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Stomatologіchna klіnіka Oleksandr Draganchuk

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#One destination with solution #Simplified usage #A boon to all budding hompaths
This App is Every homoeopaths expert advisor, teacher and friend which you can carry anywhere. Practising homoeopathy just got easier.Complete homoeopathy combined in a small appgo ahead download todayFeatures:*News and updates: This will make u updated with all the news, research and every development in the world of homeopathy.*Remedy Finder: your similimum just seconds awayIncludes all General symptoms, just tick ✔those u selected for Totality and submit it. U will get the list of medicines with number of symptoms it covers and that with Gradation (Red= 3 marks, blue=2 & black=1). Click on the remedy, get the materia medica of it, will help for final prescription.*M.M. Key notes:Pocket materia medica key notes u can access any time any wherewithout internet.*Rubrics meaning: confused abt rubric? Get the proper meaning with cross references and drugs it covers with gradations. (Capital letters for 2 marks and small for 1)*Video lectures: Get the best selective lectures of Homeopathic experts online.*Seminars: Interested to learn homeopathy from different stalwarts? We will inform u abt every seminars near u and around the world.*Careers and job: some Homeopaths..
Build confidence administering intravenous (IV) drugs safely and effectively
**New 2023 Edition Content**Trusted for over 45 years, Intravenous Medications contains everything needed for the safe and effective administration of IV drugs. Updated annually, this comprehensive resource contains detailed monographs that include dosage, administration, contraindications, precautions, interactions, antidotes, and more. This app helps nurses, nursing students, and health professionals avoid errors by using the built-in calculator to determine precise dilution and rate of administration. Download this app to see how it will build confidence and help you provide better patient care with its intuitive, quick-access format. Features of Intravenous Medications 2023 include:• 400+ detailed generic and trade name IV drug monographs• Annual updates• New monographs featuring recently FDA approved drugs• Helpful calculator and charts for dilution and rate of administration• Black Box Warnings highlighting critical information• Blue-screened text call attention to important circumstances that may not warrant Black Box Warnings.• Life-stage dosage variances for geriatric, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients• Updated drug interactions, precautions, alerts, and patient teaching instructions for all IV drugs• Dilution and dosage charts within monographs provide quick access to essential clinical information• Advanced Search help you..
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PatientMD offers a secure HIPAA compliant platform that provides a complete range of various healthcare solutions for you and your family's health and medical needs.a)Appointments: User-friendly and intuitive online appointment scheduler through which patients can schedule Clinic, Telemedicine, House call appointments instantly.b)PHRA database of your medical conditions. Patients can create, upload, and share their PHR with their healthcare providers anytime.c) MessagingConnect with your doctor over secure audio, video, and chat services. Also, patients can set reminders for their tests or doctor visits.d) MarketplaceA unique marketplace for you to shop, schedule and purchase services/products from healthcare providers at discounted rates.e) CommunityConnect anonymously with other patients and doctors across the world to share or keep yourself updated with information pertaining to the healthcare industry. f) VideosExplore different videos posted by doctors, hospitals, and healthcare-related businesses on topics of your interest.g) NewsKeep abreast of the latest news from across the globe from some of the top medical and research institutions in the world.Why PatientMD? Register on our platform to enjoy our services just as you can by downloading the PatientMD App. - online order and short-term delivery medicines to the address
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All about kinesiology taping.
Kinesiology taping is the method of therapy and rehabilitation based on stimulation of natural reparative processes in the body. Our recourse provides you with really useful information about kinesiology tapes and methods for their application in case of different diseases and injuries.The main effects of kinesiology tape:• activation of the circulation;• improvement of lymph outflow;• pain relief;• improvement of muscle function;• support of joints.We are sure that you’ll find the answers to all questions in the field of kinesiology taping directly in this app.Sincerely yours, “Medical Taping” Project Leader,Pavels Kolomijecs.
The DeliveryPharmao application is only intended for Pharmao partner delivery partners. This application allows to receive the orders to be delivered, a real indispensable tool to make quality deliveries.DELIVERY OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS AND PARAPHARMACYYou are sick ? No more need to move, have you deliver in less than one hour your medication or your drugstore.Download the client application (Pharmao): Select the pharmacy of your choice2- Choose your drugstore products or scan your prescription3- Request a delivery of medicines or your parapharmacyPharmao guarantees your safety:We transport your sealed opaque medicines and documents in an insulated bag.Your medical data are stored at a Host Authorized by the High Authority of Health (HAS).FIND A GUARD PHARMACY:Find the nearest pharmacy. An emergency on a Sunday, a holiday or in the middle of the night? Locate directly the nearest pharmacy around you.Save time with Pharmao, the online pharmacy!Warning: This app uses GPS services to get closer to the controls and continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Zearh is a doctor home visit app. Within a minutes doctor will be at your home.
Routine complication, un affordable cost, waiting for months to receive the care service. All these become a history with Zearh a doctor home visit app. Just a press of button the nearest doctor will give you a home visit based in your health situation and needs wither a routine care or complicated case require a specialist assessment or physical therapist session, we cover it all and more important all the service we provide are certified by the ministry of health.
Cardiac Diagnosis measures heart rate, arrhythmia, tachycardia, and bradycardia.
Cardiac diagnosis uses a built-in camera to detect blood circulation in the measurement area.1. Measurement of heart rate and heart rate variabilityYou can measure the exact number using the built-in camera sensor of your smartphone or tablet.2. Measurement CategoryGeneral Measurement- It measures 20 heartbeats to calculate the number of heartbeats per minute, and arrhythmia is differentiated by calculating the heart rate variability.Precise measurementThe heart rate is measured for 1 minute to differentiate between heart rate and arrhythmia.Continuous measurementCheck the heart condition by looking at the graph while continuously measuring.All measurements are indicated in green for normal, yellow for caution, and red for abnormal.If red is frequently detected, it is recommended that an electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) test be performed at a hospital.3. Results trackingWhen the measurement result is saved, the measurement value and screen are saved and history management is possible."How to use and precautions"1. In the heart-shaped view on the measurement screen, find the rear camera where the measurement site is visible, place your fingertips lightly, and click the Start button.2. Measure while your hands are warm> If your hands..
Watch the growth of your litter and puppies with weights and pictures.
FIDOPOLI Litter Diary helps you, as loving breeder, to ease the daily care for your litter. Use the app to collect daily weights and photos.With FIDOPOLI Litter Diary you can:* Plan a litter* Create puppies with their unique number, markings and identification color* Keep an overview of the litter and see instantly what puppy requires weighing* Weigh your puppies daily and follow their individual growth progress* Follow the growth of the complete litter and share a growth chart with friends, followers and future owners* Add lovely photos* Register your FIDOPOLI account to store your data safelyAvailable languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, German, Dutch, Czech
Technological platform dedicated to providing medical care
La PolarDr Digital Assistance is a technological platform dedicated to providing medical care, through a teleconsultation that allows creating an instant, comfortable and safe experience.
Stomatologіchna klіnіka Oleksandr Draganchuk
Stomatologіchna klіnіka Oleksandr Draganchuk

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