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🌈 Alertas Coloridos no Monitorar:
Agora alertas de palavra chave com cor também são suportados no aplicativo.

📱 Compatibilidade Aprimorada:
Suporte para iOS 17 e Android 14.

🚀 Melhorias na Interface do Usuário e Desempenho:
Todos os elementos da interface foram redesenhados para seguir as diretrizes da Minha Effecti. Animações aprimoradas e desempenho geral otimizado devido à migração completa para Impeller.




Freedom to live: Leave the exhausting bidding routine behind. Effecti solves everything for you!

With our application you can monitor the chats of all electronic trading sessions that your company has registered and even receive call alerts. All this from anywhere in the world and in the palm of your hand.

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Latvian calendar with holidays 2023 - 2025
Latvian calendar with holidays 20232025• Create an event or note with an icon and color.• Create an annual event.• Personalized calendar with your picture.• Set a reminder notification for your event.• Set the first day of the week to Sunday or Monday.• Go today.• Jump to a specific date.• Soccer schedules.• Show public holidays in Latvia.
ALS is the ideal dispatch solution for the trucking Business with tracking sys.
ALS (Arethos Logistic System) is the ideal solution which permits the organization to streamline operations of your Transportation Business.. ALS enable client to submit and download ACE and ACI eManifest directly from the Applications. Client can make important documents specifically from the Software including: Trip route, Load details, Invoices, Confirmations Reports and a great deal more.. ALS has one of a kind tracking highlight which enables the client to track Real Time Location of Customers, Driver/Truck and Trip.
Community of CNC machinists enabling the future of manufacturing.
The Phillips Machinist is your personalized digital manufacturing assistant, with quick access to essential machine codes and calculators, direct contact with Phillips engineers, and practical resources designed to make your life easier.Spark your ingenuity with the Phillips Machinist, the only App you’ll need to succeed! The completely redesigned Phillips Machinist delivers a next-level experience offering these key benefits:EASY ACCESS TO CODES AND MANUALSA few clicks and you can access Haas G & M reference codes, Error and Alarm Codes, Macro Variables, and functions – and find information on how to apply them to your machines. Right away. Right on the shop floor. Explore our additional libraries with items from Okamoto, Hermle, Kent, Universal Robots and Markforged. CALCULATOR LIBRARYEnhanced everyday Calculators for the CNC Machinist in both Inch and Metric wherever applicable. Now featuring an information page that not only explains how to use the calculator but also the core concepts behind it! Some inputs have been configured to show suggested ranges for the optimal performance of a CNC program to keep you on the cutting edge. The Result section provides..
TIRGO Driver - logistics aggregator for carriers
TIRGO driver is the first logistics aggregator in the CIS, where each carrier fully works with the client directly.
Malayalam Voice Typing Malayalam Speech To Text : Keyboard for Malayalam Typing
Malayalam Voice Typing Malayalam Speech To TextMalayalam Speech To Text is easy for Malayalam Typing with Your Voice.Malayalam Voice Typing Keyboard for Voice Typing And Malayalam Keyboard Typing.Fast Malayalam Typing and easy to use.Malayalam Speech To Text converts your Malayalam Voice to Malayalam Text.You can write Malayalam Text in Pages easily with Malayalam Speech To Text.Malayalam Voice Typing Keyboard is to make Malayalam Typing easy for Malayalam People.Malayalam Voice Typing Keyboard And Select Voice Typing Option To get Malayalam Text by giving your Voice.Click on Mic button to speak in MalayalamIt Automatically give you Malayalam text of your words after your speaking is finished.Give Malayalam Voice and get Malayalam Text typed readily.Fast Malayalam Typing with Malayalam Speech to text.Malayalam Voice Typing With Speech To Text Malayalam Keyboard.Malayalam Typing is easy with Malayalam Voice Typing Keyboard without any typing effort.Malayalam Speech Typing will reduce time and effort in typing MalayalamIt will make Malayalam typing easy and simple for everyone.
Find out everything about your Condominium wherever you are, quickly and practically.
