New weapon parts added.

Weapon Upgrade Rush Game SCREENSHOT

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Weapon Upgrade Rush Game DESCRIPTION

Build your weapon, upgrade it and earn a new one!!

Get ready for the boss fight, good luck!!

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Weapon Upgrade Rush Game DOWNLOAD

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I would vote to delete this game off app store due to the fact that you can't even play it, I click on it to play and it loads up but then shuts off


If you're going to call it rush, make it faster. Also the run is way too short, and don't offer upgrades if you can't keep them. Seriously, I can't tell if there's any difference with the "upgrades", at least offer better guns! Nothing in this title lives up to it's promises, better games out there.


Upgrade your weapon with a ad game makers always ad hungry and if lags and you add 3 guns and double the amount of bullets you got and a charm and play and it just frozen that's annoying it happens 3 times to me it freeze but the add still works


game is fun and kinda addictive and what realy amazed me is the dev kept the ads minimal thanks to him I realy enjoyed it i get it you need ads to get paid but what you did is smart minimal ads doesn't bother me :>


Distance to end of each level is too short. Aiming angle is too high and away from the gun off to the right just enough to make the game a cash grab only. There legitimately is no reason to play this game as it is. I doubt that purchasing the no ads improves anything at all solely for the already named reasons. Distances to end level are too short. Reload time is too long. Aim down scope is wrong. Besides this game was properly entirely created by AI without a single programmer or developer.


For me there should atleast be some kind of maths challenge or dexterity skill involved to advance, but instead it's mostly about grinding your way through ads


I would give less than 1 star if possible. The fact you can't even upgrade your abilities without watching an ad first, EVERY TIME YOU FINISH A ROUND, makes the game unplayable. A "free upgrade" by watching an ad, is not a bonus, it's not even free at all, it's a cash grab. Especially when it's such a cheap upgrade, and they're ubiquitous to the point of being unable to play the game without an internet connection.


Fun little game but needs an option to reduce graphics quality to increase FPS. It gets so bad that the game freezes and becomes unresponsive, glitches through the upgrade windows (and the boss) (causing it not to register as collected) the spinning saw gets stuck on the edges and even though I'm firing tons of bullets into an upgrade window it won't go higher than 4 stars. It's a great game but buggy on this phone.


Gets insanely repetitive and boring. Unless you watch the adds to get all the upgrades before you start the level, you'll struggle to get the next gun. It also makes my phone (galaxy s22) really hot too which is odd considering I've played plenty of games from this developer and not had that issue


Don't purchase add free. It gets rid of the random adds, but it's almost impossible to advance without the optional adds, which get left in. The game almost gets less fun after spending $5...


It's fun sure when you can actually play the damn game, I have been stuck on 1 lvl for over an hour because it keeps crashing right after I watch the ads and get my upgrades this game is not worth your time


It just crashed out of nowhere and stopped working and I lost all my progress, very unacceptable, this game is good but I didn't like that.


It is an easy way to pass time, however do not remove ads... i got to high levels and everything glitched, went from +1 upgrades to suddenly dropping to +0.1 upgrades -_- also glitched my game so much i had to uninstall it because the game continuously kicked me out after freezing.


Crashes way too much. Stops responding. Animations take forever. All in all a terrible and grading experience


Game would be fine if it wasn't for the flashy animation it ruins any flow and add ons like having two guns instead of i don't know letting the second gun shoot while the first is reloading booth are not working till the first is reloaded its flashy because explain why anyone would twirl there gun after reloading it,it ruined the flow of perfect run because i had seconds to spare and instead i was left watching my character twirling the gun like an idiot it reads like forced Time waisted


Complete rip off. £7.99 to stop the ads but you still get them constantly. Then they tell you to pay another£45 to really stop the ads so please dont install this con and save your money!


The game would be great if it didn't crash every other match. RIGHT AFTER YOU GET ALL OF YOUR UPGRADES!!! If you ask me, it's intentional to force you to watch more ads.


Reloading speed slow and ever since it first offered a second gun it would freeze just after the grenades and I haven't been able to progress since it freezes at the same spot every time


Garbage game the stupid animations your characters does to ad attachments and reload take so long if messes with the flow of everything and the fact that some levels are obvious more stacked with good stuff then others just don't waste your time like I did.


This game would be absolutely ok if the reload speed wasn't so slow, I've had perfectly fine runs ended by how slow each animation was, I understand flashiness for ads, but this is ridiculous.