✔ دعم النقر المطول على زر (نسخ).

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OFeKey Extension Top Clipboard App DESCRIPTION

★ to add custom application ( OFeKey Pro ) and ( OFeKey Free ), compatible with version 8.2016 and higher.
✔ add you top row on the keyboard buttons to a portfolio, such as copy and paste and another copied texts and others.

to activate the addendum:
■ Download the application
OFeKey Pro : & # 8594;
OFeKey Free : & # 8594;
■ Download the add-on.
■ filled application ( OFeKey Pro ) or ( OFeKey Free ).
■ go ” settings ” and ” Keyboard Layout ” and then click on the ” top row “.
■ CHANGE phenomenon of the list ” clipboard buttons “, if he does not find reboot the machine.
✔ Now open a keyboard ( OFeKey Pro ) or ( OFeKey Free ) and you’ll find that it has added a new top line.

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The application allows you to coordinate and decoration advanced texts and in a manner fully controlled by you.
■ application that allows you to coordinate and decoration texts advanced in a manner fully and controlled by you, you can also open the application in the traditional way, or open it as pallets keys to a convenience to you when you want to ornament any text anywhere any, or open a window on top of other applications (exclusive gold version Garnish Pro Plus ).✔ Internet application used to display ads (disposable Download: Garnish Pro Plus ).✔ can download the same application without ads and faster updates and more features Download: Garnish Pro Plus : & # 8594; Application Action ★ The first way:☆☆ Open the application from the applications, write any text you want, then coordinated, and then copy it (Right copies of the application), or participate in (right post of the application).★ The second method:☆☆ go to (adjust Phone> Language and input) and then did (Garnish Pro), then when you write any text anywhere you want to format, all you need is a (select the input method) are usually found in the notifications bar on the phone..
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■ OFeKey Free app is an advanced keyboard, it has been designed for all users specially for Arabian user you will be able to type easily and elegancy and you will be enjoy by all exclusive characteristics that you always wanted to be in Keyboards.✔ This app uses internet only for two reasons: for advertizing which can easily get rid of by downloading ( OFeKey Pro: → ), and for using quotation feature.✔ You can download the same app without ads and with faster updates by downloading (OFeKey Pro).App features:★ Easy and elegant design, from which you can access all keypad services easily and conveniently.★ This application supports all handsets with small, medium and large screens.★ Simple activation system to serve new users with ease.★ Arabic language layout supports all Arabic characters and all the characters can be accessed with a single button.★ Arabic language layout contain extension symbol, diacritics symbols short vowel marks e.g. (Ḍammah and Kasrahetc) plus famous islamic words.★ Arabic language layout, contains a system of an advanced decoration that you can access by a push..
Top row contains a clipboard buttons
★ to add custom application ( OFeKey Pro ) and ( OFeKey Free ), compatible with version 8.2016 and higher.✔ add you top row on the keyboard buttons to a portfolio, such as copy and paste and another copied texts and others. to activate the addendum: ■ Download the application OFeKey Pro : & # 8594; OFeKey Free : & # 8594;■ Download the add-on.■ filled application ( OFeKey Pro ) or ( OFeKey Free ).■ go " settings " and " Keyboard Layout " and then click on the " top row ".■ CHANGE phenomenon of the list " clipboard buttons ", if he does not find reboot the machine.✔ Now open a keyboard ( OFeKey Pro ) or ( OFeKey Free ) and you'll find that it has added a new top line.

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