Winter Games spirit as you rally behind your..
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Experience the power of Rugby. Score epic tries and dominate the Rugby World!
Dive into the heart-pounding action of Rugby Union with Rugby Nations 24! Fight every ruck, contest every catch, push with all your might at the maul, run for the line and score that cup winning try.Now with new stadiums, game modes and enhanced game-play. Passes are quicker, kicks can be chained together and loose balls are enthusiastically chased down allowing you to score even more spectacular tries. Combined with contested ball catches, new unique AI opponent play styles and a raft of other improvements Rugby has never felt so good.Download Rugby Nations 24 for FREE now and experience Rugby like never before!NEW STADIUMSExperience the thrill of playing in Argentina, South Africa, and Italy with our brand new Rugby Stadiums! Join the incredible line-up of meticulously designed environments and feel right at home wherever you compete.NEW WAYS TO PLAYIgnite your competitive spirit by mastering adrenaline-pumping Rugby moves like diving for the ball and intercepting airborne passes to seize the advantage!NEW GAME MODEGet ready for the ultimate clash between the powerhouse teams of the Southern Hemisphere in the highly requested Four Nations..
Fast and Fun Cricket. Are you ready to become a Cricketing Megastar?
Cricket Megastar puts you in the pads of a rookie batsman trying to make it big as a professional Cricket player. Do you have the talent to progress through the ranks of playing for a county team right through to playing for your country – to become the ultimate Cricket Megastar! Create your player, play your best cricket and get noticed by the biggest teams in World Cricket.With easy pick-up-and-play swipe controls, story led levels and accessible game-play this is a Cricket game that everyone can play, without the demands of a 5-day test series.If you're looking for a fast, fun and free Cricket game then look no further.So, are you ready to BECOME A MEGASTAR?!❤️🏏FEATURES⭑ Fast and FunThis is not your usual Cricket game. Hit the ball for six with a simple swipe of your device's screen.⭑ Personal JourneyCreate your player, give them a name and build your career towards International stardom.⭑ Worldwide Cricket GroundsPlay in cricket grounds from around the World, from small county grounds right up to the biggest stadiums in England, India and Australia. ⭑ Story..

Hockey All Stars 24 Game DOWNLOAD

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FINALLY left handed skaters. However I shouldn't have to be dumping money into the game every week for energy bars. Either make it a pay to access, a one time unlimited energy purchase, or anything else that doesn't make it complicated or restricting. Cmon.


I would rate a 5 but there's a few changes that would make the game experience much better #1 you can chat with your club or at least be able to send them mail. #2 would be great if the playoffs and winter games had their own stamina for each event #3 if vip was 14.99$ a month. Update 11/07/23 going to quit the game because I can't communicate a winning strategy with my club members for club vs club battles which should be a right for that feature. Plus the game is rigged.


Nice game but you should be able to buy cards/packs with pucks and cash. Just with cash make it like $6,000 for bronze and $8,000 for Silver then $10,000 for gold 🥇 please don't make it impossible to get packs of card. ( It's not always about money it's about getting people hooked on your game)


Great game and a good improvement from their previous version. Would definitely give 5 stars but there's a weird glitch recently where both my power play and penalty kill lines don't get put in the game on penalties just some weird assembly of random players from my team. Would definitely give 5 stars if this issue is resolved.


It's a great game if it doesn't crash, it keeps crashing on me and each time it takes an energy bottle or whatever other than that the times it doesn't crash it's a lot of fun. I love the more in depth customizing and the ability to deke however they got to fix the crashing because now they owe me an energy bottle


The game is Awesome! They added logos, can name your team whatever you want, start fights, and there's a women's hockey league too. I highly recommend this game if you are a hockey fan. But to the creator of the game after it said give us a rating to help us improve our game, for me I would say at a start fight button because sometimes I really like hockey fights so can you please add that? And can you make a practice mode for our teams please? Thank you so much for this awesome game anyway!


Excellent Hockey Game🏒 and many thanks to Devs for keeping Hockey alive especially on mobile! This game is awesome, visually stunning, plays and feels great not to mention I can finally start fights which is fantastic! But, it's not perfect and needs some improvement -- I've won all cpu matches so far so its a bit easy, please add difficulty levels or increase it, also allow the period time to be adjusted, it feels too short! Sadly there's way too many ads too. Fix that and its 5🌟!


Better In Some Ways. Game play and graphics are vastly improved. Fighting is welcome but I am not sure why only I can choose to fight or not; the other player can't initiate a fight. The energy system needs to be changed and I liked the previous method of training players (this version does give you much more options.). Overall, it is an improvement, but it could be tweaked. No complaints.


Amazing game. Fights, crowd, full stadium, mascot, realism. Just one thing, remove energy. It makes you wait over 39 min, just to play again. Making me not want to play it.


Good step up from previous version. Dekes are a little wonky, and I wish there was a way to adjust the game time/clock, but overall an improvement and I didn't hate the first one.


Game issue with Everytime I go to start a game it kicks me out on the loading screen like it won't let me play a game at all needs to be fixed to where it can be played offline as well and where the game won't kick you out of it.


I like the game and graphics and the different choices of games which is competitive The only problem is that when I go out of the game for a while and come back I lose all my progress and have to restart the game


4 stars because so far this is BEYOND easy for me compared to the first game. Scoring double and I just started. Never being scored on. When will it become challenging? The last game never really became challenging in terms of being scored on either


Love this game! I do think a few things could be better though. First of all, I think that it takes too long for the goalie to freeze the puck. I also think that the length of the games should be optional, because I want to be able to play for longer. Another thing is that the energy system is kinda lame. If yall could fix this stuff, that would be great. Also how do I fight?


The previous version was already amazing but this is just perfect, improved animations, cutacenes feel more immersive, the offside warning and the referee that follows you around make it feel way more immersive. Gameplay also is way smoother now and the fights are an amazing addition. The new models are a perfect balance between performance and quality.


Better than NHL 24!? This game is very fun and addicting. Very in depth which is good. I hope player names can resemble real time players at some point but again I'm really enjoying this game. Only thing is the energy its kind of limiting in terms of play time. If you all can make the subscriptipn monthly instead of weekly I'm sure many others would consider purchasing.


Decent game but it's a shame I can't import my team from the last version after years of loyalty. Game play is ok. There is no speed boost anymore and only one camera view. The player cards are too small to read the bench players which is why I gave it a lower rating. It is a beautiful game. Added fighting but unfortunately removed the speed boost. Overall this will be the best hockey game on the market. Just like the last version.


REALLLLY dislike the energy system.. as you only get 1 little bar every 30 minutes and some games appear to take all 3 bars (you get 3 whole bottles, with 3 bars in each bottle) so it's really frustrating having fun and playing some good games and then having to stop to wait for a while before you can even play anymore! UNLESS YOU PAY FOR MORE ENERGY, OR WATCH AN AD TO REGAIN 1 LITTLE BAR. Super disappointed, because the rest of the game is a major improvement on the old one.


They've VASTLY improved the old game with better graphics, a new deking system, fighting, the ability to pick a goal horn for your club, and more. It's impressive how much they improved this game!


Graphics look really good compared to the earlier game. The deke function is clunky and not intuitive, but it may just be a question of familiarity with the function. So far looks great and a nice but subtle change is adding left handed players. The earlier game did not have them and makes plays more strategic and calculated based on to which hand you are passing.