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Buy and sell sneakers, handbags, electronics, watches, motors, trading cards, & more on eBay. You’ll discover big brands, low prices, and free shipping on many items at the marketplace.

Sign up today and join the world’s online marketplace for buying and selling:

• Enjoy app-exclusive offers and shopping deals
• New, second hand, rare finds, & vintage treasures
• Track your shopping orders in real-time
• List items to sell in minutes

New & second hand clothes & fashion: Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton

• Shop new and second hand clothing, sneakers, & accessories
• Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci & many more brands

Shopping for new faves is easy at the marketplace — including vintage fashion, thrift clothes, & fresh kicks.

Shop with Authenticity Guarantee*

Shop sneakers, handbags, luxury watches, vintage jewelry, & trading cards with total confidence.

• Every eligible item is physically verified by a team of brand experts
• Expect secure, expedited delivery — at no cost to you

From Nike sneakers to handbags by Louis Vuitton, Gucci, & more, just look out for the Authenticity Guarantee blue badge.

Learn what is covered:

Buy with Certified Refurbished

Shop like-new condition tech items for less. Enjoy free delivery and 30-day returns, all backed by a two-year warranty.

• Browse electronics including phones, desktops, laptops, & more
• Up to 50% off brands you love: Dyson, Samsung, Dell, & HP
• All professionally inspected, cleaned, and refurbished to original specs by the manufacturer or an approved vendor

Cars, car parts & accessories

Find new and used cars and vehicles, plus car parts for fixing, updating, or maintaining.

• Cars, trucks, motorcycles, powersports, classics, exotics, RVs, & more
• With MyGarage, it’s easy — enter your car details and find the right car parts, every time

Selling with eBay

List your items quickly with smart features to help you sell. Start making money today, whether that’s from fashion and thrift clothes, sneakers, or trading cards.

• Barcode Scanner: Scan the item you want to sell and instantly get its details for your listing
• Image Clean-up: Snap a picture (or use one you already have) and use the background-remover to make your listing pop
• eBay proudly supports all types of sellers and businesses — join our seller community and access powerful selling tools and insights

eBay Money Back Guarantee

Get the item you ordered, or your money back. While most purchases are a breeze, we’re here to help with any issues. Item not as described in the listing? We’ll go the extra mile to sort it — and if that’s not possible, we’ll refund the purchase price and original postage costs.

Learn what is covered:

Your eBay. Your Way.

Find a range of useful features on eBay’s app where you can find exactly what you want, at a price you’ll love.

• Watchlist: Add and keep an eye on fave items, all in one place
• Seamless payments: Buy with Afterpay, Google Pay, credit card, & debit card
• Dark Mode: Enhance your experience with our award-winning Dark Mode feature

eBay makes it simple and easy to buy, sell, or thrift whatever you’re searching for — from thrift clothes, to trading cards, or parts for cars. Plus, you can find your favorite premium brands, like Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Start shopping, buying, and selling today!

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I just need to give it a one star, eBay is on the market for decades now, it's still one of the biggest online shopping platform yet it seems they cheap out on pretty much everything, app and their website is the Greatest example, only positive thing that I can say about it is that it's fairly simple, but besides that, it's unresponsive, buggy, in terms of UI/UX resembles something from 2011. It's embarrassment!


What I like about eBay is that they have many many varieties of items to buy and parts to buy for whatever you need. You you can also find these items at a very inexpensive price. The only thing you got to watch out for is that sometimes when you buy an item you'll see it advertise afterwards at a lower price which confuses me because why didn't they offer you that lower price to begin with and where was that item with the lower price when you were looking to begin with it sure makes it confusin


The app would be great, if it allowed me to filter out listings that only offer collect in person (no delivery options). I often look for second hand items and it's a horrible user experience to have to scroll through hundreds/thousands of listings, manually looking for the ones that offer postage! I usually just giving up before I've found what I'm looking for.


Too pushy with the notifications. They can supposedly be customized but I still find them far too proactive with the 'offers' which are sometimes no more than a reminder that something you looked at is still for sale. Good for the sellers obviously, but not good for impulsive shoppers. You are probably better off just using a web browser when you actually want to purchase something.


The functions that have been implemented generally work okay. However some key features are MISSING. For example, I want to view the original listings of items I have bought. Yet the app prevents that by redirecting me to the order details - NOT what I wanted. Do hope that eBay (now controlled by BlackRock) can implement these missing features very soon! Thanks for reading!


Bug report : I am trying to update my About page in the eBay mobile app. The save button at the bottom of the page disappears from view after four lines of text are typed in the box, and it won't scroll down to the save button. It's like the entire page is frozen for the input box and save button at a certain size. Please fix.


