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This app is developed for the student, teachers, staffs, founder of St. Xavier. Here you can view your attendance, daily routine, fee payments, dues, request book from library, watch educational videos, track homework and assignments and many more. Install the app to explore amazing features.

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일본주요뉴스를 핵심문장만 빠르게 Loading! 공부할 수 있도록 함.직독직해 연습을 통해 빠르게 독해연습할 수 있도록 함.보고 기억하여 다시 쓰는 연습을 통해 장문의 독해 능력을 기르도록 함.사용해 보시고 의견 남겨 주세요.
Learn chinese better and faster while playing.
Key features:1- Learn how to read, write and speak chinese step by step with over 50 types of games.2- Get proficient in less than 6 months.3- Prepare your certifications (HSK and others) the easy way with our award-winning approach.Learn chinese while playing with Les Petit Mandarins. A playful yet complete methodolody which is used and recommended by chinese teachers.Conquer the Great Wall of characters to master chinese. Step by step learn more and more vocabulary, progress with advanced grammar lessons and practice your knowledge through more than 50 games.The easiest way to learn Chinese, from 4 to 104 years old.
Key elements of Korean history Now officers, Korean history ability test, SAT, promotion test, please master in 10 days. Report point and solve quiz !!
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Educational platform that connects schools - families with AI technology
Mobella is a high quality interactive management platform software designed specifically for the preschool industry to improve the efficiency of family and school interaction, scientific management of school professional issues. and improve enrollment rates. Appropriate functions and high stability have led to more and more preschools participating in Mobella's platform, the most popular is the intelligent timekeeping system and ultra-low-core video technology that provides an airport shuttle service. whole school for children, to achieve uninterrupted interaction between parents, principals and teachers.
Synonyms and Antonyms of Dictionary
Learn Antonyms & Synonyms in Hindi10000+ WordsThis app contains Synonyms , Antonyms , one word substitution & important vocab with Hindi meaning for a particular word.With this App learning Synonyms , Antonyms , one word substitution & important vocab becomes easier.App is very use full for the students preparing for Bank PO , RRB Railway exam , IELTS , TOEFL , SAT etc.App also contains customized test, with unique feature.Free & offline app.Categories:Antonyms And Synonyms "A"Antonyms And Synonyms "B"Antonyms And Synonyms "C"Antonyms And Synonyms "D"Antonyms And Synonyms "E"Antonyms And Synonyms "F"Antonyms And Synonyms "G"Antonyms And Synonyms "H"Antonyms And Synonyms "I"Antonyms And Synonyms "J"Antonyms And Synonyms "K"Antonyms And Synonyms "L"Antonyms And Synonyms "M"Antonyms And Synonyms "N"Antonyms And Synonyms "O"Antonyms And Synonyms "P"Antonyms And Synonyms "Q"Antonyms And Synonyms "R"Antonyms And Synonyms "S"Antonyms And Synonyms "T"Antonyms And Synonyms "U"Antonyms And Synonyms "V"Antonyms And Synonyms "W"Antonyms And Synonyms "X"Antonyms And Synonyms "Y"Antonyms And Synonyms "Z"Download and share app your friends and family.Thanks
This is a collection of questions for the Class B Examination for Hazardous Materials Operators. Includes textbook functions and glossary You can also see the points of the exam from the web page. Please use it with the app.
危険物取扱者乙種3類試験の問題集です。試験のポイントをウェブページからもご覧いただけます。アプリと一緒に活用ください。※本アプリのインストール前に、Lite版のインストールによる動作確認をお願いします。メニューボタンが表示されない機種についてはタイトルもしくは問題Noをクリックすることでメニュー画面を開くことが可能です特徴①科目ごとに勉強でき、本番同様に5択で出題。 過去の出題傾向に基づき、全範囲の問題を収録、解説 一問一答形式からなり、回答後、正答率も確認できます。 法令:253問 物理、化学:208問 性質、消火:617問 合計:617問 (体験版では各10問づつのみとなります)②2択問題も収録 5択は難しい!という方のために、問題を編集し、2択の問題としても収録しました 2択の問題で慣れてから5択にステップアップしてください。  2択の問題数も合計441問になります (体験版では各5問づつのみとなります) ②チェック機能、セーブ機能を搭載 自動で間違えた問題を記憶し、間違えた問題、まだ解いていない問題を優先的に出題します。またセーブ機能がついているため、途中でやめても再度立ち上げた時に続きから問題を解くことができるので、効率よく勉強をすすめることができます(データは各科目ごとにmenuボタンからリセットすることができます)③進捗状況がわかるバーを搭載 どれくらい自分が正解しているか知るためのバーを問題文の上に設置しているため、学習の際の目安にすることができます④本試験形式モードで出題 本試験と同様に、全35問で学習できます。また問題はその都度ランダムなため、何度でも試すことができます。 また、最後に各科目ごとの正答率、全体の正答率を表示します。 (体験版では各10問からランダムに出題されます)⑤用語集を搭載(約160語収録) 危険物に関する用語集を搭載しているため、トップページからの検索、問題を解いてる最中にも確認ができます。 (体験版では約130語)⑥教科書機能を搭載LITE、体験版では広告を表示するためネット接続しますが、ネット接続できない環境でもアプリ自体は使えます。有料版ではネット接続自体行いません。
A delightful series of richly illustrated and narrated audio-visual books!
English Library is a series of books designed for Early Readers. Simple vocabulary in introduced in an intuitive manner. Each book tries to build on the vocabulary that was already introduced in previous books. The English Library series of books are richly illustrated. Each page is beautifully narrated. The child can turn the pages at her pace or can use the 'Read to Me' button that will read each book page by page to her and turn the pages for her. The English Library app is a labor of love , built on books that were slowly created and over a four year period of time, the work of numerous artists and authors and editors. We have lost count of the number of times we have 'gone back to the drawing board' and started all over from square one. When we started out four years back, our purpose was the creation of a series of books that would be wholesome, beautiful, with audio and images and text that would introduce early learner kids to the wonderful magical world of English..
