1. Launch your EZIclean® robot wherever you are
2.Customize the cleaning sessions of your EZIclean® robot
3.Your EZIclean® robot displays in real time the surface it has already covered
4.Program your EZIclean® robot to infinity
5.Connect several EZIclean® robots at the same time and share them with other members of your household

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Connected watches from Sweden
KronabyConnected watches from Sweden.Stay focused on what really matters. The Kronaby watch lets you choose who or what is allowed to interrupt you. From your Kronaby watch you can control music, turn the lights on, locate your phone and much more.Use the Kronaby app to customize your watch features to suit your lifestyle.This app connects your Kronaby watch.The Kronaby watch works with Google Fit.
Daily motivational quotes.
Motivational quotes and status messages app contains quotes to choose from. You will like the different categories of quotes in the App.You also get a Daily Quote sent to the App. Hope you will like the hard work on an Indie Developer.Daily motivational quotes is very amazing quote app which consists of daily motivational quotes and famous quotations in it. This quote app also contains various categories such as Success, Relationships, Motivational, Inspirational, Funny and many other categories.The app includes a wide range of topics such as self-esteem, relationships and dealing with stress, as well as a selection of carefully designed themes to choose fromupdated every hour.Daily motivational 'Quote of The Day' will be delivered at a time convenient for you. Just set your start and end times, as well as whether or not you'd like to receive it as a push notification.This app is particularly useful for students who has to go through many classes in one day and can't think of how they feel at that moment or what makes them happy or sad (especially if you're not..
This is the official MyJPCC App from Jakarta Praise Community Church.
This is the official MyJPCC App from Jakarta Praise Community Church that provides members with information and/or news within JPCC and facilitates registration access for programs or events conducted by JPCC.This app also offers JPCC's small groups/community information.For more information about JPCC, please visit or email
Welcome to the Crepe&Waffle Mobile ordering App!
This application is provided by Crepe & Waffle's delivery service to provide application service via ِAndroid devices You can - Save all your personal data, numbers and addresses once and then can be modified at any time later.- You can make your order with all the details you like in your crepe , or waffle easily, follow up the order status until you taste it and then because your opinion is important to appreciate your evaluation of the service and to be audited and attention to all details by management.- Enjoy all the offers and discounts from Crepe & Waffle Group for our special customers.And BecauseWe are aim to the highest levelsWe are keen on this and we commit to it, with every product and every new updates.
View fueling records and fueling records by period, automatic fuel economy calculation
안녕하세요. 연비 계산기는 고유가 시대에 가장 간편하면서도 효율적으로 주유 기록을 관리 할 수 있도록 도와줍니다.※다음과 같은 기능을 제공합니다. 1. 주유 기록 ( 주유량, 1리터당 주유 금액, 주행거리, 주유 횟수, 주유금액 )2. 기간별 주유 기록 보기 - 사용자가 원하는 기간에 기록한 주유기록 정보를 볼 수 있습니다. 3. 연비 계산기 - 주유 금액, 1L당 주유금액, 주행거리, 주유량 입력으로 연비를 계산 할 수 있습니다.개발자 연락처 :010 9245 0547
Know your daily zodiac horoscope & dates signs. Get astrology or tarot reading!
Use your daily horoscope to plan your day. With daily horoscope stay prepared for the transitions in life, problems to face. Also, know what things will work for you this free and accurate horoscope reading. Just choose your zodiac sign from amongst the different sun signs: ♈ Aries♉ Taurus♊ Gemini♋ Cancer♌ Leo♍ Virgo♎ Libra♏ Scorpio♐ Sagittarius♑ Capricorn♒ Aquarius♓ PiscesFEATURES OF DAILY ZODIAC HOROSCOPE ARE:❂ Free Daily Horoscope 2022: Get your zodiac horoscope on love, work, money & more for yesterday, today and tomorrow❂ Get your complete astrological profile: Know your astrological Symbol, Element, Ruling Planet, Love Life, Qualities based on your sun sign, Lucky Color, Lucky Stone, Lucky Day, Lucky Number and more❂ Get your compatibility: Understand your perfect match with our zodiac compatibility analysis❂ Share free daily horoscope results with your friends and family on Facebook, WhatsApp, etcChoose your zodiac sign – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces and get complete astrological predictions every day for free.Download this free daily horoscope today!
Useful tool for those people that decide to plant vegetables in the city
This app is a helpful tool when you decide to plant your own vegetables on your terrace,balcony or any other place that you have in your house in the city. Plan when you have to transplant, prepare the seeders or harvest your vegetables. Get inspired with the most related videos or even ask your questions to another pot farmers as you!Start your Vegetable Container Garden now!
Saudi Citizen’s Official Platform for Improving Public Services
Watani is a mobile application that enables citizens, residents and visitors to evaluate public services, rate their satisfaction level, and contribute to the ongoing efforts focused on improving public services.
Go wherever you want, whenever you want!
Dryve is an application dedicated to the rental car that offers you the car you need, whether it's a small, large, economic or luxurious, at the time you want the car. You choose if you want to rent it for a few hours or a day.With us you do not have to worry about anything, we take the car to your home with a full tank of gasoline and insurance included. Just worry not to lose the key!Renting is easy:Download the AppChoose the car you wantThe owner agreed time and place for delivery of the carGet Started to handle!
U-Luk-Gud is your one stop platform for beauty, wellness and lifestyle services.
U-Luk-Gud(ULukGud , youlookgood, you look good, ,u luk gud ) is your one stop platform for beauty, wellness and lifestyle services.We believe grooming and good looks is for all men, women and yes for kids too.Our aim is to aggregate the best of services, products and consultation under one umbrella and make it accessible to everyone. Our Simple search engine allows you to quickly book appointment from your neighbouring service provider or from the trending stylist and also earn loyalty points as you consume services regularly. You can find a host of services from Beauty, wellness and lifestyle service providers,check their services, rate cards, reviews, and take an informed decision on your next step in looking good.
Simply connected!
1. Launch your EZIclean® robot wherever you are2.Customize the cleaning sessions of your EZIclean® robot3.Your EZIclean® robot displays in real time the surface it has already covered4.Program your EZIclean® robot to infinity5.Connect several EZIclean® robots at the same time and share them with other members of your household


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