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The angered creature of the runner survival lost temple 3d is eager for its victims. Our character in temple game running is trapped in the tomb of run temple game and has awoken the creature in lost run game. The monster of lost temple is now after you in the runner tomb game, save yourself in the endless game run. It includes all of the new games 2023 features that make temple crazy game fantastic.

In this jungle temple game, you’ll take on the character of an adventurer in crazy temple who is alone in an abandoned temple of endless games, searching for the mythical treasures of temple dash that have been left behind in the dungeon run. The tomb of the temple game running is full of monsters and treasure leftover in the lost temple from previous’ explorations of run temple game. Collect coins and technology in endless games, arm yourself and become strong in temple lost game running to the face of the challenge.

You are lost in the traps of this tomb runner game, and your only goal in this endless running games is to find a way out. And the only way out in this temple crazy game running is to discover a way to escape on your own in the new games 2022. Not only is that, but a monster in the jungle temple game is after your life. By rushing through the crazy temple 2022, you must ensure in temple dash game that you are saving yourself from the traps of the dungeon run games. There would be hurdles in your path of temple game running, and some nerve-wracking leaps in the 3d lost temple 2022. The journey of the run temple game 2022 will also contain some unexpected endless games 2022 twists and turns in temple lost game running. You have to evade them all in tomb runner with care, as one minor mistake in endless running games might result in the monster of temple crazy game oz capturing you.

How to play temple lost running game 3d:

• To jump through any obstacle of new games 2022 slide up your finger in the jungle temple game.
• Slide down in crazy temple to avoid any tree or fire woods swipe your finger down in the temple dash game.
• Swipe left or right on the screen to take a turn while running in the dungeon run game.
• Pick up different powers in temple game running to boost your performance in lost temple game run.

Features of temple endless running games:

• Controls for run temple game are very smooth.
• Stunning UI for endless games.
• In the new temple lost game running more than one environment for tomb runner game.
• Animations and visual effects for endless running games 2022 are amazing.
• Sounds effects of the temple crazy game or provide a thrilling experience.
• The background music of the new games 2023 is non-stop running.
• Different characters in jungle temple game.
• Play crazy temple game 2022 without using the internet.

Complete your tasks in new games 2023 to get rewards in temple dash game. Collects coins in the dungeon run so you can unlock different things with them in the temple game running. Gems in this lost temple game also play a key role. You can get a different premium item of run temple game with gems and you can also respawn a player in the tomb runner 2022 after a failed attempt while playing new games 2023. With coins in the temple lost game running, you can boost your different abilities in the endless games 2023 which will help you in this endless running games.

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It takes too much time to download
Hi Joel, Sorry for the inconvenience, that delay might be due to slow internet connection. If you have played the game, kindly share your suggestions about game improvement. We hope to get better stars from you.


Too much boring game Please add new maps and features And a enemy
Thank you Joshi for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department. Kindly give us 5-Stars rating :-)


Excellent work & Beautiful Game Thank You So Much ..... I have Another one but Not 3D With Other Ph. ... But this 0ne is the Best ...
Hi Anis! We are really glad that you like our game. User's satisfaction is our main concern. Please stay connected for coming updates and share with your friends.


It uses alot of time to be downloaded but I think it is nice
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The game has life very nice
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I can't move 2 the next lavel i don't get it
Hi Kefa! We are really sorry for the issue you experienced. Performance is our main priority and we would solve the issue as soon as possible, we would like to get further details of issue at Getting 2 stars from you is really a demotivation for our development team :-(


Nice Good Game
We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games.


It's fun and exciting to play. It's also interesting
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That light irritates me while am playing its too bright
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The game is beautiful created by interesting game
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Good and simple
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Excellent game with smooth control and beautiful graphics
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On My side I think this is the best game of All the games
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In 1 word superb game. I love to play it.installed today only
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I think this is game i dont known about it beacuase i was stucked in the first move she is not getting to the wall so please emprove so this 5 stars are to improve it
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This game is so fake It even failed to download after consuming my money you con men
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I give it 5stars coz its so amazing and fun to play 😍🤗😊
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runner survival is very thrilling game. really enjoyed it. recommended
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Great game to play. Thanks Google.
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