Very useful English Malayalam Translator app for easy & fast translations.
With English Malayalam Translator you can easily translate words and text from English to Malayalam and from Malayalam to English. You are able to translate words and even sentences, in just a split second.This application is perfect to translate texts fast in your phone or tablet.With this online translator you won't have communication problems.if you are a student, tourist or traveller, it will helps you to learn the language!In case you can not write, or if you wish another person to speak to you in another language, you can use the voice recognition available in this translator and immediately the spoken words will happen to be readable and translatable in a text. Just press the microphone icon and go!- Add Translation to Favourite.- Translate from clipboard- See Your Translation from History Features.- Possibility to copy the translated text by using one button.- The interface is simple and stylish.- Easily access for translated words, text and sentences.- The application is totally free.- Social MediaEasily share with Friends and Family.- You can translate by using your voice.- You can listen translations.- Simple..
Mock Test and Quizzes for preparation of RTET Level I Exam
Rajasthan Teachers Eligibility Test (RTET) is the entrance examination conducted to select eligible candidates for teaching in the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) schools. Therefore to ease the preparation for the exam, EduGorilla has come up with our Rajasthan RTET Level 1 Primary Level Exam Preparation App.Special Features 🤩 of EduGorilla's Rajasthan RTET Level 1 Primary Level Exam Preparation App👉 Accessible 💻 24*7 from any & all devices👉 Latest pattern Mock Tests 📖 & Current Affairs 📖 present in Rajasthan RTET Level 1 Primary Level mock test app👉 15+ Mock Tests ⏳ with questions as per the latest exam pattern👉 Smart user-interface that saves 40% of study time ⏱️👉 Daily News 📖 provided for the latest issues👉 Relevant Current Affairs 📖 for the exams👉 Reminders for Regular Exam Updates 📖👉 Daily Quiz ⏳ to test your preparation👉 Detailed analysis 💡 and performance comparison 🤟 on State-Level basis👉 Accessible in Hindi & English ✍️👉 The best online exam preparation app available at modest price 🤩Rajasthan RTET Level 1 Primary Level Exam Preparation App DetailsThe Rajasthan RTET Level 1 Primary Level..
Online Gujarat Gk App Use For All Government Examination Preparation.
2020 ONLINE GUJARAT GK ONLINE GUJARAT GK App contains one of the latest collection of competitive exam materials 2019-20.This is a complete Online Gujarati General knowledge app for all Gujarat Government competitive exam. It contains more than 10,000 usefull MCQ Type Gk questions and answer and also containe ONELINER GK gujarat gk daily updated new current Affairs questions, new categorywise questions, daily current topics.easy to share gujarati general knowledge questions like gujarat itihas, panchayatiraj, jaher vahivat, computer, constitution of india on Whatsapp,facebox,instagram,telegram etc all social media.You can choose Gujarati General Knowledge questions from the following categories -* Bharatnu Bandharan* Constitution of india* Gujarat no itihas* History of Gujarat* samanya vigyan* General Science* Gujarat no sanskrutik varso* Culture of gujarat* Computer knowledge * sport & games * jahervahivat * Public Administration* Panchayatiraj* History of India* Bharatno itihas* IPC and CRPC* Indian pinal Code and Criminal procedure code* Gujarati vyakaran* Gujarati Grammer* English Grammer* Gujarat taluka* Gujarat District* Gujarat jilla* Gujarati poet / kavio *Features OF Online Gujarat Gk*-Daily Latest and New current Affairs-Daily Question and answer updates-Latest Current Detaile wise..
App for the student, teachers, staffs, founder and parents of St. Xavier.
This app is developed for the student, teachers, staffs, founder of St. Xavier. Here you can view your attendance, daily routine, fee payments, dues, request book from library, watch educational videos, track homework and assignments and many more. Install the app to explore amazing features.

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This app is really helpful in getting lots of information regarding classes, marksheet and other details.


Please add reset password option in login page. I need to ask my teacher to reset the password everytime I forget it. Also the finger print option is not working in my device. (Realme 8, android 12.0)