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Crafty Puzzle Game DESCRIPTION

If you love solving puzzles, you will enjoy Crafty Puzzle: Drawing Game. This game challenges you to complete the pictures by drawing only one line. It sounds easy, but it’s not. You have to use your logic and creativity to figure out what the missing part is and how to draw it. The game will recognize your drawings and check if they match the answers.

Crafty Puzzle: Drawing Game is more than just a game. It’s a way to have fun, relax, and learn new things. With this game you will:
– See funny and surprising images that make you laugh
– Face hundreds of levels when you have to draw the missing parts of the pictures
– Be careful, you only have a limited number of strokes to complete each level
– Use your logic, creativity, and artistic skills to figure out what and how to draw
– No longer have to worry about being perfect, just draw and have fun
– Expand your knowledge and imagination with different riddles

Crafty Puzzle: Drawing Game is a unique and original puzzle game that will test your brain and your drawing skills. It’s a perfect balance of fun and education for all ages. If you are looking for a game that will make you think outside the box and unleash your artistic potential, enjoy Crafty Puzzle: Drawing Game now and start solving amazing puzzles with your own drawings.

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Crafty Puzzle Game DOWNLOAD

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This game is soooo bad ITS LEGIT LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME WITH DRAWING!!! I wanted this to be what the advertisements had and I also want this to have what the videos and pictures had, honestly please just give what I want are you just making this just for money? If you are then just at least make the game the rainbow friends and the things you showed, BECAUSE YOU RUINED ME also the game is absolute $!*@ so change it, please


I have no experience in the game. once i downloaded it i didnt even play it. I only did it because i wanted to report your advertisments. Like BRO you say its rated for 3+ but your ads are pretty innapropriate for people under 13. And your just one of those creators who sees something popular then create ad-games of it. Bad ☠☠☠


It's exposing women there are levels that have strippers and inappropriate things level 87 is an example a harry potter character in love with a goth? Ya right also you don't have to do anything with most of the levels just draw a line and you pass it on level 87 I had a enough it's a bad game to be exposing women there is also a level where you draw a fan and the women's skirt goes up. BOYS PLAY THIS GAME LIKE STOP IT MAKES WOMEN/GIRLS UNCOMFORTABLE STOP!


For draw you just have to scribble in the part where it's missing and on an erase level I erased the part the hint said, (I used hint bc the thing I was trying to erase wasn't working,) and it didn't work. It's too easy and not really fun. Basically a waste of space.


Cringe. Just bad. I've played it and it's bad, it's also inappropriate in the ads! Don't play this! You can scribble in the area you need to draw and it counts it as correct. Only in some levels it doesn't count scribbling. Also to the people that hate ads, but don't care about gameplay, turn on airplane before opening the app. It tricks the game. DO NOT PLAY!


Overall a poorly made game. The mechanics make no sense, half the puzzles can be solved by drawing a smudge, and the ads do not show actual gameplay. The game also tries to monetize (and possibly infringe) on other brands and artists. It also happens to be a big ad farm, the game is not meant to be good, rather it was meant for a lazy developer to earn a quick buck from ad revenue and waste our time. Some may argue against this review but keep in mind what I said, and think before you speak.


This game is very low quality. You can solve all the puzzles with just one line. A clear bait to younger audience. Surprised that there's not ads after every level.


Actually, this is pretty decent! At least the ads don't come every 2 seconds. The problem is though you can literally just draw a line and then complete the level lol


I saw the advertisement for this on YouTube. Recently I've been seeing some cursed ads on the YouTube app and this one wins the Most Cursed Award. The ad was seemingly very pornographic and used what looked like FNAF characters. I just had to share my experience with how freaked out I am that this ad was for a game rated 3+. Everyone here who's played it can tell you it's bad and riddled with adverts. Do yourself a favour and don't download this.


Totally different from the ad. Too many ads. After viewing the ad, the cross to close the app does not work. It simply keeps going to the installation page.. Very very boring game.


This ads looked good or decent but when i got the game its just every level has something sexual in it for no reason, they take a second to complete and you get ads to often there is no challenge you dont even have to draw a shape just drawing a line near the spot works. Uninstalling


A complete waste of time for both developers & players. Random sexual fanservice for 14 yo teens is literally the only thing one may like about this game. You can see and draw the line in less than 3 seconds, which also means ads every 20. Shapes don't even matter, just draw a random line around the spot where it needs to be and it'll go.Reached level 60 in 15 m, constant boredom. Random references to popular stuff, (barely legal, I'd bet). Only good for 4 years olds but with cringe +18 content.


This game is very very good and nice game because when I was playing this game I m thinking that I m in a online exam or online test and I know all the answers and also was thinking that if my teacher will ask me to switch on my camera and close my eyes to answers then I will definetelly answer but some time it makes so hard but I tried to solved and I can solve also that time when it is hard to do please make part 2 Draw puzzle -Draw One Part 2 again I just play this one your game and no more.


Honestly, this game is horrible. It's fake Among Us, with fake Minecraft and DC characters, probably not even legal. There's an ad every 2 levels and it'a not even hard. Most of the time it will register literally just a line and when it doesn't you need to draw a curved line. Some of these thongs aren't even Among Us related, like the occasional food item or Minecraft animal. I'm not even 50 levels in yet I know it's horrible. I would give this a 0 if I could.


Basically horrible game. For starters, this is another dead game that preys like a vulture on Among Us' success. Absolutely no originality whatsoever. Second, you can solve every single pUzZLe just by drawing either a line or a slightly tilted line. You don't accomplish anything. Basically you're using instagram. But instead of looking at content, you're wiping your finger at nothing at all. This game is for people who want to try their hardest that they have a miserable life and bad taste.


best game ever but they need to add more levels I beat the game in 3 days and maybe add a character you can play as and consume to make the game more interesting and pets,a house and a person you can yurn items by beating levels. there is not that many adds seriously best game ever looking forward to the big update!🐶🚶♀️🚶♂️🐱🏘


Definitely deleting this app. Just downloaded it yesterday and it already needs updated! Not dealing with that if its going to be one of those that needs an update every 2 days. It also has way to many ads. Like every 2 levels here comes another ad. So stupid and annoying.


I kinda like this game but after every three round,an ad pops up and it's very annoying and out of all the other ads,why the same one over and over again?I would highly recommend you fix or add some changes.But I like the game for it's difficulty.The game is extremely easy.And that is what I like about this game.Thanks for reading my review!


It's a fun game really great the I like is the among us part drawing among us seems like so fun! But I have seen other drawings I have to finish instead of just among us. Either way it's amazing!


Far too many ads to the point it's more ad than game. Super easy to the point you can just scribble and win a lot of the time. Definitely a games for kids and also tried to cash in on the success of among us by copying the art almost exactly. It's a no from me.