God went Old Testament on Springfield, but now is back on the path of peace and goodwill. And the people of Springfield are left to pick up the pieces and start over. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, but with town wide 5G. So what's next? Lord only knows... and he ain't telling!

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The Simpsons™ Game DESCRIPTION

From the writers of The Simpsons, comes the city building game that lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield! When Homer accidently causes a meltdown that wipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to clean up his mess… we mean, help him rebuild it!
Collect Your Favorite Characters
Help reunite Homer with his loved ones – Marge, Lisa, Maggie (and even sometimes Bart) – as well as his not so loved ones, like Ned Flanders. Re-populate Springfield with your favorite characters, from Barflies (Barney Gumble) to Wise Guys (Fat Tony). Add them all, we won’t judge! Dress your characters to the nines with options like Daredevil Bart or Lizard Queen Lisa, and relive scenes from your favorite episodes of The Simpsons!
Take Charge of Your Springfield
Can’t control your own life? Now you can control the lives of the citizens of Springfield instead! Make Apu work ridiculously long shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, have Moe smuggle illegal animals, or make Homer toil poolside all day… that last one might not be so bad.

Build Your Own Springfield
Think Homer deserves to live next door to Moe’s? Or the monorail can survive a few more sharp twists and turns? Well you can finally make Springfield just the way you want it! Expand your town to the Waterfront, grow its businesses with the glamourous shops of Springfield Heights, and enjoy its sights, all with only a few taps.

Experience Unique Simpsons Stories
Catch exclusive animated scenes and new hilarious stories from the writers of The Simpsons. You know they’re good because they write for The Simpsons! Tapped Out is the most life-ruiningly fun Simpsons game you can play!

Always Something New for Your Favorite Town
Springfield might perpetually be on the verge of destruction, buy hey, at least it’s never boring. Whether it’s Halloween monster invasions, superheroes run amok, or chaos caused by one of Homer’s “great” ideas, you’ve got never-ending options to tap!

**This game downloads additional content on first launch that can be up to 1.5GB based on device. We recommend connecting to WIFI the first time you play. This game is also supported with regularly occurring content updates that require additional downloads when released. Please be patient while it loads (we promise it’s worth the wait).**

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Sick of getting broken tokens & not been able to use them. I understand you have to wait for the current update to finish but 3 times I've earned shattered tokens & you javnt given to me. Game is slow and glitchy, been playing for 12 years now and it's just getting boring. The cost of things is also ridiculous 150 donuts just for 1 building. Its EA so not surprised about the money grabbing greediness


Overall the game is a fun timekiller for Simpsons fans but I have an issue that is very annoying. When I connect my EA account I cant get onto the game, its always stuck on the 'cannot connect to server' screen. This sucks because if I get a new device, I have to restart. I can only play as anonymous, please fix this because I like the game and I wont play it again if I have to restart.


Worked for a couple of hours and then never loaded back up again, would always leave me on can't connect page no matter how many times I updated, deleted and reinstalled the app, had this problem every time I've downloaded.


Decent city builder, the tutorial is straight forward, although you can only really rotate houses in 2 different directions, so decorating options are limited. Building a Springfield accurate to the hit n run game would be cool, though with how long things take to finish, I can see that taking years.


7th of May 2023. Server is officially dead. Don't bother trying. Over an hour of this: Cannot Connect to Server. Ugh, not this screen again! Pretty much sums up the game. Great when you can play, but don't hold your breath. I changed from wi-fi to data and back to wi-fi. Turned phone off and on. Uninstalled and re loaded. Still not working. Goodbye EA games.


For all you guys stuck on the Bart screen...can't log in...please make sure to log in to your ea account and verify all, link to your device, change your password and it will work, no need to uninstall! The game is GREAT, would love to be able to zoom in even more, rotate buildings maybe...great game for a true Simpsons die hard fan.


Sick and tired of the constant logging off by the game! Can't log back in for days at a time, and missing out on every event because of that. This is not a new bug. Ridiculous! ... Update: ok, i just got back in. By pure luck. But seriously, please fix this!


I'm enjoying it. Longest I've stuck at a mobile game in quite a while. I like that I can see how long a task will take to complete. This means I can set tasks for 8 or more hours if I'm starting a work shift for example.


Good game but experiencing bugs! My friends have disappeared completely and still dont appear, even after I've deleted them and then readded them. Also I have tasks to complete but when I click on requested character, there is no task highlighted to send them on.


each update is insufferable. takes like 5 stages and lots of time to start playing🙄plus there's no nighttime in the game, the items tapped are always not the items you tap, you can rotate everything 2 ways only so everything looks weird and it all glitches after a certain point. it's full of bugs and glitches and weighs a ton.. love the simpsons hate the execution


Should have 0 stars, can not even connect to server, doesnt matter if it is connected through 5G or wifi. Played the game for years and had (destroyed) Krustyland, monorail and hundreds of items until EA decided to send a verification code to the registered email. Unfortunately this email doesnt exist anymore and no way to change it. EA support was useless and lost all process of 7+ yrs. Never spend any money on EA games again, if it is PS, XBox or mobile games.


Spent over 3.5 years playing daily now. Can't seem to leave it alone which is obviously a good thing for the game. Not so much for my personal life. Wish we could zoom in and out a little more and rotate buildings to show all sides


So, I genuinely like this mind numbing game. You don't need to spend money to continue the game and you genuinely don't need to compete with anyone so it's all fun and games. But I wanted to spend some chum change, so I did - because I wanted to spice up my town with premium stuff - but upon logging into my EA account (you know, to save my progress) I lost everything. It's not worth it, I would love my money back but I won't because it's EA so, just don't play.


I keep getting this annoying bug where I can't log in. The game keeps logging me out for some reason. So I go through the process to log back in, the game sends me an email with the code, I enter the code into the game, and the game comes up with some message saying that there's been an error and to try again later, I try again and again and again, nothing. The only way to fix this is to litterally wait months and months. I don't want to have to wait this long just to play a game. FIX IT EA!


Original review: If you like the simpsons still you'll like this... (5*) Latest review: Too many big updates taking far too long and despite promising play whilst background loading - they do not. Despite the frequent updates there has been no effort to fix a sound glitch whereby background sounds such as fountains, screeching seagulls, etc. continue despite game sound and music being turned off. Events are all becoming samey. March 2023: 3hrs updating yesterday. Open today. NEEDS UPDATE


For what you get, it's really well done! But as for the price of some characters is crazy, you want me to spend 25 euro for bumblebee man? If anything fix the pricing in the game, make it more realistic. Have the option for cash or donuts?


I've played this game for so long, 10 years and counting. Even got a golden doughnut for it. The only thing that I would say would improve it for me would be if there was a way to complete previous event tasks, like for example I have loads of missing pieces for when there was a clash of clans update. Would be cool to finish them off


I still love this game but I can't login or open the game properly. Just got a spinning donut. Since a couple of days ago I can't connect to the server and I have to uninstall and reinstall to get the game working. It works then it doesn't. EA fix your game bugs!


Really like the game, 4 stars because I lost around £100 because of an error in game. It a year or two ago so I don't remember the error code thing. But other than that, it's an amazing game and I really enjoy it alot. Saves me from alotnof boredom too!


Do not download until they fix it. Amazing game, lots of characters, buildings, jobs and decorations. But its been 3 years with on and off server and logging in problems. Ive changed my EA password 7 times, i uninstalled and installed the game. I have cleared cache, Ive tried other devices, better wifi, even going on the Facebook page to find other people having the same problems and some dont. I have alot progress and some money in this game. Please fix ur log in page because it just crashes!