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FMC Cloud》匯豐汽車雲端檔案服務。
FMC Cloud》提供匯豐汽車員工雲端檔案服務,結合公司內部人員組織,並可於該APP進行分享檔案。

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Radon child can perform the Wi-Fi settings and data validation, plus equipment.
During the luncheon period (Feb. 1Feb. 9), the data could not be uploaded normally due to a server error. On February 10th, equipment and server communications were restored, and application and server communications were fixed on February 11th.Please use the updated version in the Play Store.We apologize for any inconvenience.Radon FTLab is an application for the radon eyeplus 'radon eyeplus' product.You can use the application to set the Radon Eye Plus WiFi.You can check the real-time data by connecting to the set Radon Eye Plus.
Control your phone with gestures. You will love the innovative home bar!
Get the maximum out of your android device!There was never before, a more natural way, to control your smartphone.This application provides additional features for the free version of Gesture Control. This is not a stand-alone app but an extension. The free version must be installed additionally.Note that not all features are supported on every device and Android version. After installation, please check if all functions that are important to you are working properly. If it doesn't, uninstall the app within Google Play's return period and get a refund.The following features are provided by the pro version:▶ Adjust the horizontal orientation of the indicator▶ Adjust the width of the indicator to fit your needsThe following gestures are provided by the pro version▶ Double click on the indicator▶ Long click on the indicator▶ Click on indicator and holdThe following actions are provided by the pro version:▶ Launch apps▶ Volume actions (show volume control, activate silent mode, increase/reduce media volume, mute alarm, maximize alarm volume, mute and maximize ringing tone)▶ Show information (Time, date, battery, used and available memory )▶ Media control (pause,..
Time tracking for contractors
Tímavera is a super simple time tracking app for contractors and trade professionals who have projects in multiple locations.When clocking in, the app starts a timer and records the GPS coordinates. When clocking out, the app submits the tracked time and the final GPS location. Comments and images can also be recorded to keep notes, track costs, or to document progress.To use the system a company account must first be created at Employees can log into the app after the company account has created projects and employees.
Amazing call screen flash & call show theme!
💕💕Color Call Flash ShowGorgeous caller screen! 💕💕✨Blinking flashlight reminds you the incoming call in a cool and special way.✨Amazing color flash alert and you never miss calls.✨Beautiful, dynamic and stylish caller screen themes.Call Screen provides a lot of cool animated themes, cool, cute, funny, etc… to help you make cool incoming caller screen and colorful calls. Many beautiful and unique color phone themes for you and you can make your phone more colorful. You can easily customize caller screen for any contact in your phone, make it difference and special.This is a start-up version, feel free to let us know your opinion by email.
Manage tickets in pdf form! Save bus tickets, entrycards or concertcards!
With this app you can manage all tickets you recieved in pdf form.No matter if it is your bus ticket, moviecards or a voucher! No more searching the filesystem! Add it once and find it then immediately.All tickets will be displayed inside the app so there is no need for an pdf-readerAlso you can favorite some tickets (like your bus ticket) so you can access them quicker.If an ticket is not used anymore, but you don't wanna delete it, you can simply archive it.Beside that there is also a normal delete function.The app stores all files internally, so you can't delete an ticket accidentally. But it is recommended to keep an backup of all your files ;-)If there is a problem please contact me!Thanks:Icon made by from
Find apps and games which we selected for you to enjoy
Hot Apps is the fastest way to discover recommended apps and games for your Android device.This app provides a convenient, quick interface to browse through the latest apps and games on Google Play. Find out about the latest app trends. Updated daily!* Three categories of apps: Apps, Alltime Popular apps and Featured apps* App preview with icon, downloads, creator and market category of each app* Each market category is quickly visible by an appropriate icon* Updated daily for fresh apps and games!Find apps easy and quick. Use "Apps We Like Best" today and discover your new favorite app!This app uses Android app monetization technology from the AppBrain SDK:
Protect and save your workers from emergency and life threatening events
What is OnGuard SOLO?📱OnGuard SOLO is a worker safety & monitoring application which serves as small as 2 person organization to large enterprise. You can start using SOLO today without hiring a dispatcher or signing up for separate web application. Features loved by our users👇👷 Monitor location of co-workers during work hours👷♀️ Check each other frequently from remote locations👷♀️ Alert co-workers when in emergency👷 Prompt action and alert users with Geo Fence👷♀️ Set an interval for life check when working in hazardous condition3 easy steps to setup the app☝1. Download SOLO and sign up to create your company/group2. Invite your colleague 3. Start with check-in you location
create hotspot quickly, wifi hotspot, floating view, widget , notification
It makes easy to create hotspot by your Mobile Phone.You can share your 2G/3G/4G data network with your friends or your family quickly.You can enable Hotspot quickly by adding widget on homescreen or floating view.Also you can enable Hotspot quickly by click Notification.It can display the client which connects to your Hotspot.Works good on Android 8.0 and later version.Hotspot name is the WiFi name to set. Password is the WiFi password to set.
ISS Tracker is app to find position of 🛰️ISS over the earth 🌎& Updates 👨🏻‍🚀
ISS TrackerISS Live HDSpot the Space StationISS Tracker is a simple app to track the location of the International Space Station (ISS) 🛰️ over the earth. It also shows live HD stream from ISS Camera. You can view the earth from Space live. You can also set Alarms using this app so track when the ISS is passing over your home. You can then use 🔭 telescope and view it. You can also view list of 👨🏻🚀 space scientists on duty on ISS.Features of ISS Tracker App:ISS Live HD FeedWatch Earth from the spaceSpot the Space StationFind when the ISS will pass over your home. You can set alert and app will notify few min before its passing byISS On DutyCheck who are space scientist on duty on ISSISS TrackerTrack where the ISS is passing by over the earth currentlyISS 360 Degree TourCheck out how ISS Looks inside with Google Street view Tour of ISSSpace ChannelsWatch out different Space related youtube channels from the appDoes astronomy interest you? Do you wish to see the earth live from the International Space..
Recover lost photos and videos from your memory card or internal memory.
Photo recovery is a seamless data recovery tool that will deep scan your phone and SD card and will give you back all the images which are deleted from your phone. You can use this to restore images that were accidentally deleted.Accidentally deleted an important photo or video? No need to search for a dedicated photo recovery or recently deleted video recovery tool. With Dumpster, it all comes in one placeyou can recover deleted videos, restore photos, undelete recently deleted apps, and other files.
The membership platform launched by the SUM Alliance, the largest used car business in Taiwan, provides exclusive discounts for customers who purchase and maintain cars, as well as inquiries about members' car purchase transactions and maintenance history.
The membership platform launched by the SUM Alliance, the largest used car business in Taiwan, provides exclusive discounts for customers who purchase and maintain cars.And provide member car purchase transaction, maintenance history query service.*Exclusive coupon!Member exclusive coupons are updated from time to time, so that you can't get enough good health.*Transaction history query!Check your car purchase details, you can clearly check the car information (car registration information / warranty date / certification / free towing / car purchaser, etc….)*Maintenance history query!Check your maintenance details, and you can clearly check the maintenance records of your car (maintenance items / maintenance amount / warranty location / entry mileage, etc)
《FMC Cloud》匯豐汽車雲端檔案服務。 《FMC Cloud》提供匯豐汽車員工雲端檔案服務,結合公司內部人員組織,並可於該APP進行分享檔案。
《FMC Cloud》匯豐汽車雲端檔案服務。 《FMC Cloud》提供匯豐汽車員工雲端檔案服務,結合公司內部人員組織,並可於該APP進行分享檔案。


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