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Facebook Lite App DESCRIPTION

Facebook Lite is fast, works on slow networks, uses less data and comes in a small package.

Facebook Lite is recommended if you’re on a phone with less than 2GB of RAM, connecting on 2G or 3G networks, or simply want to save mobile data or space on your phone.

Enjoy an uncompromising Facebook experience that has reels, dark mode and all the key features, like:
• Messages – Messaging is available without needing a separate messenger app – all of the benefits of Facebook Lite and Lite Messenger can be enjoyed in one app. Chat with friends in private or in group chats. Video call or voice call with whoever you choose – you’re in control of your privacy.
• Reels – Watch, create and share fun reels with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more.
• Stories – Enjoy and share everyday moments. Add cool effects like stickers to text, music, videos or your own pics and share your story!
• Videos – Discover and watch tons of shows and videos, including reels, from creators and pages you care about. Share publicly with your friends in a group message or in a private chat.
• Groups – Find communities of people with similar interests and connect with them.
• Marketplace – Buy and sell locally and connect with buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace.
• News – Know what’s happening, locally and globally.

Your privacy matters. Learn more about current news reports regarding Facebook data.

The Facebook Lite app is included in Facebook apps and technologies.

Get early versions of the app, try out new features and give us feedback by becoming a beta tester.

Problems downloading or installing the app?

Facebook Lite is only available for people ages 13 and over.

Terms of Service:


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I prefer fcbk lite but recently I'll be in the middle of typing a post and suddenly the app will just shut down with no warning. Usually, I'd get a message saying the app isn't responding & giving me the option to either wait or close it. This doesn't seem to happen


It works fine for me. It takes up a lot less space on your device. You can't use a template to post, only white background, editing your posts aren't always allowed and when you get a notification an see click on it, it only takes you to your page, not the notification page or the notification itself. Otherwise it's similar to original version of FB.


The wost experience I get !! It suddenly stops working and even if I'm watching something it automatically refreshes it's feed and I can never find that again !! 😤 And then on top of that captions on stories doesn't appear on the stories after doing a lot of trouble!! 😤 And it's algorithm is becoming worse each and everyday!! In addition it's having trouble even opening while connected to Wifi 👍🏼 The experience is getting worse everyday 👍🏼 Now it's not opening properly in addition 👍🏼


Many of the bugs found in the standard version are left aside. But others are included: when making a post in a group and including photos, it uploads the photos, but not the text added to the post. Emojis in the comments I l make directly appear with a (?) sign. Cannot change the setting to open the links on an external browser, it will always open them in the internal one. Very difficult to get into a group profile, it goes to the main one. Can't you make an app without bugs? Seems not.


The Facebook application is excellent for staying connected with pals and passions. It's likewise your pda for storing, conserving and sharing pictures. It's very easy to share images right from your Android cam, and you have full control over your pictures as well as privacy settings.


The stories glitch and show for about 0.1 seconds each pic (vids work fine) . Also any pic on the feed which is a fairly normal rectangle size doesn't show straight up, you have to press on the image to view the bits up the top and bottom which are missing. Every single time. Plz just show the standard rectangular images in their entirety from the feed, it's clunky. Or maybe offer an option to keep it the way it is for whatever reason that may be. Other than those gripes it's a good light app.


UNINSTALL! 🤬🤬🤬 Useless! When looking at someone's page, even a facebook friend, not showing all the pictures, many times, the screen goes blank and doesn't let me scroll or see anything. So annoying! UNINSTALL! Thanks facebook for helping me decide to get rid of you!


Weird limitations. I wish it was explained in better detail what Facebook lite can and cannot do. Instead you just get to play the guessing game of will this work or not every single time. Every single time somebody invites me to join an event, I have to re-log into Facebook just to view the event. It doesn't make any sense. I appreciate having something takes up less battery usage. The app needs spell out It's limitations instead of letting us bumble our way into constant error pages.


Was going to do five stars, but dropping it to three because I can't post pictures anymore. My gallery will not pop up. It's not my phone either because I have tried on multiple different devices and the same thing happens. Wifi is not the issue, mobile data is not the issue, carrier is not the issue. This is on the app itself. My gallery works fine on everything else but this. Even the main app works fine but I don't wanna have to constantly switch accounts which is more of a hassle for me.


The worst app ever. You can't scroll through anything. The screen goes black and the app freezes up after just a couple of scrolls .. every single time.... Then you have to restart the app. And you still can't scroll. This app SUCKS!!!!


😡 Forced to use this rubbish because the full app is screwed and doesn't stay open, thus one Gif images don't play. Dark mode is on works but load screen is white n type box. Also has lag Alot slower that the full version, that's ironic as this I lite so I'd have thought less resources hungry. For notification you click them and the bells still lit and there still marked unseen even though there been looked at. Seriously must be best job doing the fb apps paid and don't work clearly. 👎👎👎


the app is laggy. It's always loading when the connection is strong. It's always the first opening of this app. It always annoys me because I get tired waiting and exit the app. Please fix this and remove the loading part when you open the part, it's so annoying 😤 Update: The app closes by itself, it's really annoying, like it glitches me out of the app. Please fix this


I like that it doesn't start on its own like the full FB app. Small footprint is nice to. But when I'm trying to read an add or article and hit the part that says "see more".. you can't . It does nothing. For that makes this app nearly useless.


Dark mode has returned in the latest version (9th Jan). Functionally, the app is lacking behind the full version but aside from some persistent and minor bugs and user experience issues (such as when scrolling down a page, the screen becomes blank). Lite is generally a better package with Messenger elements included. I hope this continues.


I love the small footprint. But, when I try to save a new post, 9.7 times out of 10 says "unsaved." You can only access photos in gallery; useless. When I view a page it oftentimes/usually will 1) go blank/gray, then bounces back to my feed, or 2) won't load more than a couple posts. It also refreshes a lot, erasing what you're typing (if it's going to be more than a few words, I now type in another app, then paste it into FB Lite), along with bouncing you back to the feed's beginning.


The app isn't working normal. Whenever i try to view a page sometimes even after being successful,it just crash (the page goes black) and i can't get back on the page. Oftentimes while i am watching a video it would close and disappear and go back to the top of the page. Several times i see "something went wrong" whenever i try to view some videos or comments. There are so many issues with this app i just don't understand...


Still have to kill and restart the app regularly when it ties itself in knots. Still doesn't gracefully post attachments into threads in line with the comments you type. Ads are getting more intrusive. Most recently half the menu options in the context menu for a post have disappeared. Seems to be a race to drive people away from the app as fast as possible. UPDATE: now crashing while I'm composing post replies. I'm about done.


While it saves so much space which is great, the posting of stories function doesn't work properly. If you insert text in an image the text doesn't load after its been posted. It's the same with the stickers and all the other options as well. It worked fine on my Motorola, but the Samsung A03 I just purchased not so much. So it's not all phones, just "some".


The built in browser is all but useless and crashes constantly while having no option to use a real browser by default. The Story function fast forwards through all pictures to the last one and cannot be turned off. There is no option to turn off or remove all friend suggestions (who I don't even know). The app can only read its own photo folder. The app has no access to my microphone, but keeps showing me ads for things I have only ever mentioned verbally.


STOP FORCING REELS!! I really enjoy the traditional Facebook videos that used to be on the videos feed. But now they are inserting reels into the video feed constantly. It's almost 4:1 now. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. I do not like the reels format, but fb is determined to push them down your throat. Just stop, or at least give an option to opt out of reels or hide them.