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Astroscope App DESCRIPTION

Astroscope app is a personal astrology guide and predictor in your pocket. We have created an astrological app with the most accurate and personalized predictions!
What features are waiting for you?
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly horoscopes for all the 12 zodiac signs. It will tell you about your professional, personal life, health, travel, and luck!
• Birth Chart / Natal Chart – Find out all the information about yourself with the help of our natal chart!
• Love Compatibility – Find out your love compatibility with your better half now!
• Fortune Cookie – Get a personalized message from a Fortune Cookie!
• Daily Tarot – Get readings on Love, Finance, and Career with Daily Tarot!
• Yes Or No Tarot – Service gives answers as a YES or a NO in just one flip!
• Coffee Cup Reading – Enjoy Coffee Cup Readings on Present, Near Future, and Distant Future.
• Celebrities – Find out which celebrities have the same zodiac sign as you!

Astroscope offers an auto-renewing, monthly subscription for $9.99, with a free 3-day trial period and an annual subscription for $59.99.
Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period.


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I really loved this app... I mean your youtube channel is the best but this app is just on the another level... I get my daily horoscope which is pretty accurate... Really loving this app.... ❤❤❤
Thank you 💘


I absolutely love this app! I love all the readings about your zodiac sign and I like reading about my zodiac and learning the compatibility between me and other zodiacs!
Thank you 💘


I like this app a lot because it is so relatable and accurate about my zodiac sign. The horoscopes are really helpful and true. Ever since i started using this app, i read about zodiac sign every single day. Thank you Astroscope!☺️☺️


Giving this app a 5-star review is because their of their accuracy, as 90% of their accuracy are true and the second reason is, they tell everything thing whether it is true or not and don't do like other astrology apps just saying all good things without any reason.
Thank you 💘


Doesn't work. Says Technical Break and nothing loads, have uninstalled and reinstalled and the same issue. Just downloaded it after watching TikTok, not an internet issue...
It is very strange. We now have the application working, we have tested it from different devices. Could it be that your phone was not connected to the internet?


Everything is fine but I can't add my says that name cannot be found... It's hard for me to proceed...Please kindly fix it...I'm really trying to use this app so much
Hi, what is the name of your city? Try to enter part of the city name in the settings, and then select the desired city from the list" For example: The name of your city is "Sevastopol" Enter in the search "Sevast"


It is good app but Nowadays there is technical break I don't know what it is. I hope that your team will fix it as soon as possible.
Thank you 💘


This app is just amazing and I love this app cause I have learnt so many new things.. and the compatibly page is just on another level ☺️🤩💜 and astroscope is the best zodiac sign app I have ever seen 💜💜💜.
Thank you! 🧡


This is a very good app. It is ad free which makes it better than any other astrology app. I would definitely recommend you to download astroscope.
Thank you! 💛


I love this app!! I love how you can check your compatibility woth other zodiac signs and I think it's really accurate. No regrets!!
Thank you! 💝


There's actually alot of things that is great about this app to be honest. But mostly I like that I can know whom I am compatible with so I can chose my soulmate and see what all common things we do have for each other
Thank you! ❤


Very nice app, my only suggestion would be to have an option where you can see all that you would gain from subscribing to the app.
Thank you so much 💖


I watch their YouTube channel but when i used the app it doesn't work. I have a android and about app it doesn't open just show picture of stars.
Hello! We are very sorry that the app has failed. It was released less than two weeks ago, so we still need to work to develop it and make it better. Please treat us with understanding and, if possible, change the review. We are already working on this problem. Sincerely, Astroscope.


It is a cool app, tho most cool features are premium. Basically can give u great amount of info about ur sign, element, intrest, compatibility and daily horoscope. Do wish to see more ne features to make this app even better And i LOVE the yt channel ❣️have been following it for a while 😃


It's a nice app, but there are a few factual errors (in the compatibility section Cancer is wrongly refered to as a fire sign a few times) , there is strange grammar throughout. Nicely designed though.
Thank you for informing us. We will work on it!


It's a fair app but there's another app called forceteller which could be major competitor to it. it doesn't really have much things to do in it you can check daily horoscope in love/work/travel/health/professional/emotions etc but that's the only thing around, the other thing is compatibility which is not accurate since it only uses sun signs (which is definitely not an accurate method) Tarot also is new so there aren't much to do in it, wish you luck Astroscope I'm being honest/experienced.


I got the app because i'm a very big fan of you're YouTube channel, and I find Zodiac Signs very cool and interesting, and I don't regret trying out this app. This app is so cool and informitive. It is also pretty accurate (for me) and I reccomend this app for anyone who loves their YouTube channel, it's a very nice app!
Thank you 💘


An amazing app. I was a big fan and subscriber of your channel and this app is the cream on top! I love it so, so, so much and It tells me everything I want to know about my sign and all that stuff! Def recommend. I just wish you could check those things without premium because there are a bunch of things i'd like to try out but I can't. So for a new premium, it could be the compatability which is free, and 2 of the games. Please take this into consideration
Thank you so much❤️


I love the app .. as a subscriber i love the app because exams are going on and instead of watching videos it's easier to directly use the app.. great job done
Thank you ❤️


Now, we don't need to waste time on watching long videos cause, we got an amazing app!! Thank you, Astroscope✨ Hoping for an apple version for my bestie! Keep going, guys...
Thank you so much ❤️