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God Sacrifice Game DESCRIPTION

*** Log in to get 100 Advanced Summon Scrolls for free! Valid for a limited time only! ***
Collect tons of equipment, become stonger, meet mythical heroes and start legendary adventures!

☆★Equipment Craft
Tons of equipment can be acquired by offering sacred stones to the altar. Extraordinary equipment could be of great use your adventure!

☆★Summon Mythical Gods
The progress of collection and synthesis is blessed by the gods. Summon and invite them to join your cause!

☆★Endless List of Activities
Ready to meet adventures, participate in competitions, and challenge against the world boss? The victory is reserved only for those who are fully prepared!

☆★No Grinding But Relaxing
It’s a relaxing RPG without grinding. Fight beside the gods and enjoy your time!

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Log in to get 100 Advanced Summon Scrolls for free! Valid for a limited time only!Collect tons of equipment, become stonger, meet mythical heroes and start legendary adventures![GAME FEATURES]☆★Equipment CraftTons of equipment can be acquired by offering sacred stones to the altar. Extraordinary equipment could be of great use your adventure!☆★Summon Mythical GodsThe progress of collection and synthesis is blessed by the gods. Summon and invite them to join your cause!☆★Endless List of ActivitiesReady to meet adventures, participate in competitions, and challenge against the world boss? The victory is reserved only for those who are fully prepared!☆★No Grinding But RelaxingIt's a relaxing RPG without grinding. Fight beside the gods and enjoy your time!
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As someone else said below, you have to spend money to spend money. It's a paywall blocking payment. A number of vouchers to purchase other things to purchase? Why? Also the redirection to paid items every time you fail an adventure mode battle was incredibly annoying. Not the game I thought it would be.


Game is buggy Won't even let me fight in the arena Keeps telling me my network connection is poor when my network is 5G 🤦🏻♀️
Hi~please try restarting the game. If the problem persists, please contact in-game customer service or email [email protected], and we will help you solve it as soon as possible.


Slow progress when u don't spend money, you have to wait for rewards and extras you you can move on.
We are a free game, and all resources can be obtained for free. In the early stage of the game, resources are scarce, and it is inevitable to get stuck. However,everything is difficult at the beginning. We believe that through the unremitting efforts of adventurers, we will accumulate resources and continue to cultivate, you will be invincible!


Everything was working well until I made the decision to support the devs and invest my $1.57. As soon as I did this, it began having errors, constantly crashing and reloading in the same place. 6 times. Tried to contact support, form isn't working. I'm not mad over $1.57, but hey, it's $1.57.
Hi~Please don't worry, if you have contacted the in-game customer service, we will handle it for you as soon as possible. If you did not successfully send the form.please contact [email protected] will help you solve the problem.


This game is beautiful and fun to play, captivates you from the beginning and is extremely easy to become more powerful, I believe the game is very underrated. Everything about the game feels refined, however I wish the battles (Adventure, Arena etc.) would have a more user friendly interface like allowing us to choose which hero attacks which enemy and an auto battle button which will continue to battle different stages without the player needing to select each one (or next). Thank you- Zak


Entertaining, fun give it whirl.


realy like the idea that they have ,but as I just started I can't say how good it is going to be


I like this game it's is relaxing and enjoying me to game this I want make updates


Haven't even got into game and it wants a rating .. how would I know haven't seen game yet pretty desperate of game.
Hi~, thank you for taking the time to review our game. In addition to the basic gameplay, it also includes the selection of powerful heroes to assist you in the battle. Various dungeon and battles are staged here. We hope you can experience and have fun playing the game.We will also work harder to update more content to bring you a new experience.


I love that you made a greek mythology game but is badly executed. Boring game.
Hi~you need to do Adventure in the early stage to unlock function. When you unlock the Hero function, you can draw Greek heroes to assist you in the battle. We believe that you will get a different experience by then. If you have any suggestions , please feel free to contact in-game customer service. We hope to bring you a good gaming experience.


Do not waste your time with this game it's your typical pay 2 win garbage


Excellent game. Keep up with good work ❤️


Good game but kinda slow paced, because of summon system


wait a second pls, I don't even play the game yet and you already ask for rate. 3/5 for me for now, cuz I don't have any rate. hope I'll like it


Not really an F2P friendly game. Moreover, the enemy power become too OP as you progress throughout the level. At this point, you either pay to play or quit the game. I can't even participate in the arena because all the people suggested for me are too OP. In the end, I can't do anything once I reach level 20.
Hi~there are many ways to obtain resources in the game, such as dungeons, events, and tasks. When you are unable to defeat the enemy, you can strengthen yourself by summoning more advanced equipment. Defeating your opponents through your own efforts is also one of the joys of the game. We believe that as you level up, you will become stronger.


impossible to win, hard to get and uninstalled at the same day..
Hi~ thank you for taking the time to review our game. There are many ways to obtain free resources in the game, such as completing tasks, challenging dungeons, and participating in events.We will also continue to improve to give you a better gaming experience.We hope you continue your adventures for a long time!


it to hard you can have a power level over 20k more than the mob you need to fight and still get defeated. the only way to summon is to use gems. But there no way to get gems meaning the game is pay wall


The most retarded pay to win game. Main character has power meter but no skill given. Free to play will stuck at some point and unable to continue. The RNG in the game also sucks. No targeting
Thank you for taking the time to write your honest review.Main character has no skills but basic attributes. You can stack your attributes by wearing different equipment, artifacts, etc. And the Heroes can assist you in battle, different Heroes have different skills. We believe that as your level increases you will get more different experiences.


You need to Spend money to spend money. As I described, you need to buy vouchers which cost money, to buy discount packages which, surprise, cost money as well! Very scummy, go play legend of mushroom instead, at least it's not this scummy trash.


Who thought of the weapon spin and said GREAT... all ypu do in this game is to spin the wheel to get good equipments to fight. almost did 200-300 spin just to get equipments good enough to beat stage one. you can imagine how many spins you will havw to do to reach higher stage.... Game name should be equipments wheel spin simulator. cuz you gonna end up spinning wheels most of the time instead of playing.
Hi~Thank you for taking the time to write your honest review. You can upgrade your hero's level by selling equipment. When you wear stronger equipment, you will also have the opportunity to defeat more powerful enemies. We believe that when you are fully prepared you will see a stronger self !