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Welcome to a new update of NBA Live Mobile Season 7! We've made some behind-the-court enhancements and fixed several bugs to improve your overall game experience.

Join us for non-stop basketball action and update your dream NBA team today!

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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Game DESCRIPTION

NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 7 brings you an enhanced gameplay experience with brand new audio, and an upgraded UI. Discover brand new players along with cool looking jerseys and courts, and update your dream NBA team today!

Draft your team and select your lineup. Basketball legends are yours for the choosing. Increase your basketball teams’ OVR throughout the season by completing sets and participating in LIVE Today and Limited Time Events. Play your way to the top and capture the spotlight to create your legacy, your way.

Dunk and dribble your way to victory in real-time tournament games and casual 3v3 basketball tournaments and matchups. Compete to win PvP matches in PVP Mode, NBA LIVE’s multiplayer sports game. Showdown games and matchups unlock exclusive rewards. Win games to earn arena and showdown masters and climb the ranks to prove that you’ve built one of the strongest teams to date.

NBA events and Campaigns are available to compete in all year long to keep your team at the top. Tournaments every week bring new content, stories, and events. Play hoops and score incredible bonuses in real-life PvP matchups and break ankles in every mode with both friends and foes.

Download NBA LIVE Mobile and become a hoop master all day, every day.


– Events available in the LIVE Today map
– Dunk on the competition by completing your daily objectives and win Live Events
– Collect Position and Team Tokens to earn players from your favorite NBA basketball team

– Each month, a new LIVE Pass and Monthly Master will be released along with multiple Limited Time Events
– Participate in Limited Time Events and complete sets to earn the best players in the game

– NBA LIVE allows you to compete in the NBA all year long with campaigns to keep your team on top
– Defeat your opponents as you progress through each Campaign to earn exclusive players, courts, and more
– Increase your OVR to unlock new Campaigns

– Draft classic NBA legends or recruit your favorite rising stars fresh out of college basketball
– Create your team around your favorite basketball players and level them up to become all-star basketball legends
– Draft games meet real world basketball with NBA superstars including Kevin Durant, Lebron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo

– Basketball tournaments every week bring new content, stories, and events
– 3v3 basketball matchups and PvP campaigns – win to score incredible bonuses
– Showdown matchups unlock exclusive rewards – scale the leaderboards today

Download NBA LIVE today and play hoops for glory.

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When you have played it for a long time, this game will start to break sometimes, when you are done logging in and entered the game, it will suddenly return to the unknown error and even When you log in again and again, the same thing will happen, something will appear on your screen saying "unknown error". Hopefully this will be noticed and the game will be able to fix it.


Getting error after I login. After I claim the packs when the game is starting, it is logging me out and redirecting me to an 'unknown error' page. I raised a case to the support team but they will only help with the login issue. Please fix this bug developer team.


I love the game so much because of its high graphics and gameplay. The game I sa really good game. The only issue I have is dat, I think you should add offline feature like practice whenever you're offline and a quick game offlibe game. This will help does dat are in rural areas where they have no internet connection and will love to play the game. It will help them so much and will also improve the rate by which people will download it. Thanks.


I love this game and I know you guys might not be able to give another huge update because you have to focus on your other games but the last thing you could add is us being able to modify the minutes in season quarters but we wouldn't get extra rewards. It's just something I would like and you guys don't have to do it.


1.most most player height is not right like Durant wichis almost 7feet in real lifebut listedas 6 feet 9 inches. android phone drops fps and the lag never stops on the other hand my vivo disconnects all the time. 3. takes too long to enter the game like 4-5mins even having a fast internet. 4. It's not fair to find a match that is lower or heigher than your overall. 5. Blocking on ducks sometimes goaltend. 6. Shooting the ball and goes in sometimes does not count. Most buggy game of EA .....


It's ok I just wish the menu layout wasn't so .. everywhere .. I wish it was clean and to the point like 2k mobile. You don't have to open 3 different things to get to 1 place, it's just a mess. I want to like this game cause it isn't so paid to win. With enough grinding you can unlock great players but I hate the menu screen. Also it keeps saying I have an unclaimed reward but when I go to my rewards there's nothing there.