If you have any doubts about your access, contact the email: [email protected] the EuroCondomínios application you can:* Perform cadastral updating;* View the open and paid tickets of your unit;* Make reservations for common areas;* Get the second upgraded way of your tickets;* Copy the digitable line (bar code) to make the payment through the application of your Bank;* Chat with the doorman via chat;* Register and release access of visitors and service providers;* Create requests directly to Euro Condos;* View the occurrences of the unit;* View communiqués issued by Euro Condos and by the trustee of your condominium;* View documents such as meeting and convention minutes;* View accountability of your condominium;* View your condo's photo album;* Change payment method for credit card or ticket;
«Time Recording» Automation with NFC Tags
Automate your Time Recording punches with NFC tags, with support for check-in, check-out and task switching.Setup is easy:• Get a bunch of writable NFC tags.• Use this app to write the "punch" commands to the NFC tags.• Done. Each scan of such a tag performs the according action.Notes:• NFC tags needs to be NDEF-compatible, e.g. NTAG203• Task and client names are stored on the NFC Tag. If the Time Recording app cannot find a matching task later-on when scanning a tag it will create a new task with the given names (which comes in handy if you want to have other Time Recording app users or app installations use the same task names)
Backup, restore and transfer your phone contacts as easy as 1-2-3
This app can be used to:• Export your phone contacts as an email attachment This is ideal if you want to keep a copy of your contacts in a file format that can be edited with a simple text editor or with a spreadsheet application such as the Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.• Transfer the contacts between two phones. The typical case is when you purchase a new phone and you want to transfer them from the old one.• Export to local file. This can be used when you want to export your contacts in a local file (i.e. a file stored in the storage of your phone) that you can keep as a backup, or move it to your computer using a USB cable.• Import from a local file. This can be used in order to restore a local backup, or read file with contacts that you have created elsewhere, e.g. with Excel on your computer. Please consult the documentation below, on how to format the file.Key benefits over similar apps:• Super easy to use: A step-by-step guide will..
SalesTrack. Allows the registration of Management and GPS Tracking of Sales Force
Pure Technology (PureTech) puts at your disposal the SalesTrack (Sales Track) application, which allows automatic GPS tracking and registration of information of the Sales Force (Salesmen). SFA (Sales Force Automation)Among the main functions of the application we can mention:Tracing:*Monitoring or tracking via GPS of the seller's location automatically* Capture of coordinates of each visit made by the sellerCustomers:*Planning of Visits to Clients.*Rescheduling of scheduled visits.*Visit Scheduled Clients.*Visit of unscheduled clients.*Reason for NOT closing sales.*Record of management log made to customers including position where the seller was at the time of management*Georeferencing of Clients*General customer information* Update customer data*Registration of new clients, with their location and capture of photographs and signatures of the sameOrders.*Calculating trade policies automatically.*Price List Management*Search criteria by code, name and category.* Management of digital product catalogs.*Display General data of the products as Stock.*Send mail* Capture photos of ordersCollections.*cancellation or partial payments.*Invoice Documents, NDB.* Form of Payments cash, check, withholdings, appropriations, transfers.*mail delivery*Captures of photographs of the paymentsRecords of Activities to be carried out*Choose from the activities planned for the client (list), which were carried out*You can register..
Voice Recorder, Organiser & Notes
Record audios, add rich notes, manage categories and create your custom categories!Create rich notes and include pictures in it!Share your files with friends on social media, email and so onWith Voice Recorder & Notes you can create custom categories and have them listed in your menu! Filter the easy way. Organize your audios today!Upcoming updates will contain:- Support for Pictures/video attachments- Call recorder- Calendar view- Cloud StorageVoice Diary app will only get better if you keep help us!
Effecti - Technology for Bidders
Freedom to live: Leave the exhausting bidding routine behind. Effecti solves everything for you!With our application you can monitor the chats of all electronic trading sessions that your company has registered and even receive call alerts. All this from anywhere in the world and in the palm of your hand.

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