- Improved overall performance and smooth experience.
- Added new levels, adjust difficulty levels
- Update new gameplay - new Learderboard

Join us for some great new update.


【图】Cat Block – Blast Puzzle(截图1)【图】Cat Block – Blast Puzzle(截图2)【图】Cat Block – Blast Puzzle(截图3)


Cat Block – Blast Puzzle is a delightful fusion of the captivating Cat Block puzzle game and the joy of decorating a charming cat-themed house. In Cat Block, not only will you challenge your brain and strategize your moves in the addictive block puzzle game, but you’ll also have the opportunity to redesign and decorate a virtual house filled with adorable cat-themed decor.

🐾 How to play?
* Retain the addictive and beginner-friendly gameplay of the original block puzzle game
* Drag and drop various shaped blocks onto an 8×8 grid to complete a row or column.
* Complete rows, and columns to clear them from the board and earn points.
* Once the target is reached, Lucky stars & coins will be available as a reward!
* Lucky star will be used to restore and decorate the.
* Use hints to progress through levels more easily.
* Exercise your mind and enjoy a fun way to pass the time.

🥇 Key features of Cat Block – Blast Puzzle include:
✔ Captivating gameplay combining block puzzles with adorable cats.
✔ Simple and classic gameplay experience with innovative twists.
✔ Free to play, making it accessible to everyone.
✔ Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.
Whenever you need a break, Cat Block is there to entertain you. Let the charming cats and engaging puzzles whisk you into a world of delightful entertainment.

🏆 Cat Block rewards combos, where clearing multiple lines or squares simultaneously grants you higher scores. Aim for consecutive moves that complete lines to achieve even greater scores and bragging rights. What are you waiting for?! Download Cat Block – Blast Puzzle right now!!!

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Cat Block Game DOWNLOAD

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I just started playing this game. But it is growing on me fast.


Great it keep my mind at easy


Kitties AND block game! Who could ask for more?


Super amazing game just enjoying playing it.


awesome game, never getting bored makes me more excited to play.


A mind relaxer and a very enjoyable experience


super addictive and cute game!


Simple and Interesting


it's cute and entertaining easy to play and Yes those Kitties need help even with 9 lives they can use an extra hand


Very simple super basic


if the offerwall awards this will stay 5 stars, if it's down to 1 star then you can assume it didn't award me and I've come back to update it


cute game. I'm enjoying it. hope for rewards


fun game.. like the graphics.. and collecting different things


Enjoying this game a lot, hope to make it ad free real soon. The graphics are cute and awesome along with smooth colors and gameplay. Young and old can and will like it.


play is great graphics & plays fast got funny twists eggs it is a fun game!


Fun, addictive, and challenging!


(aka:testerzero) Went ahead and gave this 4* 'game' 5* rating ... I mean it does what its supposed to do... It is solitaire after all...


fun game with not too many ads so I recommend highly.


Loving this game but im stuck at level 97. The stuffs in the upper portion that needs to be solved is not the same with the things in the grid. Maybe thats the reason why the level cant be solved. Hope you could fix so i can continue playing. Thanks!


this is adorable graphics!! thank you