1. most players height is not right like durant which is almost 7feet in real life but listed as 6 feet 9 inches. 2. my android phone drops fps and the lag never stops on the other hand my iphone disconnects all the time. 3. takes too long to enter the game like 4-5 mins even having a fast internet. 4. it's not fair to find a match that is lower or higher than your overall. 5. blocking on dunks sometimes goaltend. 6. shooting the ball and goes in sometimes does not count. most buggy game of EA


This game is fun to play but it's very unrealistic like the overalls of the player and the overalls of the team doesn't even affect the game play because even if they have 60% 3point shooting and they're getting contested, they will still make it and if your player is wide open and goes for a layup or dunk, he misses it for some reason. So I think this game is just Bs and it's very unrealistic gameplay!!


I really like this game. It very realistic and fun to play,I will rate it 3 stars because I really never played a complete match, each time I tired I only ended deleting the game from my phone. I don't know if I'm one confused of that's how it supposed to be,I really need and explaination. And also very nice graphics and control I pretty much love the design.


I really love this game. It's cool and everything but I think if there cool be commentary while playing it will be awesome because playing without commentary makes the game boring. And also I suggest if there cool be possible substitutions during matches it will also help. And let there be free throws because there aren't any free throws in the game.


Great game, but sometimes the joystick won't move, and when I'm doing the live events, it messes things up, and then I take a loss, it just makes me frustrated. And some of my players have a rating over 90 for some of the attributes, and sometimes they barely make the shots. Good game but not the best. 😤


Since afternoon today, while i was playing the final of a season-tournament, the game broke down with the message "Server Under Maintenance, NBA Mobile is facing high volume of traffic, try again later" i have tried several times to get in the app, it would start with the "Stretching" text with the popular players pics, i would wait for a long time but the loader bar and the screen would stay just right there. Even uninstall and reinstall doesn't work, its all the same. Fix this terrible problem


It is a genuinely horrible game, first, when you get a perfect release on a uncontested shot you can still miss. secondly, the game is so glitchy and you can just phase through players on dunks and layups, and third whenever a new year starts you just loose all of your cards forever and you cant use them at all unless on events where you can use your Multi-Year team. EA please fix your game.


Slow startup. It takes too long to start. Before the game even opens you have already lost interest. But when it finally does open, the gameplay is great if you are able to maneuver the numerous settings awaiting. It's like the settings is the game. You have to do so much just to play one game. I've only been able to play 3 matches, every time else, I'm just starring at a startup screen or going through settings and I eventually quit. I just want to play a game, come on guys, do better...


Ok to start things off this game is really cool theres a lot to do so it's very hard to get bored and overall just really fun. However one problem I have with it is the Showdown Game Mode, not the Showdown specifically but the Matchmaking is unfair there's been plenty of times where I've been in a match against people who are 10-15 levels above me and much more powerful, therefore they absolutely destroy me. That's the one problem I have with the game. Overall great game with great gameplay!👍👍


Graphics are good but the shot meter needs to be fixed. If I hit the perfect meter (Green) It still won't go in and you don't have substitution in game. But The UI Is pretty good and cool but please add commentary. And the layup and dunk won't go in and if I'm really close to the basket it still won't go in. And please add player names on the back of their jerseys. But I still recommend this game!!!! Best Game I've ever played! Download now!!!!!


Season mode is too easy. If I score 50 points they score only 10. Very boring & not challenging. We have to complete boring tasks (passing ball, 1 assist, 1 dunk...) for at least 10+ days to get an average player. Doesn't matter if you are a new user or playing 5 years you have to complete such boring tasks to get 1 player. After creating a team you can play only 2 set (2 mins each set) not full league matches. It's like we have to work 24/7 just for 2 mins happiness.


The game is fun but players can are locked into one position. Users can't make a big lineup or small for example using 3 guards and 2 power forwards. There is also no way to customize your offense or defense or run set plays for certain situations. Lastly, I only found one but there could be others Gary Peyton is listed as a center, not a guard.


I have some suggestions and complaints. When you are in the post you can never get a shot of without being blocked. All of the heights for players are messed up. There are 6 foot 2 centers and a lot of the heights for players are wrong and I have seen a 6 foot tall power forward which doesn't make sense. Movements and animations are not smooth and physics are horrible. There should be way more shooting fouls. Please make this game better.


I've been playing this game since season 1. But while it lasts the promo events becomes boring and harder to grind. Hopefully it goes back to the old NBA Live Mobile, where it is more enjoyable. And I hope on season 7 it will become easier to grind, add statistics, make the time in season into 5 minutes or higher, have timeout and auto-foul whenever we want specially in the last seconds because it's frustrating if your opponent is draining the time and you can't do anything to stop them.