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Van Gogh Immersive Experience App DESCRIPTION

Application to enhance the live Van Gogh Immersive Experience.

Includes QR code scanner and search function to explore the content at your own pace.

Please Enjoy!

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Application to enhance the live Van Gogh Immersive Experience.
Application to enhance the live Van Gogh Immersive Experience.Includes QR code scanner and search function to explore the content at your own pace. Please Enjoy!
Frida Khalo Immersive Experience: The Life of an Icon
Frida Khalo Immersive Experience: The Life of an IconMobile Applicaiton for use within the Frida Khalo Immersive Experience in Brussels, Belgium and Tel Aviv, Isreal. Scan panel QR codes or search by panel name to explore the gallery content at your own pace. Available Languages:ArabicEnglishDutchFrenchRussianPlease Enjoy!

Van Gogh Immersive Experience App DOWNLOAD

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Enjoyed the music videos and art exhibit.


Absolutely no point to this app, it is exactly the same text as what's the wall. Adds nothing extra.


Beautiful and entrancing


I really enjoyed the Inmersive Experience


The VR headset w presentation was worth doing even though it made me dizzy . I think it was. Cynical ploy to add on an extra cost however .




Very enjoyable!


I didn't feel immersed




Loaded app on arrival and found it pointless. Info duplicates the printed material on display!


Visually impresive.


Astonishing experience!


Fabulous trip out. Loved the experience. Will engage anyone of any experience level.


Information from the exhibition boards, including art.


Fantastic 👍


It's ok, I didn't use it much during the exhibition, especially as in the London venue the data service was poor.


Not that useful when all the information is viewable on the walls


Ruined our experience. QR Scan simply doesn't scan. I have the latest Android patches on latest Samsung.


Great exhibition detailing parts of Van Gogh's life along with his art. Immersive part is fabulous...


Expensive visit to see two pieces of visual arts and then wanted to chargé extra to use the VR! Complete rip off