We made improvements and squashed bugs so Fahlo Animal Tracker is even better for you.

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We are Fahlo. We partner with non-profit organizations to create bracelets that come with a real animal to track.

The Fahlo Animal Tracker lets you add your animals to an interactive tracking map to follow their journey, learn more about them, get important updates, and more!

We started this mission in 2018, and since have been fortunate to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to save wildlife.By combining a tangible bracelet and interactive tracking experience, our goal is to educate customers about wildlife and excite them about conservation

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Great app, not all bugs have been cleaned, I keep getting kicked and and having to open again, the loading screen is very very long and time wasting and it's even longer if it keeps crashing


I just started tracking Barbara, an alleged 30 year old polar bear last seen with two cubs in tow. The last update was August 4th, and she's traveled roughly 5 miles with an average speed of 0.02 miles per hour, which seems alarming. How will I be informed of any pertinent information, i.e. she should pass or anything of the sort?


Could Be Streamlined: I am really a fan of these kinds of projects but with this app in particular, I'd really like an update that would let us pare down the data set so we could choose the amount of time we were seeing. My sea Turtle swims in a giant mass of lines right now so I can't actually see any of his activity which is kind of a bummer.


I love polar bears and my daughter, Jenna, loves sharks. We are having so much fun following our animals and learning about them. And the bracelets are beautiful! It is the only jewelry I wear! We found our bracelets in a quaint shop and since then I've ordered us each one more. But I'm sure we will get more. We love our bracelets, love knowing more about our animals and being able to follow them, and especially love that we are supporting their conservation!!


I love the app, but some bugs need improving, whenever I open the app it crashes and I have to open it again, nobody else seems to have this issue, but I think it should be fixed, also it seems to drain my battery quickly, I'm not sure if that can be fixed, but if you can, I would love the improvements. (And for those of you saying you can't see the names of the countries, you can, click on the layer thing and go on hybrid or basic. )


Just got this app after purchasing a Polar Bear stuffed animal at an Aquarium that came with a tracker. It is honestly SUPER cool to be able to help animals all while having something more permanent with you as well. I would totally love to see other animals, such as wolves, whales, maybe some bird types like ostriches, Eagles, etc. To be added! Until then, I plan to get one of each animal for myself and my grandmother! Please keep adding animals!


Fahlo is great. I have two animals. I have a great hammerhead shark and a lion. They both get updated often. My shark stopped tracking for a couple months but it's back! They update once or twice a week, and as I have heard the customer service is great!


I love this app so much. My friend got some of these and I felt excited each week he'd come in and share where his animals where so I got myself one and definitely will go and get more. I love that they're saving animals habitats and giving you something fun to look forward to. Plus I like that they're adding new animals and partnerships along the way to help out all animals


I love this app and learning about my animals journey. However, I seem to have hit an unfortunate bug where it backtracked its "latest" transmitted location to about 2 months ago, when it showed it recently. As well, I find that my map is now blurry, so I can't track any of my animals location. I hope this is fixed soon so I can get back to tracking!


At first, the app was fun to track my animals, but eventually, it stopped tracking the two I had. My brothers were tracking the same animals since they scanned the same code, after a while my brothers were notified that both animals had died and then they got new animals to track. I am not getting anything to even indicate that the animals died.


If I could rate it 0 stars I would. I had a turtle bracelet for over a year. You can't even tell where it's actually been because how bad the map is. On top of that I don't think they even donate like they say they do. They pop up fake promotions saying you'll get a free bracelet and you'll click it and never receive anything. Just overall would not recommend to anybody.
Hey Evan! Send us a message at and we can take a look at your map to see what's going on. Also we encourage anyone to reach out to our non-profits to verify our donation amounts, so please do research! As for the free bracelet, if you got notified, you definitely got a free bracelet! Ask if not! :)


Was super excited when I received a tracking bracelet forChristmas 2022. However, my tracker stopped working 6 weeks (late Jan 2023) after receiving it. I'm not sure why they are sending out trackers that are near end of life. Contacted customer support a while ago, but got no response as of today. App itself is alright, but buggy in some ways. Would not recommend this app, or Fahlo in general, based on my experience.
We're so sorry to hear this!! The trackers are designed to last about a year, so sometimes customers do catch the tail end of the track, but we always send a new animal if that happens :) The app will automatically replace your animal now if that happens again! Shoot us an email at and we will get that to you!


The idea is nice. The bracelets are cute. I bought many of these for family and realized all of them have finished or close to finishing their 2 year adventure as the tracker only lasts so long. I'd buy again if I knew it was the beginning of the adventure. Otherwise I won't buy again.


I LOVE the idea of getting to track an animal and only having to buy a bracelet to do so! I've only had one problem with this app. Whenever I try to track my sea turtle Poptart, the map lags a LOT however, I dont think its a problem with my internet or device because when I track my giraffe Hani, with the same device and internet her map works fine! Other than this very small glitch or bug, this app is amazing and so cool! Has anyone else had trouble with their map while tracking their turtle?


I like the app and it seems intuitive. I would love a scale bar on the map so it's easier to judge how far the animal has travelled. The data only gives the most recent "traveled since last distinktion", and total traveled distance, which is cool but it could be really interesting to see the changes in distance traveled through the period


I love the concept but I've noticed some bugs. Every time I get notifications from the app, about 10% off purchase or other promotions, I'll click on it and it'll just take me to my map, and I can't actually find the promotional on the app. I also can't purchase the monthly subscription through my account


I am loving this experience, but a suggestion would be to add the year to the tracking app updates. I just received a new bracelet and it's hard to tell where the animals journey started up until now since it's been over a year since the tracking started. And, adding the country's and oceans to the map would help kids (and adults) assist them in learning their geography. Otherwise, you guys are doing a great job!


I absolutely love Fahlo. They are a great team following a great mission. The customer service is amazing. Personally, I had a small issue with the string on my bracelet coming undone, but there team was kind and willing to help out even though it wasn't their fault. I also love getting to track the animal, it's so fun to watch the animal's journey. I would highly suggest any of their products as a gift to others or for yourself.


I love the idea of tracking different animals around the world, but it takes a few days for me to see how far it traveled, when it updates periodically every 7 days. This problem is over looked though because tracking all kinds of animals and figuring out how far they traveled and where they are specifically is alot of work when also moving the data into an app and making sure they get to the right people. But an amazing app and I'm so glad I get the experience of tracking different animals.


Nice to track my animals more easily, but so far I'm having trouble adding the sea turtle, Maisy. The app claims that the animal doesn't exist, so maybe the database isn't complete or they just didn't include the sea turtles for some reason? I tried opening a bug ticket and, failing that, contacting the developer. However all of the in-app help buttons just don't do anything. No way to get assistance or have questions answered. It's new, so hopefully they'll fix it soon.
Hey Yumi, thanks for the feedback! Maisy is unfortunately no longer tracking, so she was not added to the app. Send us an email at We will get you a new turtle to track and gather any feedback to help fix bugs. This is a brand new app so thanks for bearing with us as we sort out specific version issues :)