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Dont Forget The Weather App DESCRIPTION

Dont Forget The Weather is a simple fast weather app that focuses on hourly forecasts at a glance.

View hourly weather forecast for:

– Cloud Coverage Percentage
– Precipitation Chance Percentage Forecast
– Temperate Forecast
– Feels Like Temperature Forecast
– Wind Forecast
– Wind Gust Forecast
– Rain Accumulation Forecast
– Snow Accumulation Forecast
– Snow Depth Forecast

Don’t Forget The Weather, download now!

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Get Accurate Weather Forecast for Android, Hourly & Daily Weather Live Alerts.
A Live weather forecast & radar app is a powerful tool that provides users with real-time weather Forecast data. It uses various data sources, such as GPS, to provide accurate weather and up-to-date information on the current weather conditions in your area. The Live Weather app has a sleek and user-friendly design, making it easy to navigate. The main screen shows the current weather update for your location, complete with an animated background that changes to reflect the current weather. You can also view the Weather forecast for the next few days, see Weather radar and satellite maps, or check out weather Live updates in other parts of the world. This accurate weather app also provides 7 day weather forecast with rain radar7 day Weather Forecast:-This is the most accurate weather app for tracking the weather for the next seven days. The weather live app gives you a detailed forecast for each day, including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, rain prediction and more. Weather Radar & Storm Radar: -The Live weather forecast & radar app is the perfect tool for keeping..
The latest weather outlook direct from NOAA.
global storms pro presents the latest weather and imagery from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Included is the latest weather for the Atlantic and Pacific oceans; animated satellite views of the entire world; images from the Environmental Visualization Laboratory; marine information from the NDBC; the worldwide ultraviolet index; the latest US severe weather alerts and weather radar. The content can be shared by email and on any social media installed on the deviceData is courtesy of NOAA, NASA and other sources where indicated.
Indian Weather Condition, Forecasts, Cloud Maps, Rainfall Maps
This is a Gujarati version of Mausam app that gives weather condition report for your area and brings different types of weather information via many weather maps of India."A picture is worth a thousand words". A complex weather data can be conveyed easily with an image map. By observing the Cloud formations around your City, you can easily predict whether the day is going to be Hot or Rainy/Cloudy.It is very well equipped with data caching capabilities and will never download duplicate data from the server. The downloaded weather maps will stored locally and can accessed offline.This application fetches the weather maps directly from Official Indian Government webpage for "satellite Images & Products". URL: map data will get refreshed on the server for every 30 mins.You can find maps below:North-West sectorNorth-East sectorSouth-West sectorSouth-East sectorRAINFALL-Half-HourlyRAINFALL-DailyRAINFALL-WeeklyRAINFALL-MonthlyRAINFALL-Season
Nuts Weather, your ideal choice for knowing weather forecast & weather radar
Weather Forecast & Local RadarNuts Weather is a useful weather tool for both rural and urban life. Nut weather provides more weather information to grasp the weather in real-time and predict the future weather, allowing you to better arrange your plans. Whether you need to take a plane, drive a car to travel, or go fishing, barbecue, open our application, you can see at once if your activity can be carried out. ☀️ Main Features ☀️ All Weather Info Offer Temperature, windy info, humidity, visibility, rain precipitation☂️ Full Weather Report 72-hour & 14-day weather forecast, hourly weather, daily weather & live weather🌁 Global Weather Radar & Doppler Radar Check local weather circumstance live and take precautions against severe weather, earthquakes, typhoon⛅️ Prompt Weather Alarm Inform you about severe weather like heavy rain, typhoon and remind you to bring an umbrella or jacket☔ Background Changeable According to real time weather, User friendly and comfortable civil design❄️ Health & Daily Life Index Sunrise and sunset, air quality, UV index🌟 Replaceable weather data sources 4 sources of weather info: AccuWeather, Weather Bit, World..
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WarnWetter App, DWD National Meteorological Service of GermanyThe WarnWetter App offers the following functions (in the free version):• Current warning situation for Germany down to municipal level• Favorites function for on-site (GPS required) and selected locations• detailed information on the warning situation• configurable warning elements and warning levels• configurable alarm function (push)• Social media sharing function for sharing information from the WarnWetter App e.g. via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.• Warnings about natural hazards (floods, storm surges and avalanches).• Predicted trajectories of thunderstorm cells.• Coast warnings and lake warnings for Bavarian lake and Lake Constance.• Video information in case of severe weather situations.• Features such as configurable widgets, different wind speed units, light/dark design, etc.• Customizable start page for your favorite productsFor a one-time fee (in-app purchase) the WarnWetter App can be expanded to a full version including the following functions:• Map function to display the current weather situation and a forecast up to 7 days in advance.• Precipitation differentiated into rain, snow, sleet and hail (radar, model forecasts).• Clouds (satellite data, model forecasts).• Lightning (lightning location, forecasts).• Wind (model forecasts).•..
