Update version 2.4.0
- Fix minor bugs
- Optimize game performance.
Our development team is continually improving the game to deliver the best mobile entertainment. Thank you for playing and we hope you continue to support future updates of Emoji vs Zombie: Merge Battle.

Emoji vs Zombie Game SCREENSHOT

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Emoji vs Zombie Game DESCRIPTION

🚨Are you ready for an exciting adventure in ‘Emoji with Zombie: Merge Battle’😄?
Your mission is simple: Merge emoji soldiers to create a powerful army and face off against hordes of zombies🧟♀️. The rivals will get more powerful with each next level, fusion is your only way to beat them all. 🔰

Combine your army to make them stronger than ever! Only 7% of players complete the entire game!💀

– The difficulty rises with each level.
– Strategic thinking, squad arrangement.
– Personalize your emoji and deck out your captain.
– Funny, challenging with Zombieville.
– Easy to play but hard to be the master.
– Unlock various surprising gifts in the lucky wheel and gift box.

– To begin the combat, let’s combine the same soldiers to form a new, biggest, strongest soldier.
– Tap the “Fight” button to fight against the giant terrible zombies.
– Use boosters strategically to gain an advantage in combat against zombies.
– Try your best to eliminate your enemies before your army dies.

🎯 Note that battles require perfect tactics, not strength. You’re using your brain, not your muscles. To be a hero, be clever, think logically, understand your enemies, and conquer the war!

⚔️ With easy controls and addictive gameplay, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Download ‘Emoji with Zombie: Merge Battle’ now and start merging your way to victory!

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There are so many traps and factions in this new game. Your mission is working out and Guess who is die first or Who wins ? You should apply the knowledge of physical and reality to guess. 💰💲We will give you three fare level to bet. You should base on your reliability in each level to choose the most reasonable price. Try to lose less and gain moreFeature of Guess WhoWho is Die First ?:🔻Main story: The duel between the forces or even monsters. You have to notice special instruments or skill of characters to not make mistakes.🔻Life story: Let’s see it as a real life because everything can be happened.🔻Love story: Love is instinct but sometimes it brings us trouble. Guess it is paradise or hell on each level.🔻Physical mode: You should be a good at physical in school to pass all levels in this mode.🎰After every level, let’s try your luck and earn rewards➡️You think you are smart? Download Guess WhoWho is Die First ? and prove it!
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😈SOS! Impostor is trapped in the desolate darkness and trying to find a way out of the strange forest Chuu Chuu , BamBam🆘In the adventure to find valuable artifacts, Impostor got lost in the deep forest, surrounded by Chuu Chuu , BamBam zombies, zombies, monsters… To escape the Chuu Chuu maze, become a good shooter. gunner, destroy all the fearsome and mysterious enemies.💥 Hunt and destroy all opponents, you need to avoid traps and find a way out of the forest as quickly as possible before getting lost in the maze. Use your shooting skills, intelligence, thinking ability, super skills, quickly find the most suitable plan to escape the traps and become the lord here.⚔️How to play🕹️ Simple moves: Drag to move and tap the button to attack nearby impostors within your range.🕹️ Unlock skins and weapons to rescue your stupid teammates🕹️ Hunt and kill hordes of Zombies, Monsters, Impostors! Collect more and more coins to upgrade your weapons to make them stronger.🕹️ Upgrade your skills, overcome challenges and unlock exciting levels⚡Features✔️Lots of funny and famous characters like Chuu Chuu..
Become the PRANKER number one!
Become the PRANKER number one! Back to childhood with gun toys and shooting everyone but don't being caught.Collect many guns and Prank all people everywhere: in home, in school, gym club, sea or on streetBECOME THE BEST PRANKER!Tag everyone in sight, don't get caught and, above all, have fun!COLLECT ALL THE TOYS BLASTERS!Have many gun toys for you to unlock, collect them. You can upgrade toys for better experience. COLLECT MANY SKINYou can unlock many characters, play the role of a heroesUPGRADE GUNGun upgrade system will make the game more attractive, more fun.
Rope Gangster City Mafia Crime is a game to become the leader of a gangster
Welcome to Gangster Mafia City, where you can become the ultimate boss in this legendary crime simulation game. Recruit talented individuals from the underworld to strengthen your crew and dominate the criminal world. Fight, conquer, and establish yourself as the mastermind capable of ruling the entire underworld. Immerse yourself in the thrilling action of this grand gangster simulator and shooting game, where you'll face off against American gangsters and engage in a war for control. Experience the adrenaline-pumping gun battles and seek revenge as you bring peace to the city by taking down the rival gangs. With a vast open world to explore, complete various missions, engage in boxing matches with mafia cartels, and participate in exciting gang wars. Stay tuned for updates and limited-time events that bring additional missions and challenges to the game. Engage in street fights, make deals with the mafia, drive different vehicles, and roam freely in this dynamic open world. Prepare for a realistic crime simulator experience where theft, mad driving, and strategic control of the mafia will earn you money and power over the..

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