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PondLogs – Real time Pond Data Management Tool

Pond Management Platform
– Cloud based platform to manager your ponds data for analysis and management

Device(s) Integration

Feed Records
– Manage all your feed records (Manual & Device), because having a clear analysis and understanding of the data you have is crucial for success.

Monitor growth
– Clear visibility of the shrimp growth across ponds.

Yield Analysis
– Have ready harvest records of all previous harvests, which helps you to analyze the yield and take a better decision to harvest the crop.

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PondLogs - Real time Pond Data Management Tool
PondLogsReal time Pond Data Management ToolPond Management Platform- Cloud based platform to manager your ponds data for analysis and managementDevice(s) IntegrationFeed Records- Manage all your feed records (Manual & Device), because having a clear analysis and understanding of the data you have is crucial for success.Monitor growth- Clear visibility of the shrimp growth across ponds.Yield Analysis- Have ready harvest records of all previous harvests, which helps you to analyze the yield and take a better decision to harvest the crop.
Real time pond management tool
• Manage and monitor your ponds in real time using PondLogs mobile app or web site. • Analyze the feed consumption. • Track the growth of your shrimp.• PondGuard and PondMother are integrated to PondLogs to monitor DO levels and control the feed schedules.

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I love this app, is so fast. I think is a native app, because when I use an hybrid app I can't get this fast. Thanks for your time.