I can easily find items I'm searching for. Would have given 5 stars but I have one thing I dislike. The same item/seller shows up multiple times in the same search. I spend a lot of time seeing the same thing/seller multiple times. Sometimes I just get frustrated and search/purchase on another site.


Decided that I needed to do some cost saving and give up my membership in the Big One. I was hesitant at first because some had had bad experiences in the past. Late mailing or no mailing. This was after having paid in advance. Well that seems not to be the case now. Your PayPal is billed after shipping. One provider was notified of that package being lost in transit. Immediate refund. The site is easy to navigate. Make changes. Several opportunities to review info to be sure you got it right.


The app works well and is very helpful especially for posting pics compared to the desktop. Although there are some things that work better on the desktop. Biggest issue with eBay is that most items don't require listing fees. There is so much useless garbage on it now and items floating there forever with absurd prices from clueless sellers. Suggestion to eBay - go back to the old way with lower sold fees and a small listing fee. Maybe all the garbage that will never sell will go away. Thanks.


The app is great and I have no complaints about that. On the other hand, the 12.9% sellers charge that includes your shipping is very steep and actually made me use eBay less. I understand the reason behind the change but I believe an algorithm tweak to prevent shady sellers from messing with shipping prices may have been a better move that would not have punished the masses.


I like the app, there is a lot going for it. I no longer get eBay notification when items are sold or when someone has sent me an eBay message. For listing things stuff to sell on the app, it is great, but I often end picking things, saving as draft and then picking it up on a PC, because it is better to use. When I take photos via the App (which I prefer), there is no way to save a copy on my PC, which would be nice, if there was ever a problem or if I need to check I sold the item.


I like the app. I list almost exclusively on it rather than PC. Feature to take pictures directly to the listing is awesome. I hope they keep adding features to make it easier to list. Also would like a way to check feedback sent to others on the app when reviewing profile. Only available on desktop now as far as I know. Overall the app is a great tool for sellers and a convenient way to buy for buyers.


I'm actually one of those people who's not really all that familiar with eBay. I hardly ever use the app or the even the website but whenever I find something that I want on eBay and need to utilize the app it works flawlessly. It's user-friendly, not at all complicated, easy to navigate, and I especially love all the ways you're able to customize your notification alerts. For example, I only have it set to notify me when someone replies to my message and when my order ships.


eBay is a fantastic app, from a buyer's point of view. I haven't sold anything yet but I haven't had any problems with the app as a buyer. I enjoy the lower prices and deals. So much better than Amazon! I really don't like corporate based businesses and try my best to stay away, like Walmart , etc. I am much happier spending money and contributing to the small businesses here. Navigation is self explanatory and the experience on here has been easy and smooth. No bugs that I've encountered.


Haven't had any functional issues. Searching, viewing and purchasing is straightforward. There is one thing that's easier to do on the computer vs the app. I think it had something to do with searching for specific sellers and their items and viewing their profile, but I've only needed to do that once or twice so I can't quite remember exactly what it was.


Easy to use, visually easy to understand. A bit more expensive than Amazon for products however I love it's simplicity and that's why I stay. I would suggest adding a few extra options for filtering results however, such as delivery options - fast and free. Also a filter option for multibuy discounts would be fab. Thank you.


I often sort by price, can anyone explain why so many listings remain hidden from my search but show up as suggestions within other listing's pages or worse still, after paying for an item the confirmation page shows identical items at lower prices!!! On top of that, the search shows listings out of sequence and I'm not including your ads in that. You're obviously pushing some listings ahead of others, which makes a mockery of the system altogether. You've dropped a star as a result.


I love using ebay because its search filters really work, unlike the rainforest company! The app would be even more perfect if there was an option for default search filters. I get that you can save a search, but ideally I would like things like item location to have a default, since I really don't need to look at items from faraway countries on a standard basis, it only makes the search function a little more tedious, as I have to manually repeat steps like item location, sort by, etc.


I have almost no issues with the app, I enjoy using it. It's very easy, attractive in dark theme. The one thing I DO hate though, is that after a purchase is made, I just cannot pull back up the original product description. Say an item arrives damaged & you want to read that description again ("ok it's supposed to have zero scratches! That's what I thought!") so you can return it. But it is always GONE. At least, on the app it is. Super annoying not being able to read the original description.


This is for version The scan pickup code has been put in a ridiculous place and it needs to be moved to somewhere visible on the order details screen. It has been hidden at the very bottom of the order actions which is in a blue button with an arrow in! How hidden can they make it! This is unacceptable when you have two strangers doing a transaction and cannot find a way to prove collection. Put the button in a sensible place, it used to be on a previous version.