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Main features of this version:
1. Many Italian recipes in the palm of your android cell phone or tablet.
2. You can save your favorite Italian food recipes in an exclusive list.
3. Free Italian cooking recipes (Italian cuisine, gastronomy from all over Italy).

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Italian Food Recipes & Cooking App DESCRIPTION

Find the best Italian recipes in our application ” Italian Food Recipes & Cooking App”! We have large collections of recipes for Italian food, from dishes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as the most typical or popular dishes of Italy, Italian Drinks, Italian Desserts. You can access all of our Italian recipes App for free 24 hours a day! Download now and cook the tastiest Italian dinner for the whole family.

If you are a foreigner and you are thinking of traveling or visiting Italy, this application will make your life easier when you want to choose a dish in a restaurant, or if you want to Italian cook dish with your own hands. Italy food is healthy and tasty. Italian gastronomy is especially popular or known because it is made with fresh, healthy and delicious ingredients (mostly produced on Italian soil and some imported from abroad).

characteristics of the easy Italian cooking recipes apps:
1. Access all Italian cuisine recipes in our application for free.
2. Simple and easy-to-use application interface with excellent and elegant design.
3. use search to find recipes or browse categories.
4. Several easy Italy recipes divided into several categories or cities.
5. Get an Italian recipe for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert.
6. Option to make a list of your favorite recipes (Italian dessert recipes).
7. Clear instructions so that anyone can try to cook Italian recipes at home.
8. Option to share this application with your friends and family through all existing social networks.
9. New recipes for Italian food cooking added periodically or when the user requests it.

List of some free Italy food recipes:
• Antipasti
• Sopa Minestrone
• Guiso de pasta e ceci
• Burrida Ligure
• Caponata Siciliana
• Ensalada Piamontesa
• Melanzane allá parmigiana
• Zucchini al pomodoro
• Panzanella
• Ensalada Caprese
• Torta Pascualina
• Las Frittatas
• Risotto de Esparrago
• Risotto de Calabaza
• Pizza Carbonara
• Focaccia italiana basica
• Piadinas
• Pizza cinco quesos
• Pasta a la amatriciana
• Lasaña de Carne a la boloñesa
• Rigatoni allá zozzona
• Orecchiette a la plugiese
• Espaguetis a la Carbonara
• Tagliatelle Boloñesa
• Pasta a la Norma
• Vitello Tonnato
• Pollo all Cacciatora
• Conejo estofado
• Piccata al limone con basilico
• Sarde un saor
• Emperador a la siciliana
• Castagnole
• Bussola buranetti
• Tiramisu
• Panna Cotta and more Italian dishes, drinks or desserts that you can enjoy in our application.

As you can see, we have all kinds of Italian recipes no matter what you are looking for or needing. You can find recipes of all kinds, we are like a recipe book focused on Italian cuisine. That is why you should download our free and easy Italian Cooking Recipes application Now!

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