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Mystical Riddles Episode 1 f2p Game DESCRIPTION

We’re in for a nasty weather…and rather unpleasant circumstances for visiting a peaceful town. Thrilling investigation “Ship From Beyond” from the “Mystical Riddles Season 1” detective adventure games series invites you to plunge into the mystery fog and save innocent people from evil forces! Leading this investigation you will seek and find hidden objects on the enigmatic old ship, solve brain teasers and logic puzzles. You will need to make some hard choices to save fishermen from the loss of their soul, better think twice before making a decision that could affect other lives! Detective quest by Domini Games will delight you with interesting criminal case and it’s also completely f2p!

A strange oily fog has covered the waterfront of port town Quietcape, where local fishermen sail never to return again. The sea harbors many mysteries not meant for human eyes. Never-before-seen phenomenon catches the attention of the local lighthouse keeper. Together with him, you reach the last point where radar sensors picked up the signal of the missing men, which leads you to a huge cruise ship that should not exist! What does the enormous old hull of “Hope” hide from the rest of the world? Only one way to find out!

🧩 Explore the old ship!
Dive into the mysterious events and figure out who is capable of kidnappings of fishermen! Are you brave enough to dig up the ship’s true past? While playing a detective adventure quest you will meet some unexpected characters with their unique mystery stories and only you decide how to help them!

🧩 Your own choices!
You have the opportunity to choose the character’s phrases for a particular action and influence the plot of the seek and find adventure quest. Head to a quaint little seaport town at the behest of an old friend to find out what its dark blue waters holds! Don’t forget that your choice defines not only the course of this spine-chilling criminal case investigation but the destiny of the small coastal town!

🧩 A variety of achievements!
Conduct your own investigation solving intricate logic puzzles, challenging brain teasers and playing various mini-games. Explore multiple picturesque locations for hidden objects, seek and find mysteries and secrets to earn achievements and highlight your success as a real detective!

🧩 Secrets and mysteries!
A new episode of the detective adventure games is full of mysterious locations filled with hidden objects and clue games that will help you solve the criminal case! Search the old ship for brain teasers and solve mystical puzzles to fully immerse yourself in a detective role!

Play the detective quest for free, but if you feel stuck or don’t want to solve puzzles, you may buy hints that will help you proceed quicker!

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Had to stop is not playable. A lot of things do not respond when you tap on them. It makes playing impossible.


I am obsessed with this game
Hello! Thank you for your nice words! We appreciate your support and will work harder on our puzzle adventure games to please you.


I really wanted to like this, it sounds really fun. But I can't even get the game to open. I'll definitely change this if I get to play.
Hello! Thank you for the review. Here's an instruction that could help in this situation: 1. Try restarting your app. 2. Try restarting your device and re-entering the game. 3. Make sure your device's OS is updated to the latest version. 4. Make sure that your game is updated to the latest version. 5. Try clearing cache.


Uninstalled after the boring, impossible balancing mini-game at the very beginning. The opposite of fun.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Could you kindly tell us more about the issue you are facing at Our agents will be happy to help!


As Jenny Parsonsons comment. No logic or flow to the story and puzzles. Very random and you have to be ver specific on touch. Could be much better.
Hello! Thank you for sharing your opinion on our hidden object adventure game! We always work on the optimization of our puzzle games, and your opinion is valuable for our team. We'll share your comments with our development team, and they will take them into account in the future. We wish you an enjoyable time!


I thought the lost lands was a great series this is awesome 👍
Hello! Thank you for your kind words! We work hard to meet the expectations of players like you, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark!


Beautiful, as usual, with an interesting storyline. The ending was abrupt and odd - I'm assuming there's more to the story I'm subsequent episodes - and I absolutely hated the puzzle with the crab and seahorse as well as the dinghy trip at the end. The instructions were vague and the controls were sticky.
Hello! Thank you for sharing your opinion on our hidden object adventure game! We always work on the optimization of our puzzle games, and your opinion is valuable for our team. We'll share your comments with our development team, and they will take them into account in the future. We wish you an enjoyable time!


Like this story very much....
Hello! Thank you. We are happy to know you like it. Please check out our other hidden object puzzle games.


I actually really like this game! Yes, it's dropped one star because the occasional puzzle is a bit random, but I've just passed the '10 mini games without skipping' award at the first prompt to review, so not too hard at all. Some of the puzzles are really great and challenging, and the story and graphics are fab. I guess it depends how much time and patience you have 😅. Well done, guys... it's a thumbs up from me! 😁
Hello! We’re grateful for your feedback! We’re pleased that you enjoy our hidden object mystery game. It’s important for us!


I was doing the piano puzzle, and it just wouldn't play for some odd reason. I play A LOT of your games, and I never have a problem, but this one was diff
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very nice i love it
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We're glad that you like our hidden object game. With your support, we can make more breathtaking adventure puzzle quests in the future.


I found the game to be frustrating but what got me to uninstall it after paying for it was the fact that the game play was affected by how much you pay.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. This hidden object adventure game is free to play, and you can finish the main storyline without purchasing coins for hints by watching ads.


why did it suddenly just end?? and where's the next part
Hello! The Mystical Riddles 3 series on mobile uses a new format and is separated into multiple episodes. That is why it is shorter than the other games. New episodes come our regularly!


Nice short games. Its free.
Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We’re so glad you had a good experience with our hidden object adventure game. It means the world to us.


The restart on the games don't work but overall a good game
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Very boring and over in 30 minutes, whys is there 3 separate games from this developer that has the same title? 'Mysical riddles 1' ?
Hello! This is the next chapter in the series of games called Mystical Riddles. The first two games are in a Full Length format, whereas the third part is separated into short episodes. Thank you for your feedback about our hidden object mystery game!


Suoet Short and the puzzles were meh
Hello! It's unfortunate you didn't like our hidden object game. We will pass your feedback to our developers for future consideration. Thank you for the review!


I get tired of mini games that progressively become impossible meaning in order to finish you have to buy something. I'm on the boat in the water that is supposed to dodge the rocks and it's impossible because the boat won't go where I ask it to. In fact it has gone exactly the opposite direction so the game is impossible. Guess I'm just going to uninstall. I really don't like that.
Hello! Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you encountered this issue while playing our hidden object adventure game. Please share it with our specialists at and try to include as much detail as possible. We appreciate your help in making our mystery puzzle quest better.


this game is great, best graphics, specialy i loved extra horror effects i have to choose option for 30 coins and i think 30 coins are alot 10coins are enough but i watched adds and got 30coins in about 15mins other than this it was best game
Hello! Thank you for your nice words! We appreciate your support and will work harder on our puzzle adventure games to please you.


I'm a fan of this type of game, but this one ...not so much. The puzzles are sloppy and way too touchy, some make no sense, and some are just bad. There are no clear indicators of anything and it's just frustrating. I'm just not playing anymore. I'm only on the ship? And after the AWEFUL hole cross and horrid piano, the 3 "puzzles" with seemingly nothing else I can find, I'm done. No Thanks. Too many well done games in this genre to play instead
Hello! Thank you for providing your valuable feedback about our hidden object mystery game. Please reach out to us at, if you need help with a mini-game or have other suggestions.