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Driverock Radio App DESCRIPTION

Bridging Filipino OFWs and expats from all street corners worldwide, DRIVE ROCK RADIO is the latest internet radio station bringing listeners closer to each other.

From different music genres that suit your mood and regular programs that ordinary Pinoys can hilariously relate, DRR asks you to fasten your seat belt, sit back and chillax, just enjoy the ride as we drive you home wherever you may be.

So “SAKAY NA HERE” coz it’s SAFE… and SOUNDZ..!

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Vamps Radio is just starting, so we are working together to make our radio a success. Playing more variety of music from yesterdays and today.
Driverock Radio is the latest internet radio
Bridging Filipino OFWs and expats from all street corners worldwide, DRIVE ROCK RADIO is the latest internet radio station bringing listeners closer to each other.From different music genres that suit your mood and regular programs that ordinary Pinoys can hilariously relate, DRR asks you to fasten your seat belt, sit back and chillax, just enjoy the ride as we drive you home wherever you may be.So “SAKAY NA HERE” coz it’s SAFE… and SOUNDZ..!
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On November 4, 1989, KB eventually was reformatted into 89 DMZ as an all-dance radio station that featured non-stop dance music launched in November 18, 1989.The first 89 DMZ era: 1989-February 28, 2001In November 18, 1989, the station reformatted and changed its callsign to DZMZ-FM and rebranded as 89 DMZ (Danze Music Zone), which played dance music such as disco, new wave, euro/Italo disco, electronic dance music, house and eurodance, hip hop, R&B, pop, OPM, hot AC and remixed music from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The station is a brainchild of Bingo Lacson, the radio station manager of IBC as the big boss and the DJs like Peewee, Chinaman, The Unbeatable, The Mouth, The Shadow and The Bug. The late rapper, Francis Magalona, worked with the station through his program The Word-Up Show, which aired on Saturday nights. It also became the home of the Mobile Circuit every Friday night. Back then, the station was operated 18 hours a day, from 6 am to 12 mn. Since then, 89 DMZ became famous as The Nation's #1 Danze Music Station..
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very good music selection


Super selection of songs. Walastic....


1st time using driverock radio & nindot gyud kaayo ang mga tukar labi na inig dayon namo pangatulog driverock radio gyud akong ipatukar, nice kaayo ang mga songs.. makaraan or bag-o man Manghatag pa gyud ug load kung maswertean, hahahaha😆 👍👍


Well played music


Love the music 🎶☺️


Songs Of All Time 🥰🥰 Highly Recommend this App👍


very nice app...lovely songs played every relaxing