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Battle of Wayang Game SCREENSHOT

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Battle of Wayang Game DESCRIPTION

“Wayang” is a term used in Indonesian culture to refer to traditional shadow puppets or theatrical performances, Now here it becomes a game. You can control your “Puppet” with dual joysticks and win the battle.

Vision : Creating a game experience that combines the beauty of wayang performing arts with exciting and innovative action battles

Mission : to introduce wayang culture to players through an entertaining and satisfying game experience. By presenting authentic combat mechanics and controls similar to a puppet show.

Key Features
– 2D physics-based fighting
– Variety of characters
-Unique combat system

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"Wayang" is a term used in Indonesian culture to refer to traditional shadow puppets or theatrical performances, Now here it becomes a game. You can control your "Puppet" with dual joysticks and win the battle.Vision : Creating a game experience that combines the beauty of wayang performing arts with exciting and innovative action battlesMission : to introduce wayang culture to players through an entertaining and satisfying game experience. By presenting authentic combat mechanics and controls similar to a puppet show.Key Features- 2D physics-based fighting- Variety of characters-Unique combat system

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