Get hilariously twisted weather forecasts from a snarky A.I.
CARROT Weather is a crazy-powerful weather app that delivers hilariously twisted forecasts.Accurate and DetailedForeca’s eerily accurate weather data gives you quick access to your current, hourly, and daily forecasts. Or just tap anywhere for more meteorological goodness. Overflowing with PersonalityFrom spooky fog to torrential downpours, CARROT’s dialogue and scenery change in… “unexpected” ways. You’ll actually be looking forward to a blizzard just to see what CARROT has in store for you!Time Travel (Premium Club only)View the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past or 10 years in the future! (Disclaimer: DeLorean not included.)Widget (Premium Club only)Add the customizable widget to your home screen so you can see what awful weather CARROT's sent your way without having to open the app.Secret LocationsFollow clues to hunt down 32 secret locationslike the Moon, the Pyramids, and Chernobyl.Features:• Beautifully minimalist weather app• Foreca’s super accurate weather data• Customizable widget• Weather time machine• 6,000+ lines of hilarious spoken dialogue• 32 secret locationsJoin Premium Club to get access to a host of bonus features, like a customizable widget and weather time travel...
A weather app with accurate weather forecast, local radar map, widget!
What the weather forecast today? No matter where you are, the weather app can provide you with accurate and detailed weather forecast information, including hourly, daily weather forecasts. It also allows you to manage the weather in many locations.Use Vegoo weather forecast, you will see accurate weather information and it will be updated every hour.Main Features☀️ Deep Weather Details:You can check the temperature, feel like, wind speed and direction of the local weather in the app. You can also view some professional data including pressure, relative humidity, visibility distance, and UV index readings.☀️ Live & Accurate Weather Forecast: You can view the weather forecast anytime, anywhere.Use hourly weather app to track the weather condition now.☀️ Excellent Weather Widget & Clock:Various weather widgets with current temperature, real-time weather, city, clock, calendar and weather forecast for the next few hours of current location.☀️ Animated Weather Radar Maps:You can use the latest weather radar map, view weather radar animations, and track local weather conditions. You can use local and live weather radar with the radar map feature.☀️ Severe Weather Alert: Stay out of..
Location-based UI / UX applications, the largest weather widget is 10, providing real-time micro-dust and UV Index. Meteorological weather app 0.100 million!
2018년 1월 입니다. 새해 복많이 받으세요 ^^'오픈웨더' 날씨앱은 '기상청'의 날씨데이터를 적법하게 제공받아서 활용하고 있습니다.또한, 와이즈모바일(주)은 기상청에 등록된 '기상사업자'입니다.1. 4X2 메트로 미세먼지 날씨위젯은 모든 스마트폰에 해상도에 최적화되어져 있습니다.2. '5X2 미세먼지 '에는 자외선지수도 제공.(페북,트위터,카카오톡 사용가능) 해당되는 폰은 갤럭시노트7, Gpro2, 갤럭시노트1, 베가시크릿업, 뷰2 등 가로사이즈가 큰 폰에 적합한 위젯입니다. 다른 폰에서는 위젯 좌우가 잘려서 보입니다.* 저희 회사가 2014년 행정자치부가 선정한 "공공 기상데이터 활용 유망기업"으로 선정되었고, 한국정보화진흥원이 주관하는 "공공데이터 그랜드 오픈 포럼 2014" DDP에서 '오픈웨더' 홍보부스를 이틀간(5월 22,23일)운영했습니다. 향후 15개 정부부처 지원을 통해서, 더욱 좋은 날씨앱을 안정적으로 서비스 제공하겠습니다.◇ 5월 5일(월) 오후 5시 : 메트로위젯 사이즈 최적화 및 '오늘기온' 수정 업데이트(갤럭시S2, 베가레이서 등 480*800 해상도에서도 최적화 해서 오픈, 갤럭시노트2 등 위.아래 잘림현상 최적화)◇ 4월 28일, 월요일 오후 5시, 실시간 미세먼지(PM 10)가 포함된 위젯을 오픈!=> 이번 17번째, 신규위젯에 실시간 황사(PM 10, 미세먼지 농도)데이터가 표출했습니다. □ 4월 21일 오후 2시 : 갤럭시노트1, 옵티머스뷰2 등 가로가 큰폰에서도 많은 위젯 사이즈가 최적화□ 4월 14일 오후 2시갤럭시S5, S4, 갤노트3, G pro2, G pro, 베가 시크릿업. 노트 등 1920*1080 해상도에서는 4X 및 5X 사이즈 상관없이 모든 날씨위젯이 사용가능함. 무료날씨앱, 오픈웨더 2016년 백만건 다운로드 조기달성 이벤트- 2014. 3. 24 3차 "보라언니..
Going out, wondering if you need an umbrella? - Check Rain Radar and find out.
With just one tap Rain Radar will show (and notify) you when rain is approaching to your location. Rain Radar data images are newest possible and therefore more reliable than a traditional forecast. In a world full of apps, Rain Radar was precisely designed to save your battery, data usage and processing power while maintaining the fastest and simplest user experience.Rain Radar was first published in 2014 and after 1000+ releases it has become go-to weather companion for many users around the globe.Most popular data:- NOAA doppler precipitation radar- Real-time lightning data- Precipitation prediction (up to 3 hours in advance)- Snow depth, cloud, temperature (and many more)
Accurate Hourly Weather Forecasts at a Glance
Dont Forget The Weather is a simple fast weather app that focuses on hourly forecasts at a glance. View hourly weather forecast for:- Cloud Coverage Percentage - Precipitation Chance Percentage Forecast- Temperate Forecast- Feels Like Temperature Forecast- Wind Forecast- Wind Gust Forecast - Rain Accumulation Forecast- Snow Accumulation Forecast- Snow Depth ForecastDon't Forget The Weather, download now!

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A super cool way to view the upcoming weeks forecast! Simple, intuitive interface and very generous free tier.


Great and simple weather app. I am very looking forward for future updates :)


Does a great job with the detailed info graphic
Thanks so much for the kind words!