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Facebook Lite is fast, works on slow networks, conserves data and comes in a small package.

Facebook Lite is recommended if you’re on a phone with less than 2GB of RAM, connecting on 2G or 3G networks, or simply feel like being resourceful.

Enjoy an uncompromising Facebook experience that has Dark Mode and all the key features, like:
• Videos – Discover and watch tons of shows and videos.
• Groups – Find communities of people with similar interests.
• Marketplace – Buy and sell near you and beyond.
• Stories – Share everyday moments.
• News – Know what’s happening, locally and globally.

Your privacy matters. Learn more about current news reports regarding Facebook data.

The Facebook Lite app is included in Facebook apps and technologies.

Get early versions of the app, try out new features and give us feedback by becoming a beta tester.

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Facebook Lite is only available for people ages 13 and over.

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After I updated yesterday suddenly the videos are fast forwarded for 5 seconds I'm having problem to watch videos and shorts. Also after updating videos and shorts consuming too much Internet that wasn't happening before update it's totally wrecked. Please hurry up and fix this problem at once. Thank You.


Would have loved to use it, but there's no place to add photos to an existing album. So I'm forced to download the hunk of trash full version, because mobile Facebook in the browser also doesn't have the option. I really miss the good days of Facebook. Nothing works anymore.


I had a great experience using this app, but I also had a bad experiences, like when i refresh my feed it won't, it just keep showing the old post that I already saw. and when i'm talking to someone my screen on the phone is lagging and stuff and just now I can't open the app, I re installed it, but nothing happen. I hope you can fix it.


Still have to kill and restart the app regularly when it ties itself in knots. Still doesn't gracefully post attachments into threads in line with the comments you type. Ads are getting more intrusive. Most recently half the menu options in the context menu for a post have disappeared. Seems to be a race to drive people away from the app as fast as possible.


This app is great and fulfills its promise of a simple but elegant user interface, fast experience, and lightines of the storage space at the same . However, uploading a video is a hassle and you cannot post a video fully according to it's quality and time. I understand that the app keeps it's lightines, but whats the point of using this if their are restrictions of video playback and time. I minimize 5 stars into 3 because of this problem, needs to address this problem.


the app is OK overall but still sucks up a lot of battery, even with regular forced stops. also, ever since i started using fb lite, every time i share a photo (1 or more) *WITHOUT FAIL*, my accompanying text -never- appears. i always forget this & then have to edit my post to re-include it — but now, i have to edit photo posts multiple times for my text &/or tags to save. this ends up burying my posts, to boot. please fix this; it is very, very frustrating.


On the full version of FB you used to be able to search for the friend or group that you wanted to share a post to, but since installing FB lite so as to be able to use certain admin tools for groups that I'm the only admin on, the search facility has gone and even worse, when looking for a friend you get every person that you've ever contacted (including when buying items or even ex girlfriends!) and in no particular order either, not even friends first and then random acquaintances. So clunky!


Finally, it can copy comments. Still no option to copy text in post (let alone copy SELECTED TEXT). You can share a post, but not copy text. Battery consumption is just drastic! Kills the battery in no time. Also, often (but not always!), after reading comments to some post, you press "back" to return to the feed, but the feed is already refreshed, and you find yourself at the top of it, not where you left off. Quite disorienting.


1. The app seems to use a tablet UI, so even at Larger Text Size everything is way too small! I can't hit anything properly or read when all my other apps (including regular Facebook app) are sized normal! 2. The reactions are not showing properly ever and flicker or are blank. 3. I cannot upload multiple pictures at once. When I select multiple pictures and hit next, nothing happens during making a post. 4. When typing a comment sometimes the box you type in is too small. S21+ One UI 4.1


Why every good thing has to be bad at some point. This app is very easy to use. I always prefer this app over the original one because of it’s in app message service. Also it doesn’t consume so much space. But recently I am having so many issues like I can't watch any story. Whenever I open any story it constantly start changing and I can't even stop it. Sometimes when I type long message it automatically refresh itself and I lost the written content which is very annoying.


Everything fine for a lite version. However, there are little details to correct. One of the biggest, is that when tapping on a photo to see it in full size, text is still appearing at the bottom and cannot be hidden by tapping the photo in fulk size. It would be very helpful to correct things like this.


Even if sometimes theres something wrong in using it, but this is pretty app to use, less data consumed than facebook app. It is really good but sometimes, the quality is bad and husky especially if youre gonna post a pictures even saving pictures from the said app. When posting also a videos, it cuts off not limits of 20 seconds. Hope that it will be upgraded as soon as possible.


I really like Facebook lite because it's very convenient and easy to use especially if you don't have a strong internet connection or data. I don't really like the update I mean lite became pretty but other than that the comment section looks like Chrome and some of my friends didn't like it also. The old one is better and nicer, I hope you will consider bringing it back or changing it. thank you.


Very hit and miss. Sometimes it works well,other timed it just stalls, and stalls, and stalls. It is basically a mobile web browser version of Facebook. Uploading photos can be tedious and often freeze and fail to load. And if you sign out of the account. It can take 10-15 minutes for it to load up and bring you back to the sign in screen. It supposedly isn't a resource intensive and battery killing; however from what I've seen, it is just as bad as the regular FB app in terms of battery use.


I've always tried to avoid Facebook but recently decided to try it out. I'm finding this app's notifications to be buggy and extremely obnoxious. I have to deal with each notification twice. There's the initial notification and the repeat after I open the app. Until I open the app, the notifications are stockpiled to blast all at once when I finally do open it. Being notified a second time is pointless. Being notified 30 times in 2 seconds is absurd. This indie company needs to ramp up QA.


Why every good thing has to be bad at some point. This app is very easy to use. I always prefer this app over the original one because of it’s in app message service. Also it doesn’t consume so much space. But recently I am having so many issues like I can't watch any story. Whenever I open any story it constantly start changing and I can't even stop it. Sometimes when I type long message it automatically refresh itself and I lost the written content which is very annoying.


The regular Facebook app wouldn't load past the splash screen. Just kept crashing. Even after I deleted it and reinstalled. So I'm glad this app still works for me. I think there's something wrong with the latest update of Facebook. Hopefully they fix it soon. However, so far I haven't found anything this lite version can't do over the full one.


Promises with little delivery. Videos still auto-play. Android notifications don't take you to the post; sometimes they take you to the top of your feed in the app, sometimes they don't do anything. Half the time the same notification re-appears after leaving the app or doesn't disappear at all. There is no Parent Dashboard for those using Messenger Kids. There is a display telling you that, but it stays open for only half a second. When you save a post, it always says displays a quick "Unsaved" and then disappears. In all, this app has very little quality control. More like an afterthought.


Buggiest app I've ever used. That's just marketplace which is the only reason i use this POS. After a couple weeks the browsing of categories stopped working. No results. Search can't use exclusion terms. Defaults to incld shipping every time you navigate. Unsaving works half the time. Error accessing the account page, sometimes. Tried deleting the app and the folder on my phone and reinstalling. Just figured that ads are shown that are actually deleted. No one was replying so it must not send


A lot of issues. When posting pictures to a group all of your text gets deleted. You have to edit the post and add the text all over again. When notified of a new post within a group, once you click on the notification it takes you to a completely different post or different group. This had been happened since the last update. On Android 11.