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Dramahood 3.0 App DESCRIPTION

Watch all your favorite Asian dramas 😍 with subtitles in English language and more. Dramahood provides Asian and Korean dramas, TV shows to watch anytime and anywhere for free.
We provide the dramas as soon as it is aired on the original broadcasting network. Our rapidly and ever-growing list of many Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Thai dramas, Japanese dramas, Taiwanese & Hong Kong dramas will make you hook up and never leave our app.
Dramahood OFFERS:
English Subtitles: All our dramas and TV shows are subbed with English language subtitles.
Korean Dramas/K-Dramas: We have thousands of high quality free to watch Korean dramas for everyone. Watch popular drama shows of all Asian languages and many more.
CN/JP/TW/HK/TH Dramas: We have thousands of high quality and English subbed Cdramas/Chinese dramas, Jdramas/Japanese dramas, Thai dramas, Taiwan & Hong Kong dramas to stream for free.
In case of copyright infringement, please directly contact the responsible parties. Dramahood operates as an index and database of drama content found publicly available on the internet, in principle conducting in the same way as Google/Bing/Yahoo. However, Dramahood strongly believes in the protection of intellectual property and would be willing to assist when possible and applicable. Dramahood does not accept responsibility for content hosted on third party apps, nor do we upload videos ourselves or encourage others to do so. The videos are streamed directly from the third-party video sharing services mentioned above. All other trademarks, logos, and images are the property of their respective and rightful owners.


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I have enjoy this app a lot as it has more dramas with movies but now a it keep loading nd stop automatically.I have re installed it but it doesn't work .so plz fix it ASAP so can watch new dramas..


This app contains all new kdramas!! That's so good of it. But why this app crashes so many time? Also if I update the app the problem is same! In my free time whenever I want to watch dramas, this app crashes! All my mood go off immediately.


This is a very good app but the problem that most of the people are facing is that videos doesn't download or play after some time...


I am very dissapointed in dramahood app at first when I downloaded this app I was easily able to watch kdramas, cdramas, thai dramas, japanese dramas and even BTS contents too without any problem but now when I open the app I am getting a notification popped up that the server is crashed and I cannot watch any drama at all so I would like to request to pls resolve the server issue and fix the app asap !!


At first , it was going all smooth and there were so many dramas that i wanted to watch so i put them in the favorites and when i went back and clicked the favorites the dramas were nowhere to be found , it just kinda disappeared....and since yesterday ( 10 may) it says " server crashed and it may take a few minutes for recovery" and i can't watch anymore dramas and it'll be really really good if you could fix that problem...


This app is great. But after few days the app was not opening or it just kept on loading home page. It does not show anything. I request to please clear the issue as fast as possible. Thank You


Its awesome experience...! But in some of dramas sometimes, some episode didn't even its very annoying...but instead i gave you 4 star...bcoz i like the app...and i hope that you can fix the problem as soon as possible...! 😊


This is literally very good and easy to use. But sometimes I forget that on which episode I'm on there should be any kind of highlights on episodes so that we can easily got to know where we left or on which episode we are like on others apps there is finished highlighted line like in YouTube there is red highlights after completing a video


This is a really good app to watch without subscription but the thing is why I'm giving this app rating 3 starts because I am having a problem while watching a drama it's is getting stuck on a random episode and is not getting started. Like I was watching the drama-Snowdrop but it's suddenly got stuck in ep 11 but ep 10 and ep13 are totally fine working. I hope that you will clear this problem it's a humble request. Otherwise it's a great app


It's a really nice app I just love it can't even live without , but currently facing an issue is that when I start the episode it's just show ▶️ play after so much of loading again and again it just come to the point when it shows play ▶️ I can't watch any drama right now what should I do


Actually it is more like Netflix.....but an Netflix that only contains k dramas and Evey thing in Asian based content.....I really love is not like other apps....the images are crystal clear.....I love it.


The episodes are not playing properly, whichever drama I'd like to watch the drama's episodes load but it doesn't play the video. Please solve this issue ASAP.


A wholesome app where you can watch almost every k and c dramas it's soo good the subtitles and everything.. My only feedback on this would be.. I was watching a certain drama (tale of the nine tail) I was enjoying it and moved on to next episode (12) it didn't play and I couldn't see that drama completely since this is the only place I've seen where I can watch numerous dramas without any subscription other than that lovely app💜


This app was literally working alright but suddenly when I was watching an episode then the video continuously stops every time and my internet is also working alright but still.... It sucks me a lot I have reinstalled it but still it has the same problem please fix it as soon as possible .....


This app is great I love it including few ads, good quality of the video and synchronized subtitles but I have it a four stars because it doesn't save your progress that's very annoying if you forget which episode your on.


Please solve the problems of the app it is very annoying when It does not play episodes sequencely rather goes back to the home page. After watching every episode I have to search the drama again and again . It would be better if we can search cast names to find the shows. Subtitles could have more options like add or edit. Please add Chinese, Japanese and other movies too. Thank you.


Edit:- now this app isn't working at all. I cant get to see my unfinished dramas. Now I just regret to give 3 ⭐ review. The longer you are the user off this app, the number of issues are increasing daily. It takes some time to load the episode. Even some episode just can't play at all. Please fix these issues.


It's good to use but sometimes it takes some time to load and before starting you have to watch 30 sec ad. And also you have to remember last episode you had watched by yourself, it can't add bookmarks. However it had lots of nice content that we are looking forward to.


Right from when I downloaded this app, there has been problems with it but I was managing it not until I was asked to update it. After updating it, it became worst to use. Anytime I put a film to watch it tells me drama hood is stopping every time


There are many issues with the app starting from the first one, they video just doesnt load for hours i keep waiting the video doesnt load. It was okay when i first downloaded the app but then after watching a few episodes of the drama i like the video wasn't loading. Secondly there are too many ads just too many i click something and the ad goes on