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FR LEGENDS is all about drifting!

From driving legendary FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) drift cars at world’s most iconic circuits, to customize everything on your car including engine swaps and wide-body kits.

For the first time ever, a mobile game that lets you have tandem drift battles with AI drivers, unique scoring systems based on real world competition judging rules.

Come experience the spirit of drifting and car culture in FR LEGENDS!

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FR LEGENDS is all about drifting!From driving legendary FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) drift cars at world’s most iconic circuits, to customize everything on your car including engine swaps and wide-body kits.For the first time ever, a mobile game that lets you have tandem drift battles with AI drivers, unique scoring systems based on real world competition judging rules.Come experience the spirit of drifting and car culture in FR LEGENDS!

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Great drift game, only downside is the requirment to grind like hell to get nice upgrades or cars, plus some or the materials on vents are paper thin so you can see through them at most angles or some of the corners dont meet correctly on other parts


This game is a banger but i feel like it could be updated a bit more frequently for example new cars from modes or maps. Maby even being able to create a party so me and my friends can be at the passenger seat so we can see each other drift in POV.


I love this game . I will play this game until I die. Crazy customization. I just made my car rx7 . That was so cool . And I have so much money. I love to play this game so much . And I can't wait for the next game. Fr legends 2.


Game is ok but the challenges are hard for me I always need to drift one direction it's hard to drift in that one direction I can't get money and the cars easily gets destroyed.


Hello everyone at Fr legends best game ever I'm a content creator of the game just one to ask if you can add a new feature where you can add people as friends if you want to play with them next time you hope on. Please look into this it will make the game 10×better trust me.


Cool game! Can add a free roam witch is in a city and you can just drive around with ai traffic and just chill? Anyway very nice game and good physic!


This is the perfect game for the drifters out there. It has got realistic physics, online works really well for a mobile game, the cars are sick, upgrades, liveries and more. Really worth a try.


I was looking for a game to play that has cars and I played and it is so hard to drift like I could probably drift in a square box better. It made me so mad 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬😡🤬


Game is good but i played offline Then when i connected didn't sign up i lost all my progress i made around 100k but sucks having to Restart


That was my favourite game but I have little problem. In every update this game getting buggy and laggy. Can reduce lag from this game. Cuz I can't record anything with lag. (Edit)Ithink you did fixed lag problem. Please do update with more new features. Because we need more things


Bro its a very good game in terms of drifting but the price of cars much high that you have to invest money in the game. I will give it a five star but the AI system is very bad when ever i do battle the AI keep on hitting me bcs of this my points get reduced this is not fair.


Fr legends has always be my recommendation to any drift newbie!!by the end of a week they fall in love. This game has been on all my phone's and it never disappoints,thank you to the creators .


Wow this game is the best drifting game ever really realistic,but its not really that realistic can you please add the Ratatatata exhaust on the cars and please add a Toyota Supra MK4 and also please make all headlights in every car light up please add it i would love this to happen so please do it in the next update and thats all. Thank you for this game Feng and Illy.😀😀😀👍👍


Awesome game.Cool cars, awesome tracks and dope customization but i would still like to see a Toyota Supra in the game and be able to swap in other engines in the rotary cars. But overall great game.👍🏻


Fun game to pass the time only downside us there are hundreds of vehicles they could add but the updates are years spread out and there is too much potential being lost


Poor updates I've been a really big fan of this game ever since it's been released but I feel like it's falling off because of the lack of updates. Recently you guys updated the game and gave us only 1 car. I think it's unacceptable and we should at least get new maps, more cars, new upgrades, wheels, just something that will make me enjoy the game even more please 🥺.


Heres my "rant" for the 0.3.3. Update, you cant use mod anymore that sucks, its a rare thing to see an update for fr legends the car is expensive as hell so that makes buying car alot harder, but the good this is rx7 fd os added


Everything is the absolute best but except for the battles because it is too hard. Even on tablet! But with good practice you can/be a professional drifter with real JDM FR cars !!!!!!!!! But there is one problem that can be fixed and that is getting gold. I recommend that every battle or solo run should include a decent amount of gold depending on what score the player gets. Anyways , it is the best game ever made for drifting !!!


It's a good game and I recommend playing it if you download it off happy mod and get unlimited money that's the best way to enjoy it


Best drifting game ever♥️🤩 new update is amazing.NKC map is cool. Edit- thanks for rx7,but it need veliside body kit. please add Toyota Supra. Nissan skyline R34,lancer Evo and add driver customizing,new maps, please add voice chat and night mode for all maps.i waiting for next update😁😁🤩