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Pinball Arcade Game DESCRIPTION

Play over 35 REAL PINBALL machines!
Pinball Arcade is the most realistic and comprehensive pinball simulation ever created!
Free Tables:
* Phantom of the Opera™
* Al’s Garage Band Goes on a World Tour™
* Frankenstein™
New tables added in this update:
* Big Buck Hunter™
* Whoa Nellie!™
This expansive digital arcade features exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from ©Stern Pinball, Gottlieb® and Alvin G. & Co™ together in one app. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.
Rated 9.0 on IGN!
G4TV Mobile game of the year.

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You guys messed with the physics on the ripplys table. I had this on my old phone and you would be able to shoot the ball up the ce ter ramp with no issue. Now the ball almost always backs out of the ramp. It's also harder to make the trick shot at the beginning of the game, you can shoot the ball the exact same way and it won't go in. Ball doesn't hop between the flippers when it comes down the right ramp instead looses speed and gutters. You RUINED the experience.


Pros: Best table guides, lots of games to choose from, prices are reasonable, wide variety of styles and eras, most tables are quite action-packed and fun Cons: Lost licensing from biggest manufacturers, quality of tables varies widely, physics can be "floaty" Also: Lights, Camera, Action doesn't work even after removing and re-downloading the table.


An excellent pinball recreation app. Having played some of the physical tables I know. The only reason my rating isn't 5 stars is because the Lights Camera Action! table file is corrupted. I tried uninstalling the app and downloading it again and still, it crashes my phone. Please address this in an update.


Please come back to google playstore. Your app was way better than Zen.


Latest fix had resolved the crashing issue. Great app, it's a shame it still doesn't get any new tables. Perhaps you guys need to do a pinball arcade pro where we can import or create our own tables, I know I'd buy it if I could import all the tables I'd brought here...


App doesn't even open with the new update. They haven't touched or had an update in 9 months so I wouldn't be surprised if the newest update was to put the final nail in the coffin.


Ive used this app for as long as I can remember. I have tables from a long time ago. Now the app just crashes before it even opens. The last time I was actually able to play this sustainably was two phones ago..


Have enjoyed this app except with recent update it has stopped working. Please resolve the bug issue!


Besides the 120Hz issue on my P6 Pro, the left flipper touch area has dead zones. I thought this was just a screen problem with my Pixel 3, but my 3a and 6 Pro also have it, and it's worst on the 6 Pro. I used to enjoy this app, but it really needs an update, and I certainly wouldn't buy any more tables until it gets one. Edit: I've changed my review for the worse. It's unplayable. About one tap in every five on the left flipper in the displayed touch area scheme fails to register.


I have a Pixel 6 Pro. It's seems like the game runs very fast on this phone. The ball moves very quick and the lights on the table blink faster than normal. Update: changing the settings to turn off 120mhz screen refresh works. But it would be nice if the app could be updated to use the new Android 12 game mode so it can be turned off for only this game and not the whole phone.
Hello. Please change your screens refresh rate to 60hz. This will fix the issue. :)


Controls aren't good. Also I don't like the shaking. Trying to launch the ball is difficult and then you don't get control of the paddles immediately. Then when it zooms in it feels like control is lost again. I get what they're going for, a faithful recreation of real machines. But it's not very enjoyable to actually play.


Still okay (Also tip for some with game sped up) Game still is flawed but works fine for what it is. If Pinball Arcade FX3 was on here I'd be in heaven. SPEED TIP: I have noticed this on my phone as well once I realized that this game has an unlocked frame rate or something. If you go into your settings and then display, set your phone from 120hz or anything higher than the regular 60hz you're going to get the game processing incorrectly and making it go super quick. Good luck!


I think it's still a great app and all (even without the Williams tables) but, for the price I paid for various packs I'd not expect noticeable flipper lag on a Samsung S10e with the graphics turned down low... specifically on the Ghostbusters table. The "old school" tables are great and work well. How the mighty have fallen!


In my last review I suggested that the game, while good, is in need of a revamp. But beyond that, it needs fixes for basic, long-standing issues on Android. Right now "Phantom of the Opera" is on as a free table. But if you actually play the game to a high score it will softlock at the high score entry. Likewise "Bone Busters" has a top flipper and the button for it is the top of the screen, where nobody will reach it. Likewise "Whoa Nellie" tends to softlock at game start. Etc.


Superb recreation. Probably the closest you will ever get to the real thing. Certain mods have obviously been made in the interests of political correctness but I really can't fault the app. Its a shame they lost the license for some of my favourite tables but it's still badass. Those criticising certain aspects of gameplay would do well to remember that the physical arcade tables didn't play perfect either and that's part of the fun. The tables here even have known snags from the real things...
Thank you Julian! :)


This used to be a great app, but I've had playability issues since the last update. The right flipper is inoperable on any table, weather free or purchased. Did correct the problem buy uninstalling, but once I stopped playing and started again it was back to a dead flipper. Very disappointing, being I've purchased tables. Hopefully there's a patch to resolve this matter.
Hello, sorry about the issue. We would like to help. Please contact us at


Used to really like this. Haven't played it in a long time and just recently fired it up again. What happened!?!? I'm on a Note 9 and can't see the sides of the tables anymore! Camera angles don't help... and don't get me started on the unrealistic ball speeds! Balls travel at a reasonable speed until you hit them with a flipper.. most of the time the ball takes off at light speed making it near impossible to react if you need to use a flipper again. Such a shame.


I am having an issue with Doctor Who. I used to be able to generate dozens of loops by sending the ball into the loop with the top left flipper. After the loop it would drop the ball above the top left flipper to loop again. It is now dropping the ball to the bottom right flipper as if I was always completing W-H-O even when I am just looping. Was this game updated because its significantly lowering my scores with the bug?
Hello John. We apologize for the trouble. Please email our support department at :)


Good games but WAY overpriced. Seriously each table should be a dollar each. Period. I know it takes time model and develop each one in the image of their original counterparts but this app has been out for years. Make the older machines cheaper than the new ones. The prices have even gone up since I remember this app coming out.
We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy with our prices. We hope you enjoy our free tables of the month that we have to offer. :)


In the most recent game ruining flaw the flippers sometimes release despite holding them up, mostly when it will cause the ball to drain or when it's passing a 3rd flipper, and then they will not work for an instant. If it's not one thing it's another like game not pausing when google play interrupts. It have so much potential but so many problems. Shortly after I bought my second table pack on desktop an update made the game stop working altogether on my machine which, despite the wasted money, it actually works out better because saves the frustration that the taunting of this...
Hello Rico, We are sorry for the difficulties that you are having. For some users, turning on the "Show Touch Scheme" has alleviated this frustration. The default finger positioning has changed slightly but this can also be changed within your options menu. Please give these a try to have a better experience with your play style. Thank